Top List: The Best eLearning Content Providers For Mobile Learning (2021)

Top List: The Best eLearning Content Providers For Mobile Learning (2021)
Summary: Working remotely has brought a major shift to corporate training, making mobile learning more important than ever. Your top assets, and frankly your whole staff, will need to adjust to this new reality. To help you out, we decided to gather the best content providers for mobile learning in one place. Explore our top list and find the right partner to start your mobile learning project or even develop your own mobile app. Are you ready?

Ultimate Top List Of The Best eLearning Content Providers For Mobile Learning

Mobile learning content is a need that will keep coming up. Tell me is there one day that you didn't get to use your mobile device? What about your laptop, MacBook or tablet? Especially when your staff has to deliver goals while working remotely, getting the right content for effective mobile training is critical.

Let's face it, mobile technology is a big part of our life, and thankfully, it has helped a lot in keeping every team member connected, even when they are not obliged to show up in the office for duty. Your sales team might travel a lot or some employees might live in different countries or maybe you decided to opt for staff augmentation. What if your most valuable assets work from home and live on different continents? This is when mobile learning comes to save the day!

Most companies are looking for mobility and alternative ways to be able to not only offer training anytime, anywhere but also give their staff the flexibility to work from home. This is exactly what mobile learning implementation means. You get to keep all your teams aligned by using tools like LXPs, LMSs, and authoring tools. But to deliver effective training, especially when there is time pressure, you need a content provider to develop your content. You need an expert to help you build up your community.

For all of the above reasons, eLearning Industry decided to reveal the top content providers for those of you who want to scale up corporate training on-the-go! It is a great ride you don't want to miss.

Top-Notch Content Providers Offering Mobile Learning Solutions

All set? Our selection criteria can help you determine which of the following content providers is your best match. My advice to you is to thoroughly check each content provider's highlights. Also, remember to see if they've won any awards. You'll be surprised at how another use case can spark a new idea for your own business! All of them are top-notch, for sure, and they can help you deliver engaging mobile learning experiences easily and on time.

As a global leader in digital learning, their in-house team of instructional and creative designers provides custom solutions, such as eLearning, mobile learning, Instructor-Led Training, animations, and AR/VR. They remove complexity from critical learning projects for some of the largest global brands. Their approach is unique in that they put learning first and weave return on learning into their entire process. Are they the right fit? Great!

Contact Inno-Versity to get your mobile learning content development plan started.

If client satisfaction is important when choosing a content provider, you're more than welcome to look through the reviews for Inno-Versity in our directory. 


  • Responsive Delivery
  • Instructional Design And Learner Experience
  • Translation And Globalization Of Content


Mobile learning differentiators:

  • Responsive Delivery
    Inno-Versity creates all their content to be easily accessed on any device from desktop, laptop or mobile.
  • Instructional Design And Learner Experience
    When the project is specifically targeted at a mobile audience, their team designs the content and screens targeted toward that audience. This means there will be more whitespace, simpler graphics, and more bite-sized pieces of content to minimize scrolling.
  • Translation And Globalization Of Content
    Language families look different on the screen and take up different percentages of screen space. Inno-Versity has designed content for mobile delivery in 30+ languages.


When an iconic, authentic, sea-worthy brand needed retail training assistance, Inno-Versity custom-designed a learning module, explicitly designed to be accessible through mobile technology. This learning program energized current sales training and processes through an eLearning platform throughout the store's national footprint, including knowledge checks and performance data available to management. In fact, they've done a case study about it. In case you'd like to learn more about this project, you can find more details on their website.

Make sure to read their article on how they provide custom solutions.

CommLab India has a proven record in designing, developing, and delivering mobile-friendly online learning solutions that have helped Fortune 500 organizations keep up with the changing times. Combining their strong background in instructional design, authoring tools expertise, and global project management, they offer learner-centric responsive eLearning solutions at unmatched speed and scale. 

By all means, visit their website if you're eager to learn more about how you can make mobile learning a successful part of your training strategy.

For more on outsourcing eLearning content development to CommLab India simply check out the reviews submitted in our directory. 


  • Clear Learning Objectives And Learner Needs
  • Choice Of The eLearning Authoring Tool
  • Design With The Smallest Screen First And Scale Up To All Devices

Right from identifying the best instructional strategy to designing the courses and developing them for mobile delivery, they ensure quick, efficient, and engaging learning on the go.


