Top 20 eBooks Widely Recognized By eLearning Industry’s Online Learning Community

Top 20 eBooks Widely Recognized By eLearning Industry’s Online Learning Community
Summary: Inspiring eLearning Professionals is what eLearning Industry does best. Feel free to bookmark our top-performing eBooks list and get different perspectives on how to improve your L&D processes!

Our Top eBooks On eLearning And Why You Should Read Them

What a year it’s been for eLearning Industry when it comes to offering top eBooks to our audience. As we move forward, technology is taking over every aspect of our daily work, and that’s more than fine. Decades ago, we could only wonder what any team could accomplish with the help of high-tech inventions. Now, all our dreams come to life by leveraging technology to design engaging training programs and online courses. How? By using intuitive eLearning tools to create unforgettable learning experiences in every field possible.

Writing high-quality eBooks needs effort, patience, and expertise. It is not just about selecting a trending eBook topic in eLearning. Defining what interests the eLearning audience is key to success. The best advice I can give you—if you’re looking to write one of the top eBooks— is to help your readers deal with particular issues. Answer their questions by addressing their problems from an expert’s point of view. Mean it. Valuable content is all the eLearning community thrives for. The above is what helped these top eBooks enter our best performing list in the first place.

The top eBooks that I’m going to present to you not only got the most downloads. They also had great shareability and views among the eLearning community. These eBooks dealt with topics that piqued the interest of our audience. They gave answers and analyzed best practices on specific trending matters.

What Are The Top eBook Topics For eLearning Professionals?

Technologies like AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence are starting to get more attention than ever. Immersive learning, apart from being fascinating, seems to be bringing solutions to the eLearning community. Personalized learning and social learning keep gaining ground gradually. Mobile learning is the ideal solution for most of us who are on the go. Custom eLearning is the constant variable you can’t do without. But what’s the best solution for your training needs?

eLearning Industry’s audience attracts more than 647,000 eLearning decision-makers and influencers each year. These eLearning professionals work in several fields. While some have their focus on Instructional Design, others are highly respected training managers or HR professionals. All of them seek the best solutions for their needs. It all comes to developing skills and creating effective training programs without breaking the bank.

No matter if you design training courses for employee training or want to facilitate higher education, one thing is sure. These eLearning courses need to follow the trends, not only to keep learners’ engagement high but also to prove that they are a good investment.

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What Makes Top eBooks Stand Out From The Rest In eLearning Industry’s Community?

Any training manager’s primary goal is to design effective training plans. It is not only about the idea. The execution matters a lot. It would be best if you had the right tools to implement successful training. eLearning solutions like LMSs, authoring tools, and other eLearning tools can assist trainers in creating memorable experiences.

The following top eBooks offer insights to all eLearning professionals who care about the future of eLearning. Each eBook focuses on giving answers to several topics that interest the eLearning audience (especially Instructional Designers, training managers, etc.). How? By sharing best practices, eLearning tips, analyzing features depending on your training needs, and more. Without further ado, here are the top eBooks on eLearning Industry for 2019. Happy reading!

1. Life Cycle Of High-Potential Employees: Drive Leadership Through A Culture Of Continuous Learning

Leadership development is one of the most critical concerns of any successful training manager. In this eBook, Infopro highlights the importance of how robust training programs can facilitate in retaining and developing top talent. You'll get all the right insights, strategies, and best practices on how to deal with your high-potential employees effectively. You'll learn all about using an agile approach and how executive coaching can bring engagement into your leaders' mindset.

Top eBooks like this are a great go-to guide for training managers. They can help you define your top talents' demands by understanding personality traits. Thus, you'll end up creating better leaders. Encouraging personalized development is key to boosting your top talents' confidence. In return, besides personal development for your top-performing employees, it will lead to business growth in the long run.

By Infopro Learning

2. eLearning Trends In 2019 - Your Guide To Enhance, Measure, Maximize The Impact And Returns On Your Learning Strategies In 2019

Following eLearning trends is vital to create effective learning programs. Being in the know will help you create better learning experiences. As a result, you'll get higher performances from your learners. In EI Design's eBook, you'll find out how to utilize mobile learning and bring engaging training to your learners anytime, anywhere.

You'll explore how training has changed and why most employee training programs now focus on VILT and blending learning. You'll get all the heads up on which performance support tools you can implement to improve your training. Leverage the tips of this eBook to bring effective behavioral change to your business. Discover learning strategies that work and how you can use them to deliver impactful online training with high engagement. Explore every edge of proven strategies.

From microlearning to gamification, video-based learning to immersive learning, and User-Generated Content to personalized learning. This eBook will help you decide what's the best type of training for your business needs. It will also provide insights for choosing the best solution focusing on good ROI.

