June 8, 2013

What Employers Really Think About Distance Learning

As the internet continues to change the way our society interacts with one another, it is natural that it has begun to change the way we educate ourselves as well. In the past fifteen years, distance learning has exploded as not only an extremely convenient means of obtaining a college degree, but in some cases even the necessary means of obtaining a degree. Few people have the luxury of devoting four years on campus as a full time student in our modern economy.
by Lisa Barnes
June 5, 2013

5 Best Practices For Incorporating Games Into Training Courses

Engaging and motivating your learners can be achieved through successfully gamifiying your e-Learning course. But just adding any game into your course may not benefit your learning at all; in fact, it could steer away from the key messages you are trying to portray. There are many aspects to consider when incorporating a game into your online training to guarantee that your course will not only engage your learners but also motivate them to learn.
by Kristen Marshall