To ensure sticky mobile learning, CommLab India combines interactivities with robust instructional design strategies, such as gamification, scenario-based learning, storytelling, and more. They also take additional effort to look into learners' mobility and the devices being used to ensure the solutions are impactful and fit in the learners' flow of work.

Factors that drive effective mobile learning solutions are:

  • Clear Learning Objectives And Learner Needs
    • Is it for standalone delivery, microlearning, or performance support?
    • Will learners use mobile devices issued by the organization or on their own?
  • Choice Of The eLearning Authoring Tool
    • Choose a rapid authoring tool that addresses the learners' requirements.
    • Choose experts who ensure efficient and rapid development.
  • Design With The Smallest Screen First And Scale Up To All Devices
    Design for the smallest screen first to ensure the right on-screen elements, such as images, that render well on all devices. Scaling up to bigger screens becomes hassle-free thereafter. Keep in mind the limited screen space of mobile devices and ensure:
    • Short and targeted courses
    • Content that covers the absolute essentials
    • Screen with scrolls
    • Necessary visuals and high-clarity animations
    • Interactions that support tactile navigation


CommLab India offers mobile learning solutions on all major topics such as food safety, workplace safety, product and sales, compliance, and more. They have developed more than 6,150 hours of mobile learning for Fortune 500 customers from industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and pharma, agrichemical, automobile, food and beverage, logistics, and banking and finance. Other projects include converting nearly 700 legacy courses to mLearning. They have delivered learning to 4,000-6,000 employees on various mobile devices. CommLab India’s proven expertise in robust instructional design, efficient project management, and authoring tools set it apart from the rest in the market.

4.8/5 (90 reviews)

EI Design’s mobile learning solutions offer high visual impact, engagement, and sticky learning experiences. Their strong expertise in mobile learning content development will help you craft learning journeys that create impactful learning experiences, accelerating learners’ time to proficiency.

Scale up your employee training and manage business growth by leveraging their mobile learning solutions!

Read customer reviews for EI Design in our directory.


  • Integrated Strategies That Drive Performance And Behavior Change
  • Matching Modern Learner Needs And Expectations
  • Holistic Learning And Performance Ecosystem-Based Approach

Their Mobile Learning solutions include:

    • Mobile-friendly/mobile-first training
    • Mobile apps for learning
    • Focused, action-oriented learning (microlearning with video/interactive video-based learning)
    • Immersive learning strategies (gamification, virtual and augmented reality, scenario-based learning, storytorials, and branching simulations)
    • Personalized learning paths to match the career aspirations of learners


  • Integrated Strategies That Drive Performance And Behavior Change
    EI Design leverages mobile learning and personalized learning for targeted training that offers better learning outcomes. They deliver high-impact remote training by integrating immersive learning strategies like gamification, microlearning, and interactive videos with mobile learning.
  • Matching Modern Learner Needs And Expectations
    They match modern learner expectations by offering training content and delivery approaches that are personalized to individual learner needs. Their mobile learning solutions offer higher training completion, better knowledge transfer, and increased productivity, guaranteeing a high training ROI.

Their mobile learning strategies include:

    • Resources to engage and motivate learners
    • Just-in-time learning aids—at the moment of the learner’s need
    • Reinforcements to offset the “forgetting curve” 
    • Challenges that inspire learners to review, refresh, or practice
    • Techniques to trigger thinking and behavioral change
    • Approaches to cultivating a culture of continuous learning
  • Holistic Learning And Performance Ecosystem-Based Approach

Instead of piecemeal trainings, EI Design leverages their unique and holistic learning and performance ecosystem. With the learner in the center, it provides room for building training awareness, formal training, just-in-time learning aids, plus avenues for social and self-directed learning.  


EI Design has a proven track record of helping their customers drive high learner engagement, performance gain, and behavioral change. 

They have developed 4,000+ hours of mobile learning content with localized versions in 35 languages for customers across 24 countries and over 26 different industry verticals.

4.9/5 (52 reviews)

SweetRush has captured a singular space in the industry. Clients trust SweetRush and love their culture of caring and commitment and their uniquely effective solutions that connect with and motivate learners. From mobile-first eLearning to mobile job aids, from chatbots to apps and Augmented Reality, they design a custom strategy to help you reach and teach your learners wherever they are.

User reviews about SweetRush are accessible for you in eLearning Industry's directory. Want to learn more about them?

Go ahead and visit SweetRush's website to explore their mobile learning solutions!


