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January 28, 2016

Online Training Needs Analysis For Each Of The 5 Stages Of Employment

From new hires to seasoned veterans, the corporate workforce contains diverse employee groups. Knowing the distinction between them and how to meet their specific online training needs is essential. In this article, I will highlight the different online training needs for each of the 5 stages of employment, as this has a significant impact on your corporate online training design.
by Christopher Pappas
January 25, 2016

eLearning Best Practices For Digital Signage

Digital signage is a fairly new communication medium that evolved from corporate TV back in the seventies. This new communication technology really took off when the internet became popular and now anyone can run their own private communication channel. The main components of any modern digital signage system are: Hardware (TV and content playback device), Content Management Software (CMS), and an internet connection. Digital signage is commonly used for corporate communication, public information, and advertising. The skills required to deploy and use a digital signage network cover many disciplines, from creative to technical skills. However, as CMS products mature, we see more administrative personnel requiring training on these products.
by Maurice Doran
January 12, 2016

6 Online Training Mistakes That Drive Corporate Learners Crazy

Ready to turn your online training course into an effective, enlightening, and engaging online training experience? Looking for ways to draw in your corporate audience and give them all the online tools they need to succeed? If so, read this article to avoid the 6 top online training mistakes that drive corporate learners absolutely crazy.
by Christopher Pappas
December 27, 2015

6 Tips To Conduct A Successful Task Analysis For Corporate eLearning

One of the most crucial steps in developing successful corporate eLearning programs is identifying what your corporate learners need to know. If a work-related process or procedure is involved, then a detailed task analysis is often the ideal approach. In this article, I’ll offer 6 tips on how to conduct an effective task analysis for your next corporate eLearning course.
by Christopher Pappas
December 23, 2015

The Learner’s Perspective On eLearning: How Do Learners Evaluate Technology-Aided Learning?

Most learners perceive eLearning very positively; this is how they would prefer to learn in the future. However, they also draw attention to the importance of the human dimension of eLearning, which is as important as its technological aspect. In this article I will explain why the learner’s perspective on is one of the most crucial factors in determining the success of the learning endeavor.
by Arunima Majumdar
December 18, 2015

10 Blended Learning Best Practices For Effective Corporate Training

What are the tips to succeed and the mistakes you absolutely need to avoid when following a blended learning approach? In this article, I’ll share 10 dos and don’ts to keep in mind when designing your blended learning corporate training strategy, so you can make sure that your blended learning course offers the best out of both classroom and online training to your corporate audience.
by Christopher Pappas
December 16, 2015

6 Tips To Create Online Onboarding Training Experiences That Stick

Printing out the job description is certainly not an effective onboarding method. Online onboarding training, when done right, can play a critical role in offering valuable support for your new employees, as it can truly enhance the onboarding process and ensure that your newly hired staff gets the right sense of direction and purpose. In this article, I’ll share 6 tips to help you create online onboarding training experiences that stick and ensure that your new employees are thrilled to join your company.
by Christopher Pappas
December 15, 2015

6 Strategies To Promote Upskilling In Corporate eLearning

Skills are one of the most valuable assets in the modern workplace. They cannot only make an organization more profitable and productive, but also lead to greater advancement opportunities for employees. In this article, I’ll share what eLearning professionals need to know about upskilling in corporate eLearning.
by Fionnuala Courtney
November 30, 2015 | Sponsored

6 Tips To Apply The ASSURE Model In Blended Learning

The ASSURE model is a natural fit for blended learning environments, as it gives corporate trainers the opportunity to integrate technology into their ILT (Instructor-Led Training) classrooms while still personalize the corporate training experience. In this article, I’ll explore the basic principles of the ASSURE model, and I’ll offer 6 tips that can help you use the ASSURE model in blended learning strategies.
by Ruby Spencer, CTDP
November 26, 2015

3 Ways To Support Corporate Technology-aided Learning Solutions 

Technology-aided learning programs allow employees to work on a more flexible schedule as they provide the flexibility of time and location. At the same time, such training programs require greater effort and skills as most of them are self-paced. The learner needs to have considerable personal organization and study skills to engage in fruitful eLearning.
by Arunima Majumdar