7 Ways That A Customer Training Learning Management System Instills Consumer Confidence

7 Ways That A Customer Training Learning Management System Instills Consumer Confidence
Summary: The key to unlocking customer loyalty is confidence. They need to trust not only in your product or service but the brand standing behind it. In this post, I share 7 ways a customer training LMS can help you build that all-important bond with your consumers.

How A Customer Training Learning Management System Builds Brand Loyalty

Most organizations have to contend with steep competition that’s vying for the same customer base. However, one of the best ways to stand a cut above the rest is by educating your audience and giving them valuable support resources that they can use to expand product knowledge and familiarize themselves with your brand. Here are 7 ways that a customer training Learning Management System (LMS) instills consumer confidence and why you should consider investing in new software to foster a positive rapport with your target demographic.

1. Maintains Full Transparency

Customers are more likely to go with a brand that conducts their business in the spotlight instead of the corporate shadows. A customer training Learning Management System helps you maintain full transparency. Consumers know what your products do, what your brand stands for, and what ownership benefits they can expect. They also understand what they must do to maintain the product over time. There aren’t any surprises down the road when they suddenly discover that upgrades are required or they need to replace certain parts.

2. Opens Up The Consumer Lines Of Communication

One of the overlooked advantages of investing in a customer training Learning Management System is being able to communicate with your base. They can provide feedback to help you continually fine-tune your product (or training program). Likewise, you can constantly keep them in the loop regarding new products or services, or even give them a sneak preview of new items before they launch. You can also incorporate surveys, questionnaires, and self-assessments to gather more actionable Big Data, such as what they’re looking for in your next product line or how you can improve your training strategy to make it more relevant or engaging based on consumer interests.

3. Gives Them Ongoing Support (Even After-purchase)

Customers don’t want to feel like they’re being left in the lurch after they make their purchase. After all, they’ve invested in your product (and your brand) over the competition. A customer training LMS gives them support after the fact so that they always have the assistance they need. For example, they can quickly access tutorials that help them master your product’s features or download the latest updates/upgrades, or view infographics that refresh their memory regarding the return policy or what’s included in their warranty.

4. Provides The Resources They Need To Upkeep Your Products

Along the same lines, a customer training system provides consumers with targeted product knowledge training resources so that they can get the most from your offerings, rather than leaving them to their own devices after they pay their hard-earned money. For instance, they can watch videos on how to make minor repairs or clean the product to extend its life. As a result, they are more confident about their purchase, knowing that there are resources that address DIY product upkeep.

5. Gives Them A More Personal Connection To Your Brand

One of the cornerstones of consumer confidence is their connection to your brand. Customer training solutions allow them to form a personal relationship with your company and its products, given that the platform facilitates communication and offers continual support. The secret is incorporating your branding (particularly its core message) to foster familiarity. The training makes them aware of who you are and the purpose behind your products or services.

6. Allows Customers To Interact With Fellow Users And Buyers

Another connection to consider when launching your customer training Learning Management System is peer-based interactions. In other words, how one customer can help another improve ownership benefits. Some may even become informal brand advocates who help spread the word about your company and its offerings. For example, incorporate a review system into your training program wherein customers can give honest opinions regarding past purchases. Or launch an online forum/message board that enables them to ask questions and use their expertise to assist others. Customers will be more confident with their purchase if they know it’s been tried and tested by other consumers. Not to mention, they can log in to your customer training LMS to participate in an active online community that offers valuable tips and tricks.

7. Offer Free Training Tools With No Strings Attached

For many customers, online training is a perk that nudges them into purchasing. For instance, your competitors may not offer online tutorials or demos. Thus, the customer opts for your product instead, assuming they’ll have ongoing support. You’re instilling consumer confidence because your organization offers these resources with no strings attached. The main goal isn’t to get them to buy additional products (not directly, anyway). In fact, the primary purpose is to build rapport and offer them the best customer experience. A free interactive guide that shows them how to log in to your productivity app or operate their device may not seem like much, but this free support tool could be the thing that brings in repeat business.


A customer training Learning Management System offers your consumers the targeted resources they need to make a well-informed buying decision. They can directly interact with your brand and fellow customers to maximize their ownership benefits. And the fact that it’s free speaks volumes about your dedication to consumer care. It may require an investment on your part, but offering customers ongoing support has the power to broaden your profit margin.

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