  • Thinking Mobile-First
  • Pioneering Emerging Tech
  • Helping Guide Your Mobile Learning Strategy

The majority of the learning solutions SweetRush creates are blended, combining multiple delivery modalities to engage learners in different ways. Today, mobile is an essential part of the learning experience. 


  • Thinking Mobile-First
    Your employees need Just-In-Time learning that helps at the point of need. SweetRush creates learner-centric mobile programs, designed for how and when users will engage in them. Their team has brought product knowledge to the grocery store floor, mobile onboarding to housekeepers, and native-app games to restaurant servers. SweetRush tailors to the learning environment and makes effective use of non-peak work times.
  • Pioneering Emerging Tech
    They provide AI, AR-fresh ways to engage and bring excitement and new functionality. For example, chatbots that explain step-by-step how to make a cappuccino while the barista practices the steps alongside. A pharmaceutical rep about to enter a meeting that asks their chatbot for last-minute tips. AR card games that teach soft skills and AR posters that provide weekly tips. VR using biometrics data from wearables to measure the stress levels of learners in a simulation.
  • Helping Guide Your Mobile Learning Strategy
    BYOD. Browser-based vs. native apps. Myriad devices to test. Responsive design authoring tools. Mobile learning introduced a new set of challenges for L&D, and SweetRush is your partner in order to help you navigate these decisions. With an experienced technology and QA team, they ensure your mobile learning is accessible, fully functional, and effective.


SweetRush has been fortunate to receive multiple honors, including 66 Brandon Hall Awards—among which 45 Gold Awards—in the past 3 years. Their team won the "Best use of mobile learning" category 6 times, including 5 Gold Awards, along with several others for their mobile learning and mobile educational apps. For a Fortune 100 consumer goods company, SweetRush created a robust learning program for sellers on the retail floor designed to build product knowledge, sales skills, and brand loyalty. Incorporating multiple learning game apps, 3D animated videos, leaderboards, and performance support, this award-winning program is considered best in class.

4.8/5 (49 reviews)

AllenComm is a custom learning solutions firm that designs, develops, and deploys impactful learning experiences that transform businesses. Their creative and technical teams bring a wealth of expertise and experience—from arts to programming and performance consulting—to each award-winning training solution. 

Do you have an eLearning project in mind? Speak with their team to get started with your content development.

You may check what customers have to say about working with AllenComm by reading reviews in our directory.


  • Process
  • Technology
  • Design

Through the careful combination of Instructional Design strategies and innovative training technology, their unique solutions offer rich learning ecosystems that drive performance improvement with interactive and engaging mobile learning. So, AllenComm clients trust them to make their project a success. Connect with their corporate training team to push your people forward.


  • Process
    Mobile learning design and development are most effective when the process is collaborative. So, working with AllenComm starts with an analysis of your training challenges and business goals. Their learning teams build transformative learning experiences by first understanding your business and then creating a solution tailored to your needs.
  • Technology
    The AllenComm technology team has crafted custom learning solutions for unique challenges across diverse industries. Their learning technologies scale to meet your learners at the point of need with innovative methods like offline-enabled resource libraries, voice and visual search technology, 360 interactive video, 3D models, and location-based content personalization. Whether the tech challenge is a simple landing page or a comprehensive platform that aligns with your unique processes, it will be fully responsive to deliver the best experience.
  • Design
    Technology alone can't solve performance challenges. The Instructional Design and performance consulting teams at AllenComm, make sure learning technology is founded on theories of Instructional Design and educational psychology. Through a collaborative approach with world-class art and technology and design teams, they drive learning outcomes through impactful and visually appealing learning experiences.


AllenComm has worked with clients to develop both custom mobile learning courses and cutting edge mobile performance support platforms, resulting in awards including:

  • Silver Brandon Hall Technology for "Best advance in mobile learning technology"
  • Silver Brandon Hall for "Best use of mobile learning"
  • Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award for "Best advance in performance support technology" for using Sitelin
  • Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Award for "Best advance in learning technology implementation"

Their mobile learning solutions not only showcase the creativity and skill of their internal team but the innovation and aspirations of their clients as well.

6. Kineo
4.4/5 (8 reviews)

The smartphone is now the world's preferred personal computing device, and it's easy to see why. At Kineo, they know that making learning accessible to your users is crucial to getting engagement, particularly in sectors that don't sit in an office-based environment.

Want to explore how mobile learning can work for you?

See Kineo's best practice guide

Explore customer reviews for Kineo in our directory.


  • Founders And Developers Of Adapt
  • Mobile Learning Games And Apps
  • Creating Great Multi-Device Content With Responsive Design As Standard


  • Founders And Developers Of Adapt
    Way back in 2013, they knew the market was shifting. That's why they innovated and created Adapt—now a standard across the industry for providing deep scrolling, responsive content. Kineo could offer a single course by using responsive HTML web design techniques. As a result, this would work on any device that had an appropriate web browser. It could comply with accessibility guidelines and was easier to maintain as there was only a single version. Thus, making it future-proof as it only uses web standard technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Mobile Learning Games And Apps
    Make learning fun again with fully mobile online learning games that drive both engagement and behavior change. They also create both native and web apps for that more in-depth mobile experience.
  • Creating Great Multi-Device Content With Responsive Design As Standard
    All their content is developed as standard using responsive design to display across multiple devices to create an optimized user experience. Thus, providing dynamic layouts which allow for the resizing of on-screen elements to make the most of the space available (fluid grid concept). In addition, it helps in automatically detecting the characteristics of the device being used and applying an appropriate style to all on-screen elements (media queries and CSS). Most importantly, ensuring all images can be scaled to suit the device being used at the time, and swapping out content or interactions with more appropriate alternatives for the device being used at the time.


  • Mobile-First Learning Solution For PepsiCo
    They halved induction training time from 10 days to 5. What's more, they delivered training to over 15,000 frontline workers in areas with poor reception, a mix of personal and corporate devices, and across multiple languages using a combination of the Totara Learn platform and the app. As a result, the client has not needed to look beyond Totara as it has delivered on their needs to solve for 20+ countries, embed competency assessments, and integrate an app, all without batting an eyelid. 

Learning Pool has enjoyed a landmark of 12 months, with highlights including growing their client base to more than 800 global organizations, the launch of their new LXP, Stream, acquiring an award-winning innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs, and winning a vast array of awards, including Gold for innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR Awards. Do you want to deliver exceptional performance with pioneering technology and creative content?

Find out about their mobile capabilities in content and platforms by reaching out to Learning Pool.

Check out what other professionals have to say by reading Learning Pool reviews in our directory


  • Industry-Leading Adapt Builder
  • Mobile Learning Games
  • Off-The-Shelf Catalogs

The Learning Pool ecosystem of ready-made eLearning catalogs, custom content production, and powerful LMS, LXP, LRS, and authoring tools give clients the ability to quickly deliver personalized streams of expert content and curated experiences that rapidly drive performance across an organization.


  • Industry-Leading Adapt Builder
    Creating fantastic eLearning has never been easier. They have helped more than 7,500 users work with their deep scrolling design, branching, and interactive components to quickly build courses. Adapt produces beautiful, engaging, and exploratory content that's different from other eLearning content. It scrolls vertically, not horizontally, so it feels like the modern web and looks great on any device.
  • Mobile Learning Games
    They have created a range of fully-mobile online learning games that capture the spirit of mobile gaming to embed crucial learning and drive real behavioral change.
  • Off-The-Shelf Catalogs
    They know that in order for learning to become knowledge, it needs to be engaging. So they ensure that all their courses are relevant and focused. With responsive design, all their content will work wherever and whenever you need it: across mobile, tablet, and PC. Their retail catalog was specifically designed to engage geographically disparate and often time-poor learners using microlearning that works on any device.


Working with Well Pharmacy, Learning Pool is creating the "Be Well' campaign which will consist of an immersive mobile game and a supporting campaign. The game is centered around a day in the life of a busy pharmacy with the learner taking on the role of a customer-facing member of staff. Various realistic customer scenarios are presented throughout the day and the learner has to deal with them in a manner that will increase their customer-engagement levels. This game, accessible on any device, takes its cues from mobile gaming and offers a learning experience perfect for a lunch break, a bus ride home or as a fun distraction while your partner is watching Coronation Street.

eLearning Brothers provides end-to-end learning solutions, including the mobile-friendly Rockstar Learning Platform and mobile-responsive eLearning templates for all authoring tools.

Visit to learn how they can help you conquer your mobile learning challenges.

Also, don't forget to read reviews for eLearning Brothers in our directory.