By EI Design

3. LMS Project Toolkit

Choosing an LMS is challenging. Having to transition to another learning platform is even harder. Learning software dissatisfaction is a huge burden for most L&D teams. We've all faced this issue. If you're looking for a complete guide to learning platforms, well, this is it. No matter if you have experience with LMSs or if you need to upgrade to a more agile learning solution, Docebo's eBook can help you set your objectives.

The LMS Project Toolkit will give answers to several issues that might have made your LMS decision difficult. This eBook shares insights about the benefits of learning platforms and how you can leverage them to improve employee training. It will help you define your objectives and decide what LMS features are vital for your training needs.

These tips will ensure that you create an LMS investment plan that won't break the bank. After reading this information, you'll be able to evaluate prospective LMS vendors quickly. What's more, you'll be able to show your senior executives why an LMS investment is value for money. A definitive guide you'd want to read if you're building your LMS business case.

By Docebo

4. Top Emerging Technology Trends And Their Impact On L&D

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, effective eLearning is all about following the current trends. SweetRush’s eBook gives a clear perspective on the emerging tech trends that shape the future of employee training. This eBook invites L&D professionals to explore what Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality can offer. A whole new world, full of immersive experiences opens up in front of your eyes.

But which of these is the perfect eLearning tool for your business? It all comes down to your objectives, your business needs, and how your learners like to learn. For example, AR/VR training can find significant application in several industries. Some of them are retail, tourism, and classroom education. You can also use it effectively in industries like restoration & preservation, design, and modeling. Artificial Intelligence training can have an impact on business logistics as well as court service.

So, what do you need to consider before implementing immersive learning in your business? Start reading one of our top eBooks on eLearning trends to get the answers you seek.

By SweetRush

5. The Empowered Learner

Workplace learning has gone through severe changes in the past decade, all because of technology. Technology is a significant factor that keeps shaping and transforming the way we learn. By leveraging emerging tech, L&D teams can design user-centric learning programs. Employees are finally able to self-direct their learning experiences.

Modern learning environments have finally managed to facilitate training programs that have meaning. Is mobile learning a go-to solution for empowered learners? Absolutely. But what else is there? Looop’s eBook takes a shot at analyzing what shapes the modern learning environment. L&D will never be the same after technology has taken over our lives.

The above doesn’t mean L&D has to stay in the past. By reading this eBook, you’ll be able to understand today’s empowered learners. Do you want to exploit technology to create more engaging courses? Download this eBook and the empowered users’ habits, preferences, and motivations to improve business performance.

By Looop

6. Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development

Chief learning officers and learning managers have adopted blended learning with flying colors. This acceptance has lead to blending learning becoming a rising trend in eLearning. Such a training method gives you the chance to break down traditional learning. How? By helping you tailor personalized learning experiences with a mix of resources.

However, implementing blending learning for corporate training is not an easy mission. There are several pitfalls you need to avoid before switching to this type of corporate learning. In this eBook edition, Obsidian Learning attempts to show eLearning professionals the benefits of working with blended learning.

Download this eBook and understand the best practices of creating valuable blending learning courses. Explore exciting ways on how to design courses based on blended learning. Unveil which steps can lead your L&D team to choose the right eLearning solutions. Everything you need from budgeting to evaluating and managing eLearning programs is in this guide.

By Obsidian Learning

7. eLearning Design And The 'Right' Brain

Have you ever read about cognitive psychology? If the answer is yes, CommLab’s eBook approach will appeal to you. After all, who hasn’t wondered how the right and left brain work?

Being right-brain or left-brain dominant gives learners different capabilities when it comes to how they process information. The different hemispheres of the brain help learners form a particular style of thinking. In this attempt, CommLab will help you understand how you can design great eLearning courses by taking advantage of how the right brain works.

By making adjustments to your learning methods based on right-brain thinking, you’ll create engaging training courses. When you focus more on intuitive reasoning and creativity, learning becomes a fascinating process. The above will lead right-brain learners to invest more in the learning process.

By focusing on eLearning design and how the right brain works, Instructional Designers and L&D teams can enhance their training methods. In this top eBook, you’ll discover how the six senses affect the right brain. This knowledge will give you the power to transform eLearning experiences. Plus, it will help you improve the way learners process information.

By CommLab India

8. Best Practices For Impactful Training

Building award-winning training courses needs experience. What if you are new at creating training courses? What if you have great Instructional Design ideas, but you don't seem to be able to implement them wisely? In this eBook, AllenComm shares which steps you should follow to create impactful training courses. Do you have a multigenerational workforce? One more reason to read it, since they share extra tips on that.

