How To Use Administrate Mobile LMS To Ensure Training Success

How To Use Administrate Mobile LMS To Ensure Training Success
Summary: Find out how Administrate's mobile Learning Management System can help ensure success in your training department.

Using A Mobile LMS To Ensure Training Success

As a training department, you want to make sure you have the right mobile LMS in place to ensure training success for your learners. Let’s take a look at just some of the way Administrate’s LMS can help you do just that!

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1. Set Up Learning Paths For Learners

Learning paths are a great way to map out a specific path of training for your learners and manage this through Administrate rather than trying to do it manually or through a number of different systems which will make the whole process much easier to manage.

First of all, all your eLearning courses will already be set up and scheduled through Administrate, so adding them to custom learning paths will be really easy and won’t require any duplicate data entry. You can set up as many learning paths as you need to cover lots of different scenarios within your business, and simply assign the correct student to the correct learning path with just a few clicks.

Learning paths are particularly great for onboarding so both you and your new team members are always clear on what training needs to be completed and by when.

2. Offering Different Learning Options

Using Administrate’s mobile LMS to offer internal training to your staff means that you are well placed to offer lots of different learning options.

As well as normal eLearning through Administrate’s mobile LMS, you can also offer your students blended learning, as you can schedule classroom-based sessions from within Administrate and manage them all from the same place. This means you don’t need to swap between lots of different systems and it’s easy to keep an eye on everything. It also means you can mark a particular training course as blended, and therefore schedule classroom sessions and eLearning sessions and assign them to the same training course.

Administrate also offers the ability to run Virtual Instructor-Led Training sessions (VILT) meaning you can give your students the ability to attend virtual sessions which will be run by a live instructor, instead of working through all the course content in their own time.

3. Easy for Your Team To Track

Administrate is not only great for your learners, but it’s also fantastic for your Internal Training team. Because all the data from the mobile LMS is pulled back into Administrate, it’s really easy for your Internal Training team to get a complete overview of the progress of all your learners in seconds.

This will allow them to see things like:

  • Which learners are on which courses.
  • How far into the courses each learner is.
  • Mini-assessments scores.
  • Final grades in training courses.
  • If any training is overdue.
  • If any training is about to expire.

4. Choose The Content To Suit Your Learners

Administrate’s mobile LMS supports loads of different types of eLearning content, so it’s there to support you in whatever you want to offer your learners.

You can purchase off-the-shelf content or create custom eLearning content to cover particular topics and be confident that Administrate will be able to support it and provide a great learning experience for your learners.

5. Ask For Feedback

Asking for feedback is a hugely important part of the learning process, and Administrate’s mobile LMS wants to make it as easy as possible to ensure you get the most from the feedback you collect from your learners.

Administrate’s SurveyMonkey integration means that you can create custom feedback surveys to send to your learners in order to get the exact information you need in order to make smart business decisions in the future. You can then set the survey to send as part of an automated communication, meaning when a certain trigger happens such as a student being marked as finished on a training course, the email will send asking the student for feedback.

Once they have completed the online survey, the response will be pulled back into Administrate, meaning you will be able to analyse it using Administrate’s reporting system. This will allow you to compare all the responses and spot any patterns, which will allow you to make positive changes and address any problems.

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