eLearning 101: How To Create The Perfect Curriculum For Your Company

eLearning 101: How To Create The Perfect Curriculum For Your Company
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Summary: How do you launch a custom-tailored training strategy for your remote workforce? Download this eBook for tips on how to design an engaging online training curriculum and find the best outsourcing partner for your program.

Creating A Wow-Worthy Online Training Curriculum For Your Company

You need to equip your team with practical skills and experiential knowledge, but what's the best approach? How do you train your remote workforce so that everyone can bridge gaps and contribute even more to your organization? It all starts with an online training curriculum that aligns with personal goals and company objectives. This eBook can help you determine if outsourcing is the right option and explores tips to develop a plan of action that gets rapid results.

eBook Release: eLearning 101: How To Create The Perfect Curriculum For Your Company
eBook Release
eLearning 101: How To Create The Perfect Curriculum For Your Company
Corporate training can be a significant expense. Should your organization look at offshoring to a custom tailored training program that utilizes eLearning?

How Custom-Tailored Solutions Maximize L&D Impact

Building an online training curriculum that stands the test of time is no easy feat. However, personalized learning paths and JIT support resources maximize ROI and employee engagement. Here are a few reasons why tailored training solutions are always the best bet, regardless of your staff size or desired outcomes.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Well-informed and skilled staffers who receive ongoing support are more likely to stay with your organization instead of going astray. Tailored training solutions impart the essentials and even offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Employees have the power to pursue personalized learning paths and pick-and-choose resources that resonate with them and their work-related goals. As a result, you reduce recruitment and new hire training costs because top talent is in it for the long haul.

Support Leadership

The benefits for team leaders are two-fold. Firstly, they have access to valuable development tools to cultivate their own talents and areas of expertise. They're also able to provide one-on-one support to subordinates thanks to their online training certifications. Secondly, their employees are better equipped to handle on-the-job challenges instead of relying solely on management. In other words, leaders don't burn out from constant questions and problem-solving since workers can resolve minor issues on their own.

Identify Rising Stars

A custom-tailored online training curriculum gives you the chance to identify top performers and hidden talent. For example, you can identify existing skill or performance gaps then mend them with personalized resources or microlearning activities. Likewise, you're able to launch certifications to test their core competencies and uncover potential leaders within your company. Assessments, simulations, and scenarios are just a few ways to evaluate their hidden talents.

Build A Stronger Team Dynamic

Remote employees often feel disconnected because they lack on-site comradery and peer support. But online training curriculum brings them together and facilitates immediate feedback. For instance, they collaborate on group projects or participate in gamified training experiences. They may be telecommuting but L&D allows them to share insights and experiences from anywhere in the world.

About This eBook

This all-in-one guide can help you master the outsourcing essentials, as well as develop an online training curriculum that targets organizational pain points. Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find inside:

  • In-House Vs. Outsourcing: 3 Reasons Why Tailored Training Makes Financial Sense
  • Learning That Lasts: How to Choose The Best Curriculum Development Approach To Maximize Longevity
  • How To Create A Training Curriculum In 3 Stress-Free Steps (Even When Outsourcing)
  • Changing Corporate Cultures Ain’t Easy: How To Overcome eLearning Challenges And Get Stakeholder Buy-In
  • Custom Learning Designs: 4 Traits Of A Successful Course Development Project
  • The Fundamentals Of Feedback: 5 Secrets To Streamline Your Training Evaluation Process And Measure ROI
  • 3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Learner Analysis To Find The Most Effective Learning Methods
  • 3 Instructional Design Trends That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Is Outsourcing Your Online Training Curriculum The Right Choice?

Download the eBook eLearning 101: How To Create The Perfect Curriculum For Your Company to explore the perks of outsourcing and uncover tips on choosing the best custom-tailored solutions for your company. It's a must-read for companies that are weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing and want to learn more about curriculum design from industry experts.