6 Reasons To Outsource Microlearning Content Development For Fast Results

6 Reasons To Outsource Microlearning Content Development For Fast Results
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Summary: Outsourcing content development sounds expensive, and whether or not to outsource can be an overwhelming decision to make. The development process you choose will have a big impact on the project turn around speed, the amount you spend, and the quality of the program. Before you make the big decision you should consider these 6 reasons you should outsource your microlearning content development.

Why Should You Outsource Your Microlearning Content Development Needs?

Microlearning training content is one of the most popular training methods today due to its ability to increase employee engagement and improve employee performance. This approach to training also addresses some of the most common training challenges L&D professionals face, such as training remote employees, time constraints, and low engagement levels. Have you ever considered outsourcing your microlearning content development?

Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners
Learn how to effectively deliver training content in short learning modules with microlearning.

Although this training method provides excellent results, microlearning content development can be a large task to accomplish. This is why many organizations choose to work with an outsourcing partner to develop their microlearning programs. Outsourcing your microlearning content provides many surprising advantages.

To help you better understand the benefits of outsourcing your microlearning content development needs, we put together the top 6 reasons you should consider.

The Benefits Οf Outsourcing Your Microlearning Content Development

1. Lower Costs

You might be surprised to hear that in many cases outsourcing your microlearning content development could help you lower training costs. The truth is unless you already have an expert content development team and access to cutting-edge tools, outsourcing is less expensive than training your in-house team to handle these tasks.

Your outsourcing partner will already have access to content development experts who are familiar with the best practices of outsourcing microlearning content. They will also have the best tools for the job because content development is their specialty. When you outsource, you do not need to worry about expenses such as licensing fees with content development tools or Learning Management Systems which will also save you quite a bit of time in money.

2. Faster Development

A development company will also be able to deliver your content more quickly than an in-house team. Your partner will have a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers, and eLearning content pros who will be using the latest learning technologies and authoring tools to create your corporate training program.

An in-house team would have to first learn these new skills and then learn how to use the right tools for development. In-house teams are also typically smaller. All of these factors contribute to an all-around slower development process while outsourcing significantly speeds up the process.

3. Access To Expert Knowledge

When you work with a partner in the training industry to outsource your microlearning content development, you will have access to Subject Matter Experts in every type of content and learning development subject. They will already know the best practices and new trends in the world of design and development.

Your outsourcing partner will also be able to provide innovative ideas to help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your training content.

4. Enhanced Learner Experiences

Outsourcing your microlearning content development needs will help you create more advanced and meaningful learning experiences for your employees. Your partner's team will know exactly how to deliver the knowledge you need your employees to learn in a way that is both engaging and memorable.

They are aware of common training challenges such as cognitive overload and how to avoid them. They will also know all the different ways you can increase the impact of your microlearning programs and create high-quality personalized learning experiences.

5. Simpler Management

eLearning programs often require software updates, regular updates, and frequent content changes. An outsourcing partner will have a specific team dedicated to each of these roles to help you quickly resolve any updates or technical issues. They can also assist you in determining what kind of changes can be made to optimize content and then implement the changes also.

6. Saves You Time To Focus On Other Priorities

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing microlearning content is that it reduces the workload of your HR team. As human resources and L&D teams begin to play a larger advisory role, they have less time for tasks such as specialized content development.

To create and develop high-quality microlearning content it requires an expert level of knowledge about the training industry, L&D best practices, development, design and microlearning. This does not include the additional knowledge it takes to understand how to effectively manage the IT-related side of the project. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to learn the skills well enough to effectively execute them.

Outsourcing your microlearning content development frees up time and lessens the workload of your already busy L&D professionals. By outsourcing your in-house employees, you can focus on other priorities such as your customers.


Microlearning is one of the most effective ways you can engage and train modern learners. However, microlearning content development can take a considerable amount of time and effort to create if you choose to use your in-house to team [1]. Outsourcing your microlearning needs provides many advantages your organization could benefit from including the following:

  • Lower costs
    High-quality content development tools, licensing fees, and training your L&D team to become content development experts can quickly become expensive. Outsourcing reduces costs by eliminating the need to train your L&D team.
  • Faster content development
    An outsourcing partner will provide you with an entire team of experts dedicated to creating your microlearning content. This will speed up the development process quite a bit.
  • Access to expert knowledge
    Your outsourcing partner will provide you with the top talent and Subject Matter Experts that you will need to create great content.
  • Enhanced learner experiences
    A training and development company will know the best strategies and content development practices to use to create high-quality learner experiences. They are up-to-date with the latest trends and technology.
  • Simpler management
    Outsourcing gives you an entire support team for technical issues and system updates.
    It saves you time to focus on other priorities. When you choose to outsource, your HR teams can focus on other priorities and your organization can accomplish more a lot faster.

If you're still wondering about your microlearning strategies, read the eBook Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners. Also, join the webinar to discover how microlearning can be a game-changer.


[1] How to Cut the Cost of Training