Accessible learning is vital, so the more flexibility your eLearning courses have, the better. For a successful training strategy, you'll have to include several types of training. This eBook will show you the best practices for designing impactful eLearning courses. It will also share tips on how to understand and assess your learners. Plus, it will provide you with tips on how to measure the results of your training.

Explore how a combination of microlearning and gamification can make your eLearning courses more engaging. When it comes to company training, implementing mobile learning, or converting your existing training material to mobile format can bring results. Do you want to learn more about why you need to incorporate mobile learning into your training strategy? Go ahead and download the eBook.

By AllenComm

9. Trainer's Guide To Designing Next Level Learning

Some would argue that an Instructional Designer is the “Jack of all trades” when it comes to corporate training. Instructional Design is a profession that has evolved over the years. Technology has added a lot to that by bringing limitless growth with the use of new tools. But, what’s the ID of a successful Instructional Designer? They are an essential factor that can make or break a company’s talent development.

Instructional Designers have to deal with will challenging tasks since they need to create learning materials effectively. At the same time, they need to keep learners’ engagement high. To bring corporate training to the next level, Instructional Designers have to put their learners’ needs first. No matter the type of organization or the location of your base, you need to improve continuously in this profession.

This eBook by ATD will give you valuable insights on how to improve your skillset to create compelling learning experiences. ATD shares tips on why reviews are essential to the ADDIE model. They also analyze Subject Matter Experts reviews. Finally, you’ll learn how to evaluate your training courses by using surveys and getting constructive feedback from your peers.

By ATD Association for Talent Development

10. Providing An Amazing Custom eLearning Solution For Corporate Training

If there is one thing that always works miracles in corporate training, that’s custom eLearning. An effective custom eLearning solution needs to provide a learning experience that is in alignment with your company culture. It is also essential that you provide engaging and relevant training material to your learners.

First things first, you need to focus on strategic planning. Any good L&D manager knows that learners and their needs are what defines a corporate training strategy. By investing in a custom eLearning solution, you can get the right training material tailored to your needs.

This eBook highlights the importance of dealing with complicated eLearning projects by helping you simplify the development process. You’ll find excellent tips on what you need to consider before starting your next eLearning project. Also, you’ll learn what makes a custom eLearning solution superb. Inno-Versity will show you how to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

Great custom eLearning courses should be engaging and memorable. To accomplish this, you need good design and implementation. By reading these tips, you’ll understand how to create more complex learning experiences. This eBook will also give you insights on what types of training might work best for your workforce.

By Inno-Versity

11. Establishing A Learner-First Training Model

Your company's learning goals should be in alignment with your employee skills development. The above will define the learning pathways your learners should take. It will also show you which eLearning tools you'll need to share with them.

When designing your employee training strategy, there is an evident need to establish a learner-first approach. By keeping the prior focus of your training on your learners, you empower them. Also, you prepare the ground to bring effective results after training evaluation. Read this eBook to explore how optimizing learners' experiences can improve your training process.

Coassemble shares with you the best tips on how to conduct online training via a Learning Management System (LMS). They share all the advantages of an LMS solution for both L&D teams and learners. What's more, you'll get the right guidance to choose the perfect setup and tools to optimize and facilitate your learning process.

By Coassemble Pty Ltd.

12. Developing Custom eLearning That Results In Efficient Corporate Training Delivery

Do you find it difficult to move forward with your custom eLearning development plans? Then this eBook is for you. Find out what you need to consider before developing your custom eLearning content. Discover the most common issues and how to avoid them.

Read this eBook to understand why it is essential to design learning experiences that focus on the learners. If you're aiming to improve performance and efficiency to achieve enterprise growth, this is a great guide. You'll understand how to enhance your Learning and Development vision. You'll also learn how to leverage custom eLearning to create a compelling training mix. Explore how you can get the most out of your workforce by opting for custom eLearning.

Learn all there is to know about custom eLearning trends that can enhance your L&D strategy. Most importantly, find the ideal trends you need to adopt in your training plan. Aims Digital manages to analyze important Instructional Design principles. It will surely give you ideas on which principles you can incorporate according to your business needs—always have in mind how you can achieve higher learner engagement.

As you must have realized by now, custom eLearning is a hot topic among the eLearning community. This eBook deals with the challenges of developing custom eLearning for corporations. It aims to clear the air by discussing the complexities that come up during implementation. It analyzes the importance of planning and designing useful learning material by focusing on a learner-centric strategy.

