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Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas is founder of The eLearning Industry's Network. Currently, the eLearning Industry has a network of more than 75,000 professionals involved in the eLearning Industry and runs the following…

Website URL: http://www.elearningindustry.com

Badrul H. Khan, Ph.D.

Badrul H. Khan, Ph.D. is a world-renowned speaker, author, educator and consultant in the field of e-learning and educational technology. Professor Khan has the credit of first coining the phrase…

Website URL: http://badrulkhan.com/

Andrei Hedstrom

Andrei Hedstrom brings vision, leadership, and his deep concern for people, community, and the Earth to his role as SweetRush’s chief executive officer. Andrei earned his master’s degree in counseling…

Website URL: http://www.sweetrush.com/

Cindy McCabe

Cindy McCabe brings a unique combination of high-level strategy, tactical hands-on development, and exceