April 12, 2015

5 Key Spring Trends In Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

Learning management system market was worth an estimated $2.55 billion in 2013 and is expected to worth approximately $4 billion in 2015, and over $7 billion in 2018. More and more companies are using LMSs to make their training and employee management more effective. With 2015 already a quarter over and 2016 fast approaching, here are five spring trends to keep abreast of in e-learning.
by Ashok Sharma
April 11, 2015

4 Skills To Include In eLearning For Employable Students

As educators we often have a series of objectives to achieve: engage students, impart knowledge, develop their skills, and at the very end of the process, make them purpose-ready. To prioritize, manage, and balance each objective requires careful consideration, and we must not favor one over another. Technological developments in education both challenge and enable the way in which training is delivered. We are constantly innovating the learning environment in order to remain relevant and absorbing. However, in this process, are we endangering our final objective of creating graduates who are fit for purpose?
by James Degenhardt
April 10, 2015

Custom eLearning Content: Lessons Learned

The road to eLearning hell is paved with great intentions, good content… and lousy delivery. A large american telecom had to face the truth of this statement. A new tool and a pretty eLearning approach to teach the employees how to use it. Yet, not all eLearning has the effect hoped for, as it turns out. Some might call it failure, but certainly it is a lesson learned...
by Greg Wasylik
April 9, 2015

Timesaving Design Tricks for eLearning Developers

You know those e-Learning developers who are out there, churning out amazing looking courses? I bet you’re sitting there wondering how they can quickly produce such great content. Well, I’m here to tell you that they have a secret. The secret is that they’re not starting from scratch. That’s right, those tricksters are using templates and other design resources to take their course from white space to a great place in no time at all!
by Stephanie Ivec
April 9, 2015

Learning Motivation For Employee Engagement

From many points of view Employee Engagement is critical for business success and in a broader sense a digital transformation has to take place regardless of the market segment a corporation belongs to. This transformation must include new innovative solutions that motivate employees to produce, share, acquire and retain knowledge, in order to be successful. What a better content/theme then to infuse through a modern Learning Motivation Environment than Corporate Culture, the hottest issue for Employee Engagement.
by Elias Parlavantzas