7 Free Vendor-Provided Resources You Can Use In Your Product Knowledge Online Training Course

7 Free Vendor-Provided Resources You Can Use In Your Product Knowledge Online Training Course
Summary: You may be overlooking a valuable training resource that can cut L&D costs and move up your course launch date. In this article, I share 7 free vendor-provided resources that are a perfect fit for product knowledge online training.

7 Resources For Product Knowledge Training

Pitching products isn’t an exact science. Employees must find their own approach to clinch the deal and keep customers coming back for more. This involves sales techniques, skills, and experience. However, there is one thing that all successful salespeople have in common…they know their stuff. They understand how the product works, what it can do, and who it’s for. Is there a way to give them all the info they require without multiplying your sales online training budget? Manufacturers and suppliers may have just what you need to educate your team and broaden those profit margins. Here are 7 vendor-provided resources you can use in your product knowledge online training.

1. Demo Videos

Most vendors have demo videos on how to use the product and why it stands out from others on the market. Your employees use these demos to make their sales pitches more visual and engaging. For example, showcase the product for customers and explain how easy it is to upkeep. They can even let clients watch the demo video for themselves since it’s already a neatly packaged promotion tool. Just make sure you have permission to use the video and that you give credit to the vendor.

2. Product Infographics

Companies have been using infographics for years to market their products to the masses. They post them on social media pages and blogs in the hopes of going viral. Incorporate them into your product knowledge online training course as knowledge refreshers. Employees access the graphics before a client meeting to recap the product’s features and benefits of ownership. Or to quickly absorb interesting stats or figures that prove its efficacy. Such as the number of people who’ve already purchased the product this year or the satisfaction rating.

3. Troubleshooting Guides

Employees need to know how to handle common issues, even if they won’t be around when things get messy. They must be able to pass on troubleshooting tips to customers and keep them happy. Look for troubleshooting guides in the vendor training resources library. Employees can briefly explain how to avoid mistakes and extend the life of the product during the sale. And customers appreciate the fact that your staff goes the extra mile and are less likely to return the item. Because they can handle the problem themselves instead of bringing it back.

4. Online Forums

Online forums may not be designed for product knowledge training, but they’re still a great source of information for your team. Customers usually turn to forums when they run into a problem and need help or wish to voice their concerns. This means that your employees can glimpse into the minds of consumers and evaluate their thought process. What selling points made them purchase the product and why are they dissatisfied. Is it simply because their salesperson didn’t include instructions or creative ways to use the product? Another place to check is their social media page or blog. Sometimes you’ll find tidbits of information in the comments section you can incorporate into your content.

5. Setup Guides

Sales online training isn’t just about the pitch or building soft skills. Employees must also understand how to prep the item for use and maximize functionality. Virtually every vendor includes a manual or guides for how to set up/install the product. Which gives your team the information they need to simplify the process for consumers. For example, quickly demonstrate how to install the app or assemble the device during the sale. Customers don’t have to spend a day trying to figure everything out, which usually leads to repeat business.

6. Recorded Live Events

Product launches, CEO chats, and other live events are great assets for your product knowledge training course. They give trainees a feel for the brand and its message. As well as how to show the item in the most favorable light and tie it into consumers’ needs. For example, the product launch event explores who the product is for and add-ons you can offer to improve per-ticket totals. You can also invite employees to attend upcoming events to get in on the action. Such as asking questions in real-time to gather insights from the CEO. Vendors usually promote these webinars via social media, company websites, or sales pages.

7. Maintenance Tip Sheets

Proper maintenance means that customers get more from their investment. You may not make as much on replacement products, but they are more likely to return for other items. As well as accessories and service packages. Maintenance tip sheets are common vendor training resources because they understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Use them in your product knowledge online training program to keep consumers loyal to their brand and yours. For instance, the salesperson explains how to clean the item and when to replace certain components. That customer returns the following year to purchase another product in the line because they know you value CX. That you stand behind the product just as much as the manufacturer does.

Vendor training resources intended for consumers are still valuable additions to your product knowledge online training library. In fact, they give employees a different perspective of the product so they can zero in on consumer expectations and needs. For example, the selling points and benefits they focus on during the selection process. If the vendor doesn’t feature resources on their site, reach out to see if there are other platforms. They may post links in social media groups or the company’s YouTube channel. You just need to know where to look.

If vendors don’t have the resources you require, consider an eLearning content provider to save time and cut costs. Our directory features the leading outsourcing partners for product knowledge online training.