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June 26, 2016

Active Learning Networks: How To Improve Customer Service

In customer facing jobs, where everyday practice is related to customer satisfaction, brand admiration, customer loyalty, and other metrics, a major part of knowledge is informal and won’t be found in manuals. So, what can organizations do to make sure their customer service is always immaculate? Enter the active learning networks eLearning model.
by Elias Parlavantzas
June 25, 2016

“eLearning And Chill?” – How To Engage Modern Learners

In a world of smartphones, apps, gamers, and that dreaded term “Millennials”, how can Learning and Development keep up? With the average learner now having an attention span of eight seconds, the challenge is to find effective ways to be able to engage the audience. So, how can digital learning help solve this problem and engage modern learners?
by Nick Ramsay
June 24, 2016

4 Ways The 85 Percent Rule Can Benefit Corporate Training

The challenges of training a multigenerational workforce can be managed through the power of the 85 Percent Rule in training. Created by Kris Allshouse for law enforcement, this principle can turn your courses into collaborative, culture-building exercises that boost engagement and make all employees feel valued.
by Edgar Wilson
June 21, 2016

Why You Need To Use Your Learning Management System For Onboarding

Statistics show that a successful onboarding program is critical for company success. However, one third of companies do not have an official onboarding process. Here is how to use your Learning Management System for onboarding and why you need to download the Docebo report "Onboarding at the Speed of Growth" for actionable tips to build an employee onboarding strategy that scales.
by Kelsey Cochran
June 20, 2016

3 Critical Learning Consultancy Steps For Corporate Training

How can learning consultancy make the difference to the success of your corporate training? In this article, PulseLearning discusses the 3 critical steps learning consultants use to develop training roadmaps that allow organizations to improve, manage, and develop the skills within their workforce to support business goals.
by Ashley Casey
June 14, 2016

We Need A Workplace Performance Focus - Now

If you’ve been listening to organizational Learning and Development (L&D) chatter in the last few years, you’ve begun to hear more and more talk about “performance”. Vocal authorities in the Learning and Development field are recommending we avoid building traditional training courses just because someone asks for one in favor of looking for more holistic “workplace performance solutions”. What does looking for workplace performance solutions mean, exactly? Does it even make sense for people whose traditional mission has been to develop instruction to go outside of that mission? In this and follow-up articles, I’ll explain the types of analysis work that Learning and Development people can use to determine what is causing the types of problems that cause people to come to us saying “We need a course!”.
by Patti Shank, PhD