6 Tips To Choose The Best Mobile LMS To Support Your Online Training Program

6 Tips To Choose The Best Mobile LMS To Support Your Online Training Program
Summary: Find out the top 6 things you need to look for in your new mobile LMS to ensure you're fully supporting your online training program.

How To Choose The Best Mobile LMS For Your Online Training Program

When it comes to picking the best mobile Learning Management System (LMS) to support your online training program, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve picked the top 6 features we think you need to keep an eye out for to ensure you are getting the best mobile LMS option for you.

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1. Supports Customisation

If you want to make sure that your mobile LMS reflects your brand and the styling your employees have become accustomed to, then finding a system that will let you customise it as much as possible will provide a more cohesive experience for your staff.

This will enable you to brand your LMS to reflect other internal documents or the branding on your website, so your learners don’t feel like they are being taken out of your company’s environment in order to complete their internal learning.

This way, you can also ensure that the visuals and the language are consistent with your brand identity, and make sure you are projecting the same message to your staff at all times.

2. Supports Different Languages

It’s important to support your learners, no matter what language they speak, so you need to pick a mobile LMS which will support a number of different languages to ensure all your learners are catered for.

Not only will you need to provide your LMS content in these different languages, but you will also need to make sure that you can change the language of the LMS itself so that all the LMS screens and instructions are displayed in the correct language. This will make it as easy as possible for your team to find their way around, no matter which language they speak.

3. Supports Any Type Of Content

Another thing an excellent mobile LMS should be able to offer you is the ability to support lots of different content so you can give your learners as varied a training journey as possible. Whether you want to use SCORM files, PowerPoint presentations, electronic files, HD videos, photos, interactive quizzes, or custom created assessments; your mobile LMS should be able to support you and allow you to provide this content to your students.

4. A Powerful Reporting System

A powerful reporting system is a key requirement for your new mobile LMS because you need to be able to report on your eLearning offering and see how your students are progressing at any given time.

Here are just some of the things a good reporting system can aid you in reporting on:

  • The progress of your students.
  • How many students you have at any one time.
  • How many students you have on each course.
  • The assessment results for each course or each student.
  • How long it’s taking students to complete the training courses.

5. Learning Paths

One piece of functionality which will make you and your students’ lives much easier is learning paths. This allows you to create personalised study plans for each of your learners, which can then be assigned to them through the mobile LMS. This means they will have all their learning clearly marked out for them, as well as the order it needs to be completed in, and whether there are any deadlines assigned to the content.

Mapping their learning journey out like this will allow both your team and the student themselves to easily follow their journey and always know exactly where they are, and how much training they still have left to complete.

6. Supports Different Types Of Learning

The main reason why you should get a mobile LMS is obviously to provide your learners with eLearning, but a good mobile LMS should be able to support lots of different types of learning which also have an eLearning element to them.

This includes being able to support Instructor-Led Training sessions, mobile eLearning, and blended learning sessions all from the same place to avoid you having to use a number of different systems to manage your whole learning offering.

Perhaps you run an eLearning course which has one instructor-led session in the middle because it has a practical element. It makes sense that you would still be able to manage this session, and therefore, the entire course, from one central place to avoid spreading your information out and wasting time switching between systems.

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