7 Overlooked Employee Training Software Benefits

7 Overlooked Employee Training Software Benefits
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Summary: With more and more millennials entering the workplace, organizations are turning to employee training software to meet modern expectations. But is a new LMS worth the investment? In this article, I’ll highlight 7 overlooked benefits of employee training software.

Employee Training Software Benefits: Neglected Factors That Should Weigh In Your Decision

Online training is a cost-effective way of ensuring that employees get the education they require, regardless of their geographical location. The goal is to give them the tools they need to move up the corporate ladder and bring more profit to the business. Even with all the statistics in support of online training programs for businesses, most are still slow to make the switch. If you have been resisting employee training software for your business, here are 7 employee training software benefits you may be missing.

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1. Increased Knowledge Retention

The bureau of labor statistics has found that the number of millennials in the workforce is 36%, a number that is bound to increase as the older generations retire. This generation loves technology and prefers training online rather than instructor-led training. Mainly because they have a shorter concentration span and ILT sessions are usually quite lengthy. One of the employee training software benefits is how easy it is for you to create engaging and interactive online training content. Thus, contributing to an improved user experience that allows your audience to digest and remember information more rapidly.

2. Flexibility

For all businesses, regardless of their size, time is money. Employees still have to perform the tasks that bring money to your business. As such, they prefer not to take a lot of time off to avoid backlogs. An online training course that will go on for hours may not be suitable for busy employees who are racing the clock. When the training is online, employees can learn during their lunch break or in between meetings. They can even access valuable online training resources from the comfort of home. This makes online training more convenient for every member of your team, while it also saves time and money for your company.

3. Allows For Multiple Training Locations

One of the greatest employee training software benefits is that all your employees can have access to the same online training materials from anywhere, anytime. All-day seminars to train employees on various work-related skills can be hectic and costly. With online training, you will not have to offer expensive accommodations and travel expenses. Instead, you can allocate these resources to other business endeavors. Plus, your employees still have the chance to remain productive in between online training sessions.

4. Accessibility

You need to consider how accessible your training is for remote employees. With traditional training methods, employees have to sit through hours of training while taking notes. They may miss certain things because the brain cannot stay alert for long periods of time without taking a break. If they miss crucial information, they will have to wait until the next training session to ask questions. However, with online employee training software, they can access online training resources anytime they want. This allows your employees to learn different subjects at their own pace and in the most comfortable settings. During online training sessions, fast learners have the freedom to finish training rapidly, which increases the productivity of your company. If you have numerous branches all over the globe, this means that everyone gets personalized online training without resource constraints regardless of their different time zones.

5. Pedagogy Improvements

According to research, gamification helps to enhance the engagement of corporate learners and improves their knowledge retention. The sophisticated tools make it easier for managers to introduce the various gamification incentives that encourage employees to learn. Employees also get the freedom to choose the interactive formats and the study materials they want to use. Employers can comfortably use the learning tools to match competencies with the goals set when you begin the online training process.

6. Reinforces Vital Knowledge

If your training mainly deals with employees brushing up on the basics, employee training software is the best route. It eliminates the need to have a trainer go over the same things over and again, year after year. Everyone can be at their desk and still access the refresher course. It also allows you to introduce new lessons gradually so that your employees understand all the online training content before exploring new concepts. In addition, employee training software serves as a positive reinforcement tool that strengthens favorable behaviors. For example, employees can access the microlearning online training library to improve task performance or brush up on compliance knowledge.

7. Employee Training Software Reduces Training Costs

Lest we forget, one of the standout employee training software benefits is that it reduces L&D expenses. Many organizations put this investment off because they believe it’s out of their budget. However, making the move to online training allows you to allocate resources more effectively and optimize employee performance. Thus, you may have to pay for the software and its implementation, but the benefits are well worth it. The key is to find employee training software that suits your needs and create an accurate budget that accounts for all hidden fees. Take advantage of free trials to test out different platforms, and get feedback from your L&D team before making your final decision.

Your company’s day-to-day activities no longer have to be slowed down by long training sessions or traveling to external ILT sites. One of the most important employee training software benefits is that you can have immediate feedback and results. It is easy to update the online training materials, and they can be customized to suit the unique needs of each of your employees. It gives you the freedom to choose what lessons your employees will learn. It also enables them to choose the most appropriate time to train and expand their knowledge.

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