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May 3, 2020

Multiple Intelligences: Categorization And Customization

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences explores learning psychology and people's ability to learn based on the intelligence type that predominates in them. This article seeks to explore how to categorize and customize the content for learners of different intelligence types.
by Sukumari P
May 1, 2020

Convert ILT To VILT

Is converting an ILT to VILT as easy as taking the ILT material and running it via a conferencing platform? Most definitely not. Find out about some basic things that you need to consider while converting ILT to VILT.
by Amith Vincent
April 29, 2020

Houston, We Have A Problem

Our businesses need the greatest business leaders of all time to respond to the economic challenges. We must meet the challenge of rapidly developing profound leadership skills in all aspects of our businesses.
by Don Frericks