  • Mobile-Friendly Learning Platform
  • Responsive eLearning Templates
  • Custom Mobile Development


  • Mobile-Friendly Learning Platform
    The Rockstar Learning Platform is mobile responsive, adjusting to the size of tablets and phones so learners can view content on their chosen device, whether they’re at their desk or not.
  • Responsive eLearning Templates
    The AssetLibrary includes responsive templates built natively in all 3 major authoring tools.
  • Custom Mobile Development
    eLearning Brothers award-winning Custom Solutions team can build you the mobile learning experience your workers want.

Mobile learning is high on the list of the latest and greatest strategies that learning developers are including in their blended learning mix. Obsidian Learning has been in the learning game for over 20 years, developing effective mobile learning deliverables for over a decade.

Make sure to read the 7 Mobile Learning Facts L&D Managers Should Know.

For more info on projects regarding content development solutions, take a look at clients' reviews for Obsidian Learning in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Performance Support
  • Mobile And Micro
  • Custom


  • Performance Support
    Most of the mobile learning assets created by Obsidian Learning function not only as a tool of learning and education but, through careful design and execution, become very powerful performance support tools, too.
  • Mobile And Micro
    They have been using a combination of mobile and microlearning to deliver truly game-changing learning outcomes.
  • Custom
    When it comes to mobile learning, a prepackaged solution will usually not cut it.


Obsidian Learning has created mobile and mobile-friendly learning assets for the oil and gas industry, retail industry, service industry, healthcare, and more.

10. CoreAxis
4.9/5 (8 reviews)

CoreAxis is a business-performance consulting company. They offer training solutions to businesses in various industries including retail, life sciences, finance, and technology. When they produce mobile learning for their clients, there's always a strong ROI.

Do you want to see how they can help your team training? Contact them for a consultation. 

Go ahead and visit our directory to check out CoreAxis reviews.


  • Accuracy And Efficiency
  • 24/7 Training Programs
  • Self-Paced Learning + Personalization

All their solutions can be fully customized to meet the needs of the individual client. They build collaborative relationships, which make them a trusted resource. Their mission is to ensure their clients’ organizational success using mobile learning.


  • Accuracy And Efficiency
    Creating mobile learning with CoreAxis helps learners be more comfortable. It’s great for younger workers and useful for all generations because it will allow all learners to learn with efficiency and accuracy.
  • 24/7 Training Programs
    Training programs are always available (even when a computer is not). Hence, 24/7 access is key to the success of learners to have on-demand content.
  • Self-Paced Learning + Personalization
    Mobile learning offers greater flexibility. Thus, learning at their own pace allows learners to be successful. This way, learners have more control of their learning, plus there are more options for personalization. As a result, this allows people to learn how they need.


During COVID, they helped create a lot of mobile learning for onboarding which companies adopted and, more importantly, had success with.

As an award-winning digital learning organization, they offer a plethora of training solutions. These include training and learning strategy, content, technology, delivery, and management. Their team works with global organizations to help them keep up with change. Tesseract Learning helps clients drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition. How? Of course, by applying the right learning strategies to their training solutions.

Talk to them or take a look at Tesseract Learning reviews in our directory.


  • Mobile And Microlearning
  • Instructionally Sound And Aesthetic
  • Customer Delight


  • Mobile And Microlearning
    Tesseract has been delivering effective learner-centric mobile programs using a combination of mobile and microlearning based on how and when learners will engage with the learning content.
  • Instructionally Sound And Aesthetic
    Their training solutions have the right features that help in better learning. They are visually appealing, aligned to the branding, ethos, and core values of the organization they serve.
  • Customer Delight
    They achieve this by continuously delivering learning solutions that exceed expectations, are high-quality, on time, and within each client's budget.


These last few years, they managed to earn a great collection of awards from eLearning Industry in the following top lists by being recognized as a top content provider for:

  • Virtual Training (2021)
  • Training Needs Analysis (2021)
  • Soft Skills Training (2021)
  • eLearning Gamification (2021)
  • Custom eLearning (2020)
  • Microlearning (2020)
  • Content Development (2020)

Also, Tesseract Learning is a Brandon Hall Group’s Smartchoice preferred Solution Provider.

Harbinger Interactive Learning is an award-winning provider that offers custom learning solutions globally. Three decades of experience has made them proficient in creating micro, bite-sized content that can be easily delivered on mobile, even under low-network bandwidth. Harbinger utilizes various tools like Articulate Rise, iSpring, and even its mobile-first HTML interactive framework to develop mobile-friendly content rapidly and in a cost-effective way.

