4 Ways To Use Training Imagery And Terminology To Deliver Epic Meaning

4 Ways To Use Training Imagery And Terminology To Deliver Epic Meaning
Summary: There are many ways to instil Epic Meaning into the minds of your learners, and one of the most effective is to get the training imagery and terminology used throughout the learning experience, just right.

Using Training Imagery And Terminology To Deliver Epic Meaning

What does “to get training imagery and terminology right” mean? It means that before you start rushing around crafting your training programme, you need to take a step back to consider the wording and the types of images you’re going to use throughout.

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Here are a few of the ways this will impact on your training programme:

1. Bring Your Training To Life

There’s nothing worse than a boring training unit with generic stock images. You’re turned off the very moment you lay eyes on it…

But the way you phrase something can completely change how it’s received. No-one is excited to learn about health and safety, but if your learners are offered an opportunity to “become a certified life-saver!” then you’ll find it much easier to drum up interest.

Similarly, if you spend a bit more time sourcing more relevant and inspiring images, you can go a long way towards bringing your content to life! The better the imagery, the more easily your learners will understand the training.

2. Personalise Your Training

Personalisation is one of the most powerful ways of creating an engaging programme. If you’re able to tailor your training imagery and terminology to suit your audience, then your learners will feel as if the training is speaking directly to them.

Any imagery you use should be relevant to your audience. For instance, if you’re training a group of bakers, then images of cakes are going to make a lot more sense than people wearing suits.

In terms of wording, getting the tone right is essential. Also, if your audience has its own terminology then make sure to speak their language. If your workplace always refers to dress-down Friday as Funky Friday, make sure to call it that in the training content! It just goes that extra step towards showing the learner that this training is meant for them.

3. Added Immersion

If you want to create a theme or narrative for your programme, then getting the training imagery and terminology right will help massively with immersion.

Take Growth Engineering as an example. Our philosophy is all around waging war against dull online learning and transforming learners into superheroes. In everything we create, including internal training content, we make sure to use both superhero terminology and superhero imagery.

It helps to reinforce the message you’re sending to your learners and drives engagement with the narrative you’re building. Once imbued with Epic Meaning, your learners will take more interest in the training and get more out of it.

4. Tie Everything Together

As you develop your training programme, you’re sure to create a vast library of content which spans a huge number of topics. If left unchecked, this library could become a jumbled mess of different styles, and these jarring styles could be unpleasant for the learner to wade through.

However, if you use a style guide of approved imagery and terminology, then you can keep everything consistent. This means that whether a learner is finding out about the latest products or brushing up on the disciplinary process, they can clearly see that this unit is part of a bigger whole.

Now think about the learner experience. If everything is inconsistent, then it seems as though they’re just taking random module after random module. But if the training imagery and terminology match, then your learners can see that they’re working towards something big and meaningful, and that everything they’re doing is feeding into that ultimate goal.

To Wrap Up

Imagery and terminology are nothing complex, but by using them properly we arrive at something very special – Epic Meaning.

Your training is something exciting which speaks directly to your learners. It’s something they can get immersed into, and they can see how it all comes together into something spectacular!

If you want to learn more about how to instil Epic Meaning into the minds of your learners, download our eBook Epic Meaning: How To Turn Your Learners Into Superheroes.

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