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September 18, 2018

eBook Release: 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization

It may be plain to see, but not so plain to do. Digitizing the training you have to design and deliver is a mission vital for the success of your organization. Advice on it is sought for, that is why the body of this work, comprised of 5 “how to” steps, will turn out a valuable help. Studying it will bring you closer to understanding and fulfilling the needs deriving from such a demanding and hopeful venture, bringing you many steps closer to an engaging digital learning plan.
by Christopher Pappas
September 16, 2018 | Sponsored

3 Tips To Create An Outstanding Software Training Strategy

Over the past few years, the software publishing market has seen exponential growth and all signs indicate that this is just the beginning. The growth is there, but so is the competition – growth alone is not enough. The way software companies manage this growth will decide their future.
by Amanda Rollins
September 16, 2018 | Sponsored

Sales Enablement Training: How To Enable Sales Team Success, Part 1

In this series of articles, we’ll explore how to evaluate a trifecta of approaches to sales enablement: training, technology, and assets. Each requires that for air-tight sales enablement, an organization begins with a needs analysis of how to reach the end goal of the buyer’s journey – the purchase that meets a need. Here, we’ll start with sales enablement training.
by Dr. Kate Worlton-Pulham
September 14, 2018 | Sponsored

3 Reasons Why You Need Software Customer Training

Traditional training methods are too expensive and poorly adapted to current market needs. However, it is precisely because software is such a complex tool that it requires constant training. If client training and support is not adapted, you will quickly hit both a financial and human breaking point. In this article, I’ll demonstrate the importance of software customer training.
by Amanda Rollins