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August 21, 2016

Fixing Business Problems, Not Just Building Content

Training helps when people need to gain or maintain new, updated, or changed skills (and the knowledge embedded in those skills). But organizations have many, many business problems caused by poor processes, inadequate tools, and so on. Many times they think training will help, but that’s where we get to professionally help them see what will help and how to use limited resources efficiently.
by Patti Shank, PhD
July 25, 2016

Using Surveys To Assess eLearning: Pros And Cons

The value of surveys for evaluating training effectiveness has been up for debate over the past few years. While some professionals now argue against using surveys to assess eLearning, evaluating the impact of training is more important than ever. We revamped our survey process after considering these pros and cons.
by Antoinette Curtin
July 2, 2016

Usability And User Experience In Training

It is not difficult to find entities that invest budget, resources, and equipment in the digitization of training content, with results that are far below the expected return on investment. Experts say that the contents are correct and adequate; programmers have achieved a robust and secure platform, and tutors do a proactive monitoring of students. However, there is something that still does not work, and users do not come to the platform to complete their training. What problems might be taking place? It is likely that usability and user experience on the platform and online courses are not appropriate to the needs, expectations, and knowledge of the user.
by Leticia Lafuente López
April 14, 2016

5 Tips For eLearning Quality Assurance: How To Get eLearning’s Worth

Despite the popularity of eLearning, there is a high degree of skepticism and concern being expressed by many Learning and Development professionals on the effectiveness and ROI of technology-aided learning, keeping in mind investments in technology and infrastructure. The principal concern for them is the lack of empirical evidence for learning enhancement, as compared to overheads and associated costs. The only way to relieve them of the skepticism is to provide adequate eLearning quality assurance (QA) and prove that it fulfills the training needs well.
by Heena Nanda
January 20, 2016

4 Learning Evaluation Models You Can Use

How do you know that the learning programs you put together work with your learners and the particular context of your organization? When you attend a conference session or read a blog about the latest craze, how do you know if it really is a useful approach or just hot air? Learning evaluation can help answer these questions. So how do you evaluate learning?
by Andrew Downes
January 17, 2016

3 Ways To Test And Improve Online Training

In today’s competitive online training landscape, it’s essential that you listen to learners and consistently find ways to test online training and improve learning experiences. Let’s look at 3 areas in which you can focus your efforts: Quality assurance testing, acceptance testing, and engagement analytics.
by Li Whybrow