Enterprise Business Solutions: How To Compare Top Corporate Meeting Software

Enterprise Business Solutions: How To Compare Top Corporate Meeting Software
Summary: After all the needs analysis, budgeting, and vendor vetting, you're finally in the home straight. How do you compare the top corporate meeting software on your shortlist?

Insider Tips To Compare Top Corporate Meeting Software

In a perfect world, you'd be able to test-drive all the best corporate meeting software solutions to prevent buyer's regret. Better still, maybe you'd have a crystal ball to skip ahead and evaluate real-world performance without spending a cent. Unfortunately, most of us don't have those luxuries when choosing enterprise business solutions. You need to find the perfect platform at the perfect price point, preferably before your next live event or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) course launch. So, how do you weigh all the top options when your crystal ball is in for repairs?

7 Tips To Compare Enterprise Video Conference Tools

1. Exclusive Directories

Online directories specializing in enterprise business solutions should be your starting point, provided that your Training Needs Analysis (TNA), budgeting, and employee input are out of the way, of course. Directories give you the chance to evaluate the leading providers in one place, namely, software vendors that cater to big businesses and have all the features you need to improve your Return on Investment (ROI). You should also verify the site to ensure that it's reliable and credible. For instance, a site is reliable if it's been around for years, has high visitor stats, and eLearning professionals recommend it on social media.

2. User Ratings

Another great way to compare enterprise video conference tools is through user ratings. The same rule applies, in that the rating site should be trustworthy. For example, they have a criteria system and fraud prevention measures to ensure rating authenticity. Ideally, there should also be a performance overview so that you can see how the tool stacks up. What is the score for customer experience (CX)? How do users rate usability? What's the "likelihood to recommend" score? These are all indicators that balance specifics with generalities due to the fact that every organization needs software that's easy to use and prioritizes customer service. However, you can still look for ratings with a similar use case to find the best tool for large enterprises.

3. Review Sites

Review sites give you an inside look at the pros and cons of the software before you sign up for free trials or submit your Request for Proposal (RFP). In short, they're a rapid way to qualify vendors and gauge their real-world performance. Our exclusive directory highlights what users liked best and least about the tool so that you can choose enterprise video conference software that aligns with your Learning and Development (L&D) needs. We also require that users create an account or log in through LinkedIn to leave a review, then manually check all submissions before publishing them to the site.

4. Social Media Engagement

How do vendors interact with the public on social media? Do they even have a social media page or profile where you can ask questions? Online engagement is crucial when comparing software vendors. How they treat followers is a good indication of how they treat paying customers. For instance, it takes them a week to respond to comments and, even then, they don't address their concerns. Or they snap back when someone criticizes their service or support instead of trying to make things right. These are tell-tale signs of flawed business practices.

5. Comparison Tools

Some of the best online directories have built-in comparison tools so that you can evaluate options side-by-side. For example, choose up to three solutions and then see how their video conferencing features or ratings stack up. That said, you should still have evaluation criteria or a scoring system of your own to analyze top contenders. This allows you to focus on the selling points that matter most to your company.

6. Video Conferencing Software RFPs

One of the most direct ways to evaluate vendors is to submit RFPs. These requests highlight everything that you're looking for in a new video conferencing tool, from budget to tech specs, as well as how you'll evaluate providers, your implementation schedule, and service expectations. Then, vendors respond with cost estimates and software overviews, like, which support services they offer, and different pricing plans that fit into your budget. After that, you can follow up with your top choices and make your final decision. However, you may need to take it a step further to get the best value for money.

7. Free Trials And Demos

While some organizations sign up for free trials before sending RFPs, others wait until after the fact to whittle down the options. For instance, there may be ten vendors on your shortlist, and it's unreasonable to test-drive them all. However, the proposal process narrows it down to three, which is more manageable. Invite your team to try out the tool and provide feedback based on their job roles and tasks. You can even host a meeting at the end of the free trial to ask for their advice, which allows them to point out the software's strengths and shortcomings in action. For example, they have a major issue with the User Interface (UI) and reporting features. Vendors who offer trials and demos will mention it in their directory listing in the pricing overview section.


The right corporate meeting software fits into your price range without compromising any of your must-have features. For example, it delivers all the support your team needs to lower the learning curve and avoid implementation hurdles. That said, you need to do some market research to set an accurate budget. What are the usual starting costs and maintenance fees for modern enterprise business solutions? You should also see which features are available using an exclusive online directory. That way, you can find a platform that aligns with your L&D priorities in record time.