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January 19, 2015

Are MOOCs and eLearning Just Fads?

The Massive Open Online Course, aka MOOC, is an online course designed for unlimited participation and open access via the web. MOOCs have made a mark because the history of learning has now changed. Anyone with an Internet connection can take MOOCs, at no cost, from a top university. MOOCs, just like eLearning and Virtual Training, show how the nature of learning - be it in the education sector or Learning and Development in the business world - is changing. But just like the principle of MOOCs, which some will dismiss as a fad, the principle of eLearning is that it’s cost effective, efficient and can deliver great results. It’s all a matter of how you use it.
by Mark Rose
December 26, 2014

3 Major Training Management Failures

There are many ways that a business can go about creating a bad training experience. A survey conducted a few years back revealed that only 20% of business leaders were happy with their business’s Learning and Development function. Clearly, there is a lot of room for improvement in this area, but what training management practices should be avoided to ensure positive outcomes?
by Jason Silberman
December 22, 2014

Learners Think Training Is A Burden - 8 Tips to Change This!

I am sorry to bring the bad news, but unless you are creating commercial courses that people buy on their own, there is a big possibility your precious learners think that training is a burden. You might be putting your heart and soul into a product for people who actually wish training would disappear from their to-do list, and think that training is a useless waste of their time, time that they can use for other, more productive activities (like for example meeting this month’s target). I know it is unfair and harsh, but can you really blame them?
by Nahla Anwer Aly
December 17, 2014

How The 70:20:10 Model Can Takeoff

The 70:20:10 model has a growing fan-base, but Learning and Development Departments will still need to have more concrete evidence for the value of the 70:20:10 model and how it will add value to the company as a whole, so as to be a worthwhile financial investment. A lack of empirical data supporting the 70:20:10 model as well as a lack of concrete certainty about its origin, impact on its uptake which is why traditional learning still stands its ground. Well, at least for the time being.
by Mark Rose
December 13, 2014

Tips For Measuring Online Training Results

Measuring your online training program is essential to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. It should be reviewed against strict guidelines that truly judge its ability to transfer information to the employees. Here are some tips that can help you measure your online training program and improve it.
by Nitika Anand
December 12, 2014

Is Your Organization Ready for eLearning?

Once you’ve decided that taking your organization’s training online is the best thing for your company, you’ve got to put together a plan to convince senior management that it’s the right move to make. Here’s what you need to think about when putting together a budget, working out your predicted returns on investment and establishing whether your organization is really ready for eLearning.
by Juliette Denny
December 10, 2014

E-Learning Adoption For Training Managers

Aspects every training manager should consider to ensure technology enabled training adoption is successful in the organization - from assessing the training needs and content development to choosing the learning delivery platform, each decision has to be made carefully and weighed according to the company's business objectives.
by Nitika Anand
December 7, 2014

Why Blended Learning Is Ultimately Best For Corporate Training

When delivered well, eLearning gives great results to companies and their staff by reducing both training costs and increasing performance. A traditional classroom environment for training remains trusted and popular - and certainly adds to staff knowledge and performance - it’s generally a one-time session for a single group of people who assemble together for it. Compare this to eLearning which is designed for a far larger number, regardless of their location: it's convenient and cost-effective.
by Mark Rose
November 28, 2014

How Training With An LMS Can Put A Stop To HR Headaches

Things are changing and technology is moving. HR needs to adapt and escape the classroom or combine it with technology by using a Learning Management System (LMS). Using a Learning Management System (LMS) can help you and your company make training interesting and useful both for your employees and your company. Read this article to learn more.
by John Laskaris