4 Tips To Use A Training Management Platform To Increase Your Course Sales

4 Tips To Use A Training Management Platform To Increase Your Course Sales
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Summary: Training management platforms can bring a number of amazing benefits to your business, but did you know they can also help increase your course sales?

How To Use A Training Management Platform To Increase Your Course Sales

Purchasing a training management platform can do wonders for your training business. It can help you stay organised and streamline your entire training process, as well as making your staff’s lives more easy by cutting down on a lot those boring administration task.

But did you ever think about how you can use a training management platform to help increase your course sales? If not, this is the article for you!

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1. Sell Your Courses Online

A major selling point of a training management platform is the fact it will enable you to sell your courses online using training course management software, as you can easily integrate it with your website. Not only does this mean you can list all your courses on your website for customers to browse through, but it also means that you can accept online payment. This means the whole buying process will be sped up for your customers, as they won’t necessarily have to phone your sales team in order to make a purchase.

Your customers may also feel more secure entering their payment details online than they would giving them to you over the phone. Your training management platform should offer a number of different payment integrations, such as PayPal, so you can pick the ones which work best for you and your customers.

Having all your courses online also makes them easier to find if your customers are searching on Google to find the right course option for them, as your website will contain all the course titles, dates, locations, and other details which people may be using as part of their search. If you don’t have your courses listed, you could be missing out to competitors who do!

2. Ensure Data Is Always Correct

As we mentioned above, integrating your website with your training management platform is vital if you want to sell your courses online. However, it is also great for another reason – it means all your data is always connected.

If you use a separate system to keep track of all your courses, then that means someone is going to have to update the system and update your website every time a new course is added, or you need to make a change. Not only is this double the work, but it also means you run the risk of forgetting to update the information on both systems, meaning your website could be displaying incorrect information.

Integrating your training management platform with your website means that all the information is simply pulled through from your software and displayed on your website. This means any edits will automatically be reflected on your website, and you don’t have to worry about entering things twice or making sure multiple systems are displaying the same information.

The last thing you want to do is have a website full of incorrect information, which could impact how your customers feel about your business, and therefore have a negative impact on your sales.

3. Offer eLearning As Well As Classroom Courses

If you choose a training management platform which also has an integrated LMS (Learning Management System), then this means you will be able to offer eLearning courses to your students, as well as traditional classroom-based sessions.

This option will allow you to increase your course sales as much as demand allows, because unlike classroom-based sessions, you aren’t restricted by things like available classrooms, teachers, and resources. With eLearning you can simply set up your course content, and you could end up with hundreds of students signed up to that course at any time, whereas if you had ran it as a classroom session, you would only be able to cater to set amount of students at any one time.

Obviously every course you run probably won’t work as a eLearning option, but it could be a great chance for you to expand your business without having to acquire more classrooms or teaching staff.

It will also open up a whole new audience to your services, as you won’t just get customers who can actually attend your classes in person, you will be able to cater to distance learners as well.

4. Allow Customers To Buy 24/7

If you currently sell your courses exclusively through your sales team, perhaps over the phone or in person, then you are restricting the amount of sales you can make as a business. Your staff will only work certain days and hours, and when a salesperson is busy, that tied up phone line could mean you are missing out on sales!

By selling your courses online with the help of your training management platform, you are making sure that customers are able to purchase from you 24/7!

This means whenever a customer comes across your course offering online, they will be able to purchase from you, rather than waiting for a salesperson to be in the office to complete the sale. You also run the risk that if people prefer purchasing online, they wouldn’t phone you at all, and would simply find a competitor to buy from instead.

This also allows you to make loads more sales without increasing your sales team’s workload or having to hire more staff to cover the extra work. This will save you money, and allow your sales team to have extra time to get on with additional tasks, meaning your team will get more tasks done than ever before, without having to expand.