11 Hidden eBook Gems To Scare Away Your L&D Challenges

11 Hidden eBook Gems To Scare Away Your L&D Challenges
Summary: These hidden eLearning eBook gems are just what you need to brew up a potion for learner engagement and banish those wicked L&D pitfalls.

Spooktacular eLearning eBooks You Don't Want To Miss

L&D obstacles can be bone-chilling, especially if they hurt your ROI or employee retention stats. But have no fear, because this list of 11 eLearning eBooks will help you fend off the training horrors that go bump in the night and get your program back on track.

Quantifying The Value Of Customer Training By Strigo

Customer training has a significant influence on customer success, customer retention, and product usage. This eBook will help you target the key metrics that your organization's execs are tracking in order to show the influence and ROI of training.

Educators' Guide To Overcome Hybrid Learning Hurdles With The Right Virtual Learning Solution By Adobe Connect

This ultimate guide for educators is designed to help you overcome common hybrid learning challenges and find the best platform for your organization. It also explores how top-tier learning solutions stand apart from the rest and do away with traditional tools' limitations.

An L&D Manager's Mobile Learning Guide To Leverage Personalized Content For Skills Training By CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions

Mobile technology is affecting how we live, work, and learn. L&D leaders can no longer ignore mobile learning's potential for corporate learning. Uncover how you can utilize mobile learning for skills training.

Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact By ATD

This eBook investigates key questions around virtual classroom training to provide benchmarking data and highlight best practices. It draws upon a sample of talent development professionals from 434 organizations. Of these, 40% reported performing well across several key business areas and having talent development functions that made strong contributions to organizational performance.

VRoom: Getting Started With VR For Training By ELB Learning

Did you know that VR can get better results than traditional eLearning? From higher retention to improved muscle memory, there are dozens of reasons to embrace VR. If you're ready to try it, this eLearning eBook guides you through each step and element.

The Learning Culture Officer By Curious Lion

It's time to elevate the role of the L&D professional to a new role we call the Learning Culture Officer (LCO). As the LCO in your organization, you can help your company achieve tremendous success whilst ensuring a seat at the table for L&D.

5 Strategic Imperatives For High-Growth Learning Businesses By Thought Industries

After months of interviews with training and learning businesses, documenting their wisdom, and learning from their mistakes, what we found surprised us. This eBook covers the 5 top imperatives we learned from successful training organizations.

DEI&B Education For Employees By ATD

ATD surveyed talent development professionals from 392 organizations. This research uses statistical analysis to identify diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging education practices and policies linked to better DEI&B outcomes. It also provides key benchmarking data to help readers understand how other organizations are implementing and supporting their DEI&B education initiatives.

Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour By Harbinger Interactive Learning

Organizations are now embracing digital transformation and remote learning in their L&D departments by shifting from ILT to VILT. Before implementing the digital transformation steps and using the solution levers, assessing maturity and readiness is important.

Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies By UpsideLMS

With remote working and learning becoming a norm, L&D had to reinvent itself to cater to modern learners. This eLearning eBook offers comprehensive insights on how L&D can nurture the needs of such learners while ensuring engagement.

Engage Virtual Workers With A Culture Of Learning By D2L

Companies need to tackle remote work issues like effective collaboration and access to resources. This eBook looks at three challenges that can accompany remote work and steps every organization can take to help build a vibrant culture of learning.

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