Gamification in Business How Learning and Development Can Take It Beyond the Hype

Gamification in Business: How Learning and Development Can Take It Beyond the Hype

Is the buzz on gamification in business reaching its peak? According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, that may be the case. Yet according to Brian Burke, gamification in business (and, we would argue, training) can “motivate people to do extraordinary things.” Experienced, talented learning and development professionals have the skills to take gamification in business beyond the hype.

eLearning Job Market Research Report

eLearning Job Market Research Report

Online learning is in the midst of massive growth. Inc. Magazine named online learning “One of the top eight most lucrative industries in which to start a business for 2013 and beyond,” and Money Magazine listed “instructional designer” as the 38th (out of 100) best job in America for this year, citing a 28.3% job growth rate through 2023, and an average salary range between $63,700 and $97,400.

Mobility The Future of Learning

mLearning: The Way of Learning Tomorrow

Mobile devices have become deeply engrained in our everyday lives. From reading to schedule management to entertainment to GPS, it is The Multi-Purpose Gadget in our lives and some have even said to suffer from the “phantom limb” syndrome without it! Mobile Learning, or mLearning for short, lets learners learn and get performance support via their mobile devices. This article introduces to you the unique features of mLearning, what it can be used for and the difference between mLearning and traditional eLearning.