eBook Release: Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners

eBook Release: Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners
Summary: Microlearning is considered to be one of the most modern and famous eLearning strategies for corporate learners. Discover all about implementing it, how it is beneficial for your organization, as well as possible pitfalls you should avoid. Learn more in this article.

Implementing Microlearning For Corporate Training

Every modern business in today’s fast-paced world focuses more on speed rather than size. For example, it is important how fast employees can understand and implement skills, ideas, or strategies or how quickly they can close skill gaps. Businesses cannot afford employees skipping work to participate in long training sessions, and this is why microlearning for corporate learners has become one of the main employee training strategies L&D professionals opt for.

Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners
Learn how to effectively deliver training content in short learning modules with microlearning.

The learning curve definitely needs to be shortened but it must also be engaging in order to boost the learning outcomes. This is something challenging for L&D experts, as they must create training bits that can fit into tight schedules and be available anytime, anywhere. At the same time, as the workforce is diverse and learning needs may vary, training should be responsive to all without hurting the ROI.

So, what’s the key solution to all of the above? Microlearning, of course. In a rapidly changing corporate environment, microlearning for corporate training can save the day and make L&D experts’ life easier, as well as provide amazing learning experiences to the employees.

About The eBook: Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners

As microlearning offers strictly focused nuggets of training content, it ensures faster learning delivery with high engagement. Learning becomes a fun process with videos, presentations, quizzes, and gamification bits. However, it is essential that you know exactly what microlearning has to offer, how to implement it correctly, and more. In this amazing resource, Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners, you will delve into the world of microlearning, and more specifically you will explore in depth the following topics:

1. Benefits And Applications Of Microlearning For L&D Managers

In case you are looking for an engaging eLearning training strategy that will grasp the attention of your learners and bring the best results out of your training budget, you should choose microlearning. In this chapter, L&D managers learn how to reap all the benefits of microlearning and explore the vast applications it can offer.

2. What Makes Scenario-Based Microlearning Content Cutting-Edge?

Now we know what microlearning has to offer. We also know the advantages of scenario-based learning in the world of L&D. By combining these two techniques we can create scenario-based microlearning for corporate learners that serves employees from all walks of life and locations!

3. How To Include Microlearning In Your Employee Performance Improvement Plans

Get to engage learners and boost knowledge retention by implementing microlearning in your L&D approach for training and development. Find out how and successfully impact employee performance easily!

4. 4 Microlearning Strategies For L&D Leaders To Drive Strategic Innovation

How should L&D teams develop employee training programs to unlock potential and talent in their employees? The most current and famous approach is microlearning. In this chapter, you will learn the best microlearning strategies you should follow.

5. Leveraging Microcontent For Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees equal happy customers. Get to improve customer satisfaction by boosting your employees’ customer service skills through modern training programs. And what works well with that? Engaging content, delivered through microlearning nuggets. Discover more in this chapter of the eBook Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners.

6. 8 Biggest Microlearning Mistakes L&D Managers Make And How To Avoid Them

After establishing all the pros that microlearning for corporate learners has to offer, it is essential to explore the most common mistakes that L&D managers make when using this approach. This chapter thoroughly explains the pitfalls and how you can avoid them in no time!

7. Measuring The Impact Of Microlearning: 5 Employee Performance Metrics That Never Lie

Once you have implemented microlearning and have avoided the most common mistakes, it is necessary to ensure they are effective and they provide the maximum benefit to your employees and organization. Discover how you can properly evaluate your employee training program, without lies.

8. What Training ROI Looks Like After Implementing A Microlearning Approach

Microlearning for corporate learners offers a pool of benefits to your employees’ learning experience. One of the most important aspects of microlearning, however, is that its structure is so effective that it can reduce training costs and improves your organization’s ROI.

9. 6 Reasons To Outsource Microlearning Content Development

Outsourcing your microlearning can deliver the best results for your organization. If you’re wondering whether to outsource or not, this chapter analyzes the most dominant reasons why you should do it without further thought.


To sum up, microlearning can engage your employees, reduce training time, cost, and more. All of these without hurting the relevance, value, and effectiveness of corporate training. It is essential though to understand when and where it fits best. In this eBook Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners, you have all the information you need to successfully implement microlearning for corporate training by overcoming potential challenges.