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April 7, 2016

Use eLearning To Revolutionize Change Management

eLearning is more than just a suite of platforms, tools, and solutions to bring more technology into education. Fully embraced, eLearning carries with it a whole philosophy that changes the role of learner and teacher. Understanding this relationship can, in turn, transform your approach to change management.
by Edgar Wilson
April 1, 2016

Applying The Path-Goal Theory In Leadership Online Training Courses

Your supervisors, managers, and department heads are the cornerstones of your organization. They provide support and guidance for your staff and ensure that their performance is on-point. The million dollar question is: Are you offering them the support and guidance they need through your online training program? In this article, I'll discuss how to apply the path-goal theory in your leadership online training initiatives by discussing leadership roles, types, and variables.
by Christopher Pappas
February 14, 2016

Succession Planning: Keys To Successful Outcomes

Succession planning is a systematic effort by an organization or agency to ensure leadership continuity in critical positions. It is a proactive practice that helps to identify and develop leaders for key positions. In this article, we will briefly cover the succession planning process as well as some of the options for succession planning. We will also discuss transparency and the pros and cons of being transparent about your succession plan.
by Marina Arshavskiy
December 11, 2015

eLearning In Leadership Training And Development: Out Of The Xbox, Into The Office

Boredom is a killer. It’s a serial killer. Boredom’s gang includes other criminal elements such as Apathy, Cynicism, and Resignation. Victims include Enthusiasm, Innovation, and Creativity. And one of the greatest casualties is Leadership. Boredom afflicts many training programs today. Mostly, we’re either too nice (or too scared) to speak up. And typically, that which goes unspoken goes unnoticed and unchanged. So we invite you to ask yourself a potentially uncomfortable question: When it comes to training and development of your leaders, are your learners engaged and interested? Or are they bored?
by Joel Copeland
October 23, 2015

eLearning In Leadership Training And Development: Strength And Synergy

“There is strength in numbers.” “Many hands make light work.” “No man is an island.” We’ve all heard these sayings so often that they’ve become clichés. Yet, we traditionally tend to think of leaders as rather heroic individuals: Singular, exceptional people who step up, or step forward and take the helm...or the fall, depending on the circumstance.
by Joel Copeland
October 16, 2015 | Sponsored

6 Big Benefits Of Leadership Training

The success of leadership training always depends on how it is done. Think back to the best manager you’ve ever had. I’m sure you can remember the person because good leaders are memorable… and excellent leaders are unforgettable. What was it about their leadership that motivated and encouraged you? For that same reason, I bet you can also remember your worst leader. Great leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. That said, it is important that you have effective leaders in your workplace to empower and influence your people to achieve business and team goals. Here, PulseLearning explore six of the big benefits of leadership training!
by Fionnuala Courtney