Visit their website to explore how they build impactful mobile learning solutions.

You may find reviews for Harbinger in our directory.


  • Mobile-First Approach
  • Mobile Ready Apps
  • Nudge Learning And Personalized Learning Experiences

Their highly skilled team of instructional designers makes use of varied instructional approaches to make learning stick. They understand that today’s learner wants "anytime-anywhere" learning, on a mobile device.


  • Mobile-First Approach
    Leveraging the growing dependence and adoption of handheld tech, they have strategically adopted a "mobile-first" approach. Starting with short learning courses of 2-5 minutes to interactive videos, sleek animations, spaced nudges, catchy infographics, and more, their mobile content is designed to delight. Their design experts recommend creating engaging content through elements such as interactive controls, gamification elements, personalized learning paths, searchable microlearning units, and learning in the flow of work.
  • Mobile-Ready Apps
    Harbinger not only focuses on mobile-friendly content delivery but also provides mobile app development services. They do so to ensure content is available at learners’ fingertips. The apps not only allow easy access to content when needed but also make the LMS invisible for the learners. Apps also allow getting insights into learner behavior and deeper analytics which can help in delivering personalized content.
  • Nudge Learning And Personalized Learning Experiences
    Harbinger’s microlearning expertise curates the optimum amount of information from available content and creates bursts that make learning available in the flow of work. Their short learning bites are interactive, engaging, and encourage learning through positive reinforcement. They can help build a culture of continuous learning by nudging employees on a regular basis with relevant and personalized micro content.


They have designed and developed successful mobile-first learning solutions for clients across multiple domains. Recent success stories include:

    • Mobile app for drug recovery with the capability to give performance insights as well as periodic notifications and customized reports to track progress
    • Game-based onboarding program designed with a mobile-first strategy for a retail chain to rapidly train employees on company culture
    • Converted a large library of long Flash courses into short eLearning microlearning modules using an award-winning HTML mobile framework
    • Video-based microlearning modules to be delivered through mobile learning academy for an NGO to skill adult learners in rural areas and make them job-ready
A Content Provider Can Help You Create Effective On-The-Go Training Fast And Easily.
Compare top content providers that offer mobile learning solutions to create engaging experiences!

eLearning Industry's Top eLearning Companies Selection Criteria

The above top list is a thorough guide that includes our top selected companies for mobile learning in one place. If you can't wait to start your mobile learning project development, this is all you need. Please note here that this list is constructed for those who are in search of mobile learning solutions. You may also check out our full eLearning content providers' directory for other types of content development regarding employee training. Whether you need to boost your workforce's performance and productivity, increase employee engagement, enhance skills development or focus on sales training courses, we've got you covered.

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for mobile learning based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Innovation in the learning industry
  • Content development quality
  • Learning solution expertise

After going through the winners of this top list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when choosing your ideal content provider for mobile learning.

Benefits Of Mobile Learning Technology

Mobile learning is user-centric, makes things easier, is more engaging, offers flexibility, and is available anytime, anywhere. What's not to like? Corporations around the world, be it SMBs or even extended enterprises, need to reap the fruits of bite-sized learning on-the-go. This gives you the advantage to deliver training no matter where the base of your assets is.

This is the magic of mobile learning: a well-designed synergy of smart devices and microlearning that follows an effective training strategy. An approach that focuses on anytime-anywhere deliverables, where learning meets no boundaries. They say that "the sky is the limit," and that's true for mobile learning technology. After all, you can find everything on the cloud!

One can talk for hours about the endless benefits of mobile learning in corporate training. However, since you have to make a decision soon enough, I'll focus on the key advantages.

Key Advantages Of A Mobile Learning Strategy

  • Learning on the go
  • Multi-device support
  • Flexibility (to learners, training managers, customers)
  • Variety of design formats (videos, animated videos, interactive videos, etc.)
  • Engaging learning experiences

What Makes A Mobile Learning Program Successful?

  • Being mobile responsive
  • Being user-friendly
  • Microlearning design
  • Short courses
  • Being agile and fluid
  • Ability to track learners' behavior
  • Completion rate

Which Companies Can Leverage Mobile Learning?

Every L&D manager—and HR manager—has a dream: to achieve their training goals. To do so, you need results. How do we get results? By noticing increased productivity and revenue. How does one get to that? By focusing on employee development.

