6 Ways To Use LMS Videoconference Support To Enrich Your External Partner Online Training

6 Ways To Use LMS Videoconference Support To Enrich Your External Partner Online Training
Summary: How can you make your external partners feel like their training needs are effectively managed? In this article, I share 6 creative ways to use LMS videoconference support to enrich the online training experience.

6 Ways To Use LMS With Video Conferencing Support

If you are working closely with external partners, some form of integration is going to be important. Within the learning environment, there is scope for bringing partners on board and benefitting from their expertise. They also need to understand your processes, products, and operating environment. Video conferencing is an engaging way to bring them together. Technology costs have been reduced dramatically, and internet speed and reliability issues are being addressed. This opens the door to use video conferencing far more widely in eLearning. More LMS suppliers are integrating VC functionality, and many video conferencing plugins are available to add to your existing training system.

Changing The Face Of Training With Video

Video conferencing has come a long way from an expensive, unreliable experience reserved for execs. Anyone with a camera-enabled device can add to their learning experience by connecting face to face without having to travel. For external partners, that means saving on time and expenses—an essential detail in contracts. Learning via video conferencing brings together dispersed teams, wherever they are in the world.

It makes external partners feel a real part of the training community. This powerful support tool helps to bring external partners up to speed quickly. They can ask questions in real-time and bring their own perspectives to challenges. There’s no denying that video is far more engaging than audio, especially if it is a two-way, live video conference. With LMS videoconference support, you can bring in specialists and SMEs to present. This allows both internal and external teams to learn, question, and develop skills together. It’s a great tool to help build a sense of shared purpose with clear objectives, goals, and values.

Get Creative With LMS Video Conferencing

1. Recorded Video

Use your LMS video tools to record and share training resources. Learners can then access recorded video resources as required. Employ a push/pull model of training access by allowing external partners to access video resources in your LMS. This enables autonomous learning. Recorded video allows you to share resources consistently across time zones and locations. You can even develop a bite-sized video library where they can quickly address performance issues and skill gaps.

2. Live Video Events

For an interactive and engaging learning experience, host live web events and invite both external and internal teams. In this way, everyone learns together and helps each other to develop their skills and understanding. Bear in mind that external partners often work in different time zones. As such, recording the live session ensures that everyone enjoys the same training experience, even if they have to watch it after the fact.

3. Collaborate With Video

Set up a challenging learning experience using your sharing platform with video conferencing to allow teams to work together on a challenge. The teams could work on a case study, simulation, or scenario to help develop their skills in an innovative and exciting way. Allow partners to ask each other questions, vote on options, and give everyone a role. When everybody’s face is on the screen, they will feel more inspired to participate; no hiding!

4. Guest Speaker Q&A Video Conference

Ask partners to host a video conference on a specialist subject. This helps establish their authority on the topic and helps them get to know your people. Your external partners provide the training, but they get the benefit of face-to-face interaction. Build a strong relationship with the client by ensuring they are part of the training team.

5. Real-Time Demos

Partners need to know not only how to use your products and services but how to promote them. Host live demos that give them the opportunity to see how it functions, how to maintain it, and how to pitch it to clients. They can even ask questions in real-time to improve their product knowledge and clarify any concerns they have. Better yet, invite one of your top performers to test out the product for everyone to see. Then provide their unbiased opinions and share some selling tips.

6. Compliance Catch-Ups

Compliance training is tricky because there are always new laws, regulations, and policies to consider. Especially if you’re in an industry with ever-evolving rules or emerging issues. So, use your LMS videoconference support to keep your external partners up to date and prevent costly mistakes. It’s faster than developing and deploying a full-fledged course. This means you can provide them with pressing information to mitigate risks while you work on the reference tools. Another great way to keep them informed is to invite a guest speaker who is well versed on the compliance topic. Such as a legal expert who can tell them everything they need to know about the new guidelines from an insider’s POV.


We are creative people in L&D. And we are passionate about equipping people with the skills they need to thrive. External partners bring a great deal to the organization. But they can only feel empowered to drive real progress if they understand and connect with us. However, you often need to get innovative about how you develop your learning programs to ensure partners feel integrated. Video is a great way of putting people face to face, without the cost and time implications. Once you start using video conferencing tools with your LMS resources, you will find you’re doing it all the time. We all want to feel connected. We all like to put a name to a face. Bring the personal back into training and offer LMS video conferencing to bring your partners into your business.

Find the right LMS with video conferencing support for your external partner training program. You’re welcome to peruse our online directory to make that shortlist more manageable and do some prep for your vendor vetting.