By Aims Digital

13. Transforming Employee Onboarding With An Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution

Did you know that VR is one of the best practices when it comes to onboarding? Virtual Reality training as an eLearning solution can solve several issues for major corporations. By creating innovative learning experiences, training managers can achieve higher employee engagement and retention.

Do you want to explore if and how VR has an application in your industry? If yes, this eBook is for you! VR training is not only fun, but it is also a value for money tool. With VR, L&D managers can provide hands-on training, even for the most demanding tasks. The applications of  VR training are endless.

You can apply VR from employee onboarding to technical training. Immersive learning solutions like VR have also shown good results in sales training. Learn how you can leverage VR to create engaging life-like scenarios. Take advantage of VR to improve sales pitches and customer support by analyzing behavioral data.

In this eBook, Designing Digitally shares all the critical steps to creating efficient VR training for your corporation. You'll find out what you need to consider before implementing VR training for your business. For example, fire safety, mining, healthcare, and aviation have a lot to gain from this technology.

By Designing Digitally

14. 7 Better Learning Principles For Custom eLearning

Are you looking to convince stakeholders that you need to create interactive learning experiences based on learners' performances? Search no more. This eBook will help you build a case on why it's in your organization's best interest to produce eLearning that focuses on this approach.

By reading this eBook, any L&D professional will have a better understanding of how to design better learning strategies. Cinecraft Productions presents the learning principles that can lead to designing authentic custom eLearning experiences. You'll also learn how to leverage cognitive eLearning to create training material with a significant impact.

These actionable principles will help your L&D team reach a timely custom eLearning solution. You'll get the best practices on how to design efficient eLearning courses. Of course, the best way to achieve this is by developing fun learning experiences. After reading this eBook, L&D managers will be able to make an impact on learners.

By Cinecraft Productions

15. How To Accelerate Employee Training And Development: The Essential Guide

There is no denial about the importance of training and development for the corporate environment. LearnUpon shares insights on how to positively impact your business with an LMS. Every growing organization needs a tool that offers robust employee training management features. Explore how leveraging a user-friendly LMS can assist your training efforts.

Either you are looking for employee retention or overall performance, you'll have better chances to make it happen with an LMS implementation. Find all there is about doing onboarding optimization the right way. Learn how to create engaging courses for your employees quickly and effectively.

Find out the best practices and steps you need to follow for the implementation of a successful employee training program. Read expert tips on having clear objectives. Also, learn how to set up SMART employee development goals. All in the name of increasing productivity. After reading this essential guide, you'll be able to choose the best LMS software for corporate employee training.

Most training managers can't decide if they need a cloud or self-hosted LMS tool. This eBook will provide you the right guidance to help you decide which LMS solution is right for your needs, from what features you'll need to which are the best practices to automate your employee training and development. You'll find it all here! Plus, you'll learn how using the Kirkpatrick Model can help measure and analyze ROI on your employee training program.

By LearnUpon

16. How To Leverage A Mobile Learning Strategy To Increase Learner Engagement

Smartphones have been ruling our lives for the past decade. Why not take advantage of this by creating more compelling eLearning courses? After all, the main goal of L&D is to keep learners' engagement high. Thus, leveraging a mobile learning strategy to increase learner engagement is more critical than ever. This eBook will guide you through a fascinating journey. After reading it, any L&D manager will manage to design effective training strategies.

To help your company achieve success throughout the employee life cycle, you need to modernize learning. Mobile learning is ideal if you want to follow a user-driven approach in your training. Using a mobile learning strategy will help you get the most out of learning engagement.

There are several methods you can use to improve learning engagement in the workplace.

During this experience, you'll grasp how the combination of strategic microlearning and mobile learning can boost engagement. Getting employees to engage with their workplace training is not an easy task. By using the right tools and checking completion rates, you can evaluate your learners. In this eBook, Kallidus explains how you can assist the process of recruitment.

In this eBook, you can read all about the mobile trends of 2019. Find out which challenges you need to consider when designing your mobile learning strategy. Discover all the essential elements that lead to successful mobile training implementation. A complete guide like this can help any L&D manager create impactful training by leveraging microlearning and mobile tech.

By Kallidus

17. How Design Thinking Is Transforming The Learning Experience

L&D leaders are always in search of the best Instructional Design practices. This eBook is a complete guide on how to master and implement design thinking into your corporate training. By following the 5 phases of design thinking, Instructional Designers can create impactful learning. By applying this concept, any L&D team will satisfy its creative needs. The innovative results of this concept are what makes it so appealing to L&D professionals.

It is not easy to change a proven approach. Most of us tend to stick with a safe solution rather than looking for a new way that will improve processes. By getting to know a new methodology, it doesn't mean you'll have to abandon what you'd been using until now.

