November 11, 2015

TalentLMS Review: Create Online Courses On A Cloud Based LMS

TalentLMS is known for its easy-to-use platform that is custom tailored for rapid eLearning development. But is it really “the fastest path to awesome learning” that it claims to be? If you’re looking for an honest review of TalentLMS’ features, pricing, usability, and support, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll delve into the standouts of the TalentLMS learning management system, and offer insight into whether it’s truly worth your investment.
by Christopher Pappas
November 11, 2015

Why Do We Still Bulk Buy eLearning Courses?

The way that companies buy off the shelf eLearning is changing. A new generation of online operators like Learndirect’s eCourses offer,,, and eLearning Marketplace (to name a few) are offering various viable alternatives to the traditional “site license” that’s dominated eLearning procurement so far. So what should we expect as the industry’s new online buying models go mainstream?
by Tony Small
November 10, 2015

How To Boost Your Workforce Performance With Interactive PDFs And eBooks

As heads of organizations and heads of Learning and Development departments, we are on a constant lookout for measures that can positively impact our employees' performance. There are many approaches that can be adopted to bring in performance gain. In this article, I will outline how to boost your workforce performance with interactive PDFs and eBooks (when used as Performance Support Tools or PSTs).
by Asha Pandey
November 9, 2015

Adobe Captivate 9 Review: Create Amazing Responsive eLearning Courses!

A rapid eLearning authoring tool that offers responsive design AND an affordable monthly fee. Is this too good to be true? In this article, I’ll review Adobe Captivate 9 so that you can determine if you really are able to “create any kind of eLearning end-to-end. For any device” or if you may want to look elsewhere for your next all-in-one eLearning authoring tool.
by Christopher Pappas
November 9, 2015

Evaluating Mobile Learning: 4 Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of Mobile Learning

A big part of learning is evaluation, to ascertain the impact of learning. Although there are some tried and tested methods for evaluation of technology-aided learning, there are no such existing comprehensive frameworks for evaluating mobile learning endeavors. This is because there is a relatively new and lesser number of learning managers or learners who have experience of learning through mobile devices.
by Arunima Majumdar