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April 20, 2016

7 Steps To Create An Online Training Infographic

Infographics give your learners an engaging and visually compelling snapshot of important trends, stats, and takeaways. This is why they are such a perfect match for online training programs that are geared toward busy or distracted employees. In this article, I'll provide 7 easy steps to help you create effective online training infographics.
by Christopher Pappas
March 13, 2016

The 7 Top Benefits Of Using Infographics In Online Training

Infographics are used in a variety of different ways, from illustrating important trends to raising awareness for charitable causes. However, they can also be a practical and powerful tool in online training. In this article, I'll highlight 7 of the most notable benefits of using infographics in your online training program.
by Christopher Pappas
February 19, 2016

5 Tips To Use Cinemagraphs In eLearning

When a video is too much and a static image falls short, it is time to tap into the interactive and emotionally-gripping power of a cinemagraph. In this article, I will share the basics of eLearning cinemagraphs, and explore how you can use them in your next eLearning course to make it more effective and engaging.
by Christopher Pappas
February 2, 2016

7 Tips To Use Visual Metaphors In eLearning

Metaphors are a powerful tool all on their own. However, adding visuals into the mix can make them an amazing eLearning resource. In this article, I will share 7 tips on how to use visual metaphors in eLearning, regardless of your subject matter or target audience.
by Christopher Pappas
September 18, 2015

Graphics In eLearning: 7 Best Practices To Choose Graphics For Your eLearning Course

As eLearning professionals, we recognize the power of visuals and how they can affect learning. Apart from photos, graphical elements such as illustrations, diagrams, and navigation aids can significantly facilitate the learning process and transform the driest and most boring eLearning material into an exciting eLearning experience. In this article, I’ll share 7 best practices in choosing graphics in eLearning, so that you will be able to achieve the most effective visual communication with your learners and help them get the most out of your eLearning courses.
by Christopher Pappas
July 21, 2015

Typography In eLearning: 5 Key Tips For eLearning Professionals

Typography is critical for eLearning design and development; it can make your eLearning course look professional and well organized, or amateurish and sloppy. Most importantly, it affects your learners’ attention. In this article, I’ll share 5 key tips for great typography in eLearning, so that you can make sure that you use it effectively in all of your eLearning courses.
by Christopher Pappas
June 25, 2015

6 Graphic Design Best Practices For eLearning Professionals

eLearning professionals may not be experts in the field of graphic design. After all, we have to wear enough hats already that adding one more to the pile may be just too much to bear. However, if you want to create eLearning courses that are immersive and engaging for your online learners, you should have a basic understanding of how to use font, color, and visuals to your advantage. In this article, I’ll share 6 graphic design best practices that every eLearning professional needs to know.
by Christopher Pappas
May 21, 2015

Using C.R.A.P Web Design For eLearning

This week we are looking at some C.R.A.P elearning. Yes, you read right. If you haven’t seen or heard of C.R.A.P before, it is a set of principles used in visual web design. If you’re not familiar with the principles of C.R.A.P design, this article is for you.
by Li Whybrow
November 27, 2014

e-Learning Graphic Design Fundamentals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is good e-Learning design worth? A lot—after all, good design is more than just a pretty picture! But don’t let the idea of having to design an entire e-Learning course stress you out. Once you master these design fundamentals, you’ll be creating sleek, professional courses every time.
by Stephanie Ivec