With mobile learning, you can bring more profit to your business while at the same time keeping employee engagement high. There's no better way to build up your employees' skills and performance than by creating mobile learning courses that prove to be a good Return On Investment. Why? Because when you invest in your workforce, you also improve employee retention and business growth.

Industries Highly Interested In Mobile Learning

As you can understand, mobile learning is ideal not only as a means to train your workforce, but also to improve customer satisfaction. By opting for this approach, you increase product knowledge and customer retention. You can create mobile apps and communities. There are so many aspects you can take advantage of, no matter what your niche is. If your company belongs to one of the following industries, you might want to start thinking seriously about starting a project that involves mobile learning.

  • Defense and space
  • Mining and metals
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • HR
  • Government
  • Administrative agencies
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospital
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants

When Is It Time To Start Your Mobile Learning Implementation?

If you are wondering when and if you should opt for a mobile learning solution, search no more.

Here's when you need to start your mobile learning project:

  • If you have to boost employee engagement.
  • When your learners need access anytime, anywhere.
  • In case your employees work remotely.
  • If you want to improve your salesforce's performance.
  • When a mobile learning app is necessary.
  • In cases when you want to use gamification for engagement.
  • If you are an advocate of microlearning.
  • At times when you are looking to increase customer satisfaction.
  • When you want to convert your ILT material to online training.

Choosing A Mobile Learning Content Provider That Fits Your Needs

As it happens with every choice we have to take, making a decision on the best content provider to bring your mobile learning endeavors to life is not easy. You have to do a lot of research. You need to decide what you want to achieve. But you also have to learn about what each eLearning company can offer to your business. To save you some time and peace of mind, we've done the hard work for you. After evaluating a significant number of content providers, we've decided on the top 10+1 eLearning companies that can deliver impeccable mobile learning content. We paid special attention to how well these companies perform when it comes to mobile learning expertise.

Before Outsourcing Mobile Learning, Determine Your Goals And Objectives

Here are 8 steps to follow when you're in search of the best partner to implement a mobile learning strategy that meets your business needs:

  • Note down your training goals
  • Understand what your clients need
  • Make sure your budget allows for certain moves
  • Seek content providers by checking reviews online
  • Be specific about what you want to accomplish with mobile learning
  • Decide on curriculum based on how tech-savvy your learners are
  • Consider focusing on onboarding
  • Have a plan on how to improve Customer Experience

How To Evaluate And Compare Content Providers For Mobile Learning

Evaluating and comparing eLearning vendors is the hardest part of all. Before making your decision, you'll have to understand if the respective content provider is the right fit for your business. Before outsourcing mobile learning, there are some key points you need to focus on.

What Most Reliable Content Providers Have In Common

  • The know-how (including experts and tools specialization)
  • SMEs who can effectively create microlearning content
  • Original and engaging ideas
  • The ability to create custom mobile learning apps
  • Deep knowledge of gamification
  • The expertise to drive behavioral change
  • The ability to prove the effectiveness of their mobile learning strategy
  • Excellent portfolios with reputable clients

How To Decide On Which Is The Best eLearning Partner For Mobile Learning

  • Find a fair number of reputable content providers with expertise in mobile learning
  • Research content they've already published in the eLearning niche (articles, eBooks, webinars, case studies, etc.)
  • Request samples to check their mobile learning content quality
  • Check online reviews about their services in niche-specific directories

What About Social Presence And Thought Leadership?

  • Are they respected thought leaders on the specific topic?
  • Have they won any awards for their eLearning services?
  • Is the eLearning community talking about them in social media?
  • Ask your peers about them (in real life or niche-related communities and groups).
  • Ask if they offer a consultation before closing a deal for your mobile learning program.

The Next Steps To Make The Right Content Provider Decision

Take the time to research each of these content providers that specialize in mobile learning. All the above experts focus on eLearning content development for corporate training and can help your business grow. Evaluate each eLearning company to find the one that is ideally suited for your training objectives and budget. Doing so will assist you in achieving your performance goals. Plus, it will help you equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done.

If you are interested in finding, choosing, and comparing the top content providers, you may check eLearning Industry's top content providers directory. Are you still unsure of what to consider before outsourcing your eLearning content development? Download the eBook How To Find The Right eLearning Providers For Your Custom eLearning Content At The Right Price Point and get all the tips you need! This will surely help you choose the ideal content provider based on your company's needs.

Are you an eLearning content provider? Go ahead and add your free listing to eLearning Industry. Who knows, maybe your company deserves a spot in one of our top lists for next year!

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