Every approach brings different values to the table, and that's fine. By reading this eBook you can dive into more detail. Even if your corporate training department uses a methodology like the ADDIE, you'll come to appreciate the value of design thinking.

The eBook analyzes how this methodology can help bring a climax to your training. It also delves into how the adaptation of this approach can increase the engagement rates of your corporate training programs. If you are an L&D professional who needs to drive innovation, design thinking is the methodology you should be learning more about.

This concept is a surefire way that can help transform the learning experience in your business. Is your training department looking to create meaningful learning experiences for employees? If the answer is yes, you should make it a priority to learn more about design thinking.

By Synapse

18. The Personalised Learning Guide

Nowadays, personalized learning is king in Learning and Development. By empowering learners, L&D managers can deliver training programs that impact employee performance. A learner-centric focus is a go-to solution if employee engagement is your main corporate training goal. Learning Pool's eBook can help you design an efficient training strategy based on that.

A perfect way to accomplish personalized learning is by using Artificial Intelligence to your advantage. This eBook explains what personalization of learning means for the role of L&D. To define the right strategy, your L&D team will need to follow best practices. Deploying the appropriate technological tools will make everyone's work easier. By reading this eBook, you'll understand how the combination of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and AI can lead to employee training success.

Personalization is all about your learners. It focuses on the learner's experience. Be part of the new L&D revolution by including personalized learning in your training strategy. Learn how the use of LXPs and AI can facilitate in improving your company's training processes. Explore all the benefits of LXPs. Also, discover how they can be a better tool when it comes to personalization and training evaluation.

Learning Pool makes the case of why modern workplaces need to use AI to enhance the learning experience. They lead the way to improved employee performance for any business. This eBook can help L&D managers find out all the challenges that might come up before implementing an LXP. It can also assist in avoiding them.

By Learning Pool

19. Creating An Impactful eLearning Localization Strategy: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals

More often than not, there is a misinterpretation of what differentiates localization from translation. This eBook will clear out any misconceptions. Apart from being an enormous boost for ROI, localization is a critical factor in enhancing company culture. Such an approach can increase the understanding of eLearning courses for all stakeholders.

L&D managers who choose to localize training material show that they care for their learners. Following an efficient localization strategy can help bring down cultural barriers. It facilitates in transforming eLearning. There is no doubt that localization can bring a significant Return On Investment. By reading this eBook, you'll get all the fundamental insights on implementing an eLearning localization strategy that works.

By opting for this approach, L&D teams can empower employees but also boost their engagement. Implementing an impactful eLearning localization strategy will help your workforce learn faster and easier. All employees will manage to comprehend your eLearning content. The above will lead them to master challenging projects with ease.

Localizing eLearning content for a global workforce is imperative. Global eLearning's guide will help you get a full grasp of the importance of a proper eLearning localization strategy. Download this eBook to get insider tips regarding localization tools, engagement techniques, investment costs and more. After this read, any L&D manager will be able to deliver a successful implementation of localized L&D content.

By Global eLearning

20. VILT: Why Virtual Class Readiness Matters For Your L&D Team

Are you wondering what might be the next big thing in L&D? Virtual classrooms are one of the most notable emerging trends in eLearning. Several EdTech platforms have started to notice that VILT is shaping the future. It is highly valued in the education industry. This makes the use of virtual classroom training more essential than ever. However, the benefits of using a virtual classroom environment might not be clear to all L&D professionals.

Such technology has an excellent application in other fields, like the coaching industry. Its implementation can also prove to be very effective in corporate training. It is not only about creating efficient training programs on a budget. If your workforce spreads around various geographical locations, you'll find that a virtual classroom can give your L&D team more flexibility.

This eBook offers great insights into why a virtual class environment might be the ideal solution to accomplish your training goals. After this read, you'll understand the value of virtual training. You will also explore how VILT works and which steps you should follow to implement it effectively. L&D managers who are looking for a cost-effective training solution tend to incorporate VILT into their strategy. If you are on a tight budget, you might as well adopt this approach.

However, before your L&D team makes the transition from in-person training to VILT, there are several pitfalls you need to avoid. ReadyTech's eBook can help you evaluate your company's virtual class readiness by answering all the right questions. Download this eBook to learn if your business is ready to implement VILT and how it can help your L&D achieve efficient training delivery.

By ReadyTech Corporation


All the L&D professionals who are members of eLearning Industry's community have a thirst for knowledge. They need to be up to date with the latest eLearning trends. But they also crave to be able to optimize and design better learning experiences by leveraging quality content. This is what we aim to do: share valuable best practices with our audience!