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August 16, 2017

6 Steps To Design Microlearning Activities That Facilitate Knowledge Retention In Online Training

eLearning professionals and eLearning companies worldwide are constantly looking for effective ways to make learning stick. It is well-proven by now that microlearning facilitates knowledge retention and that’s why modern eLearning courses are designed for short bursts of knowledge. In this article, I’ll present 6 steps to design microlearning activities that boost knowledge retention in your online training program.
by Erin Boettge
August 15, 2017

Free eBook: Complete Guide To MicroLearning And Learning Reinforcement

Online training nowadays is not only about conveying knowledge, but also about allowing online learners to retain it easily. BizLibrary designed the free eBook Complete Guide To MicroLearning And Learning Reinforcement intending to present Microlearning best practices that drive knowledge acquisition and retention levels to the top. In this article, I’ll present what BizLibrary’s free eBook has to offer.
by Christopher Pappas