Language e-Learning Redefined

Language e-Learning Redefined

The true value of e-learning is misunderstood and the industry focus is misplaced. E-learning professionals and the industry too strongly support collaboration, neglecting the aspect of the individual learning process. What's more, learning languages is very much different than learning other subjects, as it is a complex transformation process, and the e-learning for languages needs to be viewed from a different perspective. Language e-learning needs to be redefined.

Build Or Buy e-Learning Content To Support Your Product Launch

Build Or Buy eLearning Content To Support Your Product Launch

Developing e-learning content to support a product launch might not seem as immediately important as much as say, marketing or PR, but it’s crucial to get everybody in your organisation not only understanding it, but living and breathing the messages behind it. Once your product is released, it’s too late to start developing e-learning content - by this point, your people need to know it inside and out, and have the necessary tools at their disposal to help it succeed.

5 Tips To Find Your Narrative Voice For Your eLearning Course

5 Tips To Find Your Narrative Voice For Your eLearning Course

By finding and perfecting your narrative voice for your eLearning course, you gain the ability to create an eLearning experience that is polished, organized, and complete. In this article, I'll explore how you can discover your narrative voice for your eLearning content, so that your eLearning courses can offer real value to your audience, instead of creating disjointed eLearning courses that fail to meet their learning objectives.

User Experience Design and E-Learning: A Conversation with Julie Dirksen

User Experience Design and eLearning: A Conversation with Julie Dirksen

For many e-learning developers, User Experience design can be the key to unlocking a great experience for their learners. Julie Dirksen, one of the pioneers in applying UX principles to e-learning, argues that all e-learning developers need a basic knowledge of UX design to create an engaging experience. She also supplies some excellent resources to get started on that journey.

What follows is a transcript of a short e-mail exchange with Dirksen; it has been lightly edited for content and length.