8 Steps To Hire The Right Leadership Development Program Content Provider

Leadership Development Content Provider Selection
Summary: How do you find the best leadership development solutions on a tight time frame? Follow these 8 steps to hire the right outsourcing partner without further delay.

How To Hire The Perfect Leadership Development Program Content Provider

You’ve decided to hire a leadership development program content provider, regardless of whether you’re going to tackle some of the tasks internally or hire an outsourcing partner for the whole shebang. The goal is to find a top-notch vendor in your price range. And industry experience is a must. So, how do you qualify content providers in your niche? Are there any tools to help you simplify the search and maximize ROI? First and foremost, which online training solutions are you even looking for? This step-by-step guide can help you choose the right leadership development solutions for your organization. Best of all, it’s designed for SMBs and large organizations, alike. So, let’s get started.

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1. Compile All Your TNA Data

It’s best to keep the horse in front of the cart. In this case, that means conducting a TNA before you start searching for vendors. You must have a clear idea of why you’re hiring the outsourcing partner and which gaps they must help you address. A Training Needs Analysis also allows you to reevaluate your budget. As well as take stock of existing resources to reduce spending. For example, there are workshops or video demos you can repurpose for the new leadership development program.

2. Search Leadership Development Program Directories

Top leadership development solutions are featured in online directories, which have all the crucial info you need to get the best ROI, ranging from company background to support services. Thus, they’re the ideal place to start your search. Especially now that you have all the TNA data on-hand. Filter results by use case, industry, and solutions to speed things up. Then spend a few minutes assessing the top eLearning content providers in your niche. You can also compare up to 3 vendors to see which one delivers maximum value for money.

3. Evaluate Vendor Ratings

Directories should also feature user ratings and reviews. This way, you can get the inside scoop before finalizing the contract. These are the people who’ve already worked with the vendor. Thus, they know about their level of support and CX as well as their overall leadership training knowledge and expertise. However, it’s crucial to find a reliable review site that isn’t sponsored. In other words, all the users have to provide project info and the opinions are genuine.

4. Peruse Online Portfolios And Landing Pages

Every leadership development outsourcing partner should have a portfolio. This includes all their best work in addition to case studies and project background info. For instance, which challenges did they overcome? And how did this deliverable help the company achieve their objectives? Another great source of information is the vendor’s landing page. Granted, it’s a bit bias. You probably won’t find negative reviews or projects that went off the rails. However, their site does offer a glimpse of their design skills and professional experience.

5. Send RFPs To Top Leadership Training Solutions

A request for proposal is usually your first point of contact with the vendor. It features all the project specs, from budget to timeline. Then each leadership development program content provider sends proposals based on your online training needs. Keep in mind that RFPs can be time-consuming if you don’t compile all the data beforehand. For example, you aren’t sure about your spending cap or which deliverables you require and why. You should also include evaluation criteria, contact info, and deadlines so that vendors know what to expect and what’s expected of them.

6. Review Content Provider Proposals

Not all outsourcing companies will respond to RFPs. Particularly those who don’t have the necessary qualifications. It may also be a scheduling conflict. For instance, they’re already booked for the year. But you should carefully consider vendors that do submit proposals, preferably, using evaluation criteria or scoring systems. In addition, it should be a team effort so that everyone can offer their feedback and take part in the decision-making process.

7. When In Doubt, Contract Test Projects

If you’re still undecided, why not purchase leadership development solutions to evaluate vendors firsthand. In the case of pre-built online training solutions, audit a sample online course. For bespoke content, hire the vendor for a test project. It should be a low-cost activity so that you can assess their work without putting a large dent into your budget. After your top choices deliver the resource, host another feedback session. Is it missing something? Does the vendor understand your online training challenges? Most importantly, does the activity align with your leadership development program objectives?

8. Finalize The Outsourcing Agreement

Once you choose the right eLearning content provider for the job, negotiate a fair contract. Ensure that all the terms are clear and that it outlines communication guidelines, vendor support, and delivery dates. It’s perfectly acceptable to schedule a meeting with the outsourcing partner to discuss sticking points. For instance, the contract doesn’t mention revisions or client feedback sessions. Just make sure you get everything in writing, especially if you make a verbal agreement during the meet-up. Simply put, a solid contract helps prevent future conflicts and outsourcing headaches.


Your new leadership development outsourcing partner should be passionate about your project. They’ll work with you to achieve the goals without going over budget, as well as to engage and inspire your emerging team leaders. Above all, they need to know your niche or have access to SMEs that do. Fortunately, you can use online directories, ratings, and RFPs to eliminate the guesswork. These tools have all the info you need to make the best buying decision.

The Ultimate Leadership Training Programs Guide: How To Identify And Train Emerging Leaders covers all the outsourcing essentials. It’s packed with tips, tricks, and vendor vetting techniques. You can download your eBook today and launch a successful leadership training program ASAP.