How A Training Company Trains Its Employees

7 Tips On How To Train Your Employees
Summary: You’ve done your research and gone through every single tip online about how to train your employees effectively. You’ve read hundreds of blog posts and clicked links to find out how to create a staff training program. But what do the experts have to say about it?

7 Tips On How To Train Your Employees

Up until now, much ink has been spilled on how to effectively train employees. Usually, these articles are in the form of a case study. You take a company that has mastered employee training, ask about their procedures and techniques, and there you go: you have an employee training guide. But developing a staff training program is not that simple. To see how proper training should be delivered and what types of it will boost employee performance, turn to the real experts, one of the well-known LMS software companies that also invests a lot in training their own employees.

TalentLMS is among the well-known names in the eLearning market. The platform manages to offer first-rate online training services. At the same time, it keeps growing rapidly. But how do they do it? How can a company keep both customers and employees happy and engaged? For customers, it’s just a matter of communication and delivering a high-end product. For employees, it’s all about choosing the right employee training methods. So, here are 7 tips on how to train your employees. Directly from the experts.

1. Hiring The Right Team Members

It’s not only about training or the right training tools for employees. It’s also about picking the right people that you’re going to be training. When looking to hire, TalentLMS has set specific standards about what type of people should come onboard regarding the personality traits needed for each position. Eli Papatheodorou, Support Manager at TalentLMS says: "When we’re looking for Customer Happiness Specialists, we’re looking for people who really want to help others. This is something you’re born with." Starting with onboarding the right team members is crucial when creating a training strategy. And it’s one of the most important employee training tips. After all, not everyone is born with the knack for being trained or following company guidelines.

2. Realistic, Hands-On Training

When a new hire joins the company, they get a full onboarding experience including training on tools, company values, soft skills, on-the-job skills, etc. Someone could imagine that after their training phase has passed and they’ve acquired all the necessary knowledge, it’s time to implement it. Wrong. Because if you are looking for effective ways to train employees, you need to know that after training, it’s all about practice.

As a tech company, TalentLMS has a team of customer support and success representatives who know the product like the back of their hand. But to assure that they’ve reached the point where they can assist customers, their customer service training includes practice. So, what TalentLMS does is make sure that employees are ready to go by allowing them to practice with real-life scenarios—as if they were replying to a customer’s query. And they do that for quite a long time. After they’ve become familiar with how they’re supposed to work, new employees (that have completed their customer service team training) feel confident when they actually have to put their gained knowledge into action.

3. Extensive Product Training

Are you wondering how to train your employees? Start by following this golden rule: All employees need to know everything about how the product works and all the problems it can solve. It’s not just a matter of clarity. It’s also a matter of achieving engagement with the product. If employees know what objective their product serves, they automatically know its values, qualities, and importance. This can only be achieved by providing extensive product training—one of the most essential types of employee training.

Product training doesn’t only have to do with users and how they can use a tool in the best possible way. It’s also about training in the industry, the position your product has in the market, as well as what solutions it can provide compared to the competition. It might sound like a huge variety of training material for employees, but this is exactly what we call "extensive."

4. Training With An LMS

Being a powerful platform, TalentLMS has a competitive advantage: By using their own product, they leverage the power of eLearning, one of the best ways to train employees. So, the team creates online courses to introduce new hires to the company, explain how the industry works, provide information about procedures as well as equip employees with the skills needed for the job.

Making sure employees will take the training is only one of the benefits of online employee training. But online training also allows a business to keep track of their performance and have all the training they need in one place. It also helps the company examine what skills their workforce is missing and develop a plan accordingly. And this is not just based on a guide on how to train your employees by TalentLMS. This is according to every successful company that has added an LMS to their staff training program.

5. Compliance Training With A Twist

Leave the more original employee training ideas and tips on how to train your employees aside for a moment. It’s time to talk about compliance training. Compliance training is not a new concept. But, for some reason, compliance training has gained a lot of negative popularity, because many people find it boring and monotonous. And, to be completely honest, most of the time it is. But it should be a part of your employee training guide.

So, how does a company that has training running through its veins deliver the dullest type of training in a more interesting and engaging way? By shaking the ground compliance training is built on in the first place. At TalentLMS, compliance training is not delivered conventionally with employees going through huge blocks of text, rules, and long educational videos. To make it friendlier, more digestible, and fun, the team of TalentLMS practices compliance interactively with fun activities based on collaboration, open dialogue, and one-on-one tutoring. This way, compliance training gets more personal, less automatic, and TalentLMS employees get to actually learn something out of it and don’t just tick their training box.

6. Training For Teamwork

But training is not only about Customer Experience. It’s also one of the foundations employee experience and engagement are built on. For this reason, companies should go the extra mile when developing an employee training plan. They need to train employees on how to support and help each other. Again, take TalentLMS as an example. As a SaaS company, there are product updates all the time. Constant customer feedback is ongoing, and new tools are added every month or so. Employees, of course, have to stay in the loop.

To do so, TalentLMS has set up an internal training team that, in collaboration with the R&D department, schedule monthly meetings to train co-workers on new features, platform configurations, as well as fixes. Peer-to-peer training (maybe the best way to train employees) promotes teamwork and opens a new communication funnel in which all employees become trainers and mentors.

7. Training Forever

For TalentLMS, training never stops. New skills, tools, techniques, and ideas are added to the team (and by the team) all the time. For tech companies, no matter their size or industry, training should be everlasting and ever-evolving. To fully leverage the power of technology, TalentLMS uses its own mobile training application to make sure that training doesn’t intervene with their work lives. This way, employees are able to take their training whenever they can—even while commuting.


At the end of the day, all this inspiration on how to train your employees is just that—inspiration. There’s no need to copy others if their practices don’t suit your company’s needs or culture. But you can get inspired, see what else is out there, and then come up with your own employee training ideas to kickstart your own employee training strategy. And who knows? Maybe it will be your company’s staff training that will be an example for others next!

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