5 Free Employee Engagement eBooks The Ultimate List

The Ultimate List Of Employee Engagement eBooks To Download

The contemporary workplace is greatly affected by successful employee engagement strategies. L&D departments tend to focus on professional development issues and spend effort, time, training and resources on achieving this goal. In this article, you will find a list of the latest 5 Employee Engagement eBooks you can download and read, to get valuable insight in the field.

The knowledge and experience gathered here, is showing you how to put innovations like personalization, gamification, and social learning in the service of this broader purpose of employee engagement. These are the advice, tips, and examples that will guide you in your course of building up managers and leaders, assuring long-term prosperity for your organization.

This list will constantly be updated with new Employee Engagement eBooks, so keep it on hand. Download the ones that better match your interests, and ... enjoy your reading!

1. The Engagement Engine Workbook by Growth Engineering Ltd.

Learner engagement makes the mind receptive to new knowledge, while people adopt a positive stance towards training. This is why it is so fundamental. To benefit from today's technological changes, personalization, gamification, and social learning are key to a successful eLearning course design. This must-read eBook is a step-by step-guide on how to achieve this.

2. The Empowered Learner by Looop

This reading gives you a different look on how the instant knowledge gained by technology is changing everything in an L&D department. Find out how you can reach the empowered learner, examining their motivations, habits and preferences, as well as what L&D managers can do to increase learner engagement towards organisational capability and improved business performance.

3. Overcoming Business Challenges: Employee Turnover by BizLibrary

Employee turnover is a universal issue for nearly every company, regardless of size or industry. Learn how to start reducing turnover today, by delving into the pages of this eBook. What you’ll find analyzed is its cost, what goes into this, how you can make employees feel engaged, how and why training matters to employees, and what benefits are to be found in career development. Finally, you'll get valuable advice from the authors, as they offer you six ways you can use training and development to engage employees in your organization and reduce employee turnover.

4. The Definitive Guide To Employee Engagement by BizLibrary

Reading this comprehensive eBook, you’ll be convinced that working towards creating an engaged workforce is essential. Developing leadership and managerial skills radically improve accountability, collaboration, and productivity within an organization. Learn how to identify and measure employee engagement in your organization, find out the latest employee engagement data and trends, what the three levels of engagement consist of, and what exactly employees are looking for in a job. On top of that, you'll get tips for managers and leaders to motivate employees and improve productivity, setting the tone of the workplace.

5. Engaging Millennials In The Workplace - Tips And Learning Strategies That Work by EI Design

Millenials take up a considerable size of today’s workforce. EI Design’s eBook covers appropriate learning strategies for Millenials. It also presents examples of courses that target millennials using gamification, microlearning as well as social learning techniques. This must-read offers you insight on millennials’ traits, what interests them, what puts them off, what their learning preferences are, and how you can help them enjoy their learning and apply their newly acquired knowledge on the job. All in the form of tips, strategies and examples.

Download our Employee Engagement eBooks to get guidance and advice of great use from the best in the field. Everyone wants to keep their employees engaged and happy, and this is something that goes through acquiring knowledge to drive a relevant course of action. This kind of knowledge you’ll find these eBooks brimming with, so don’t miss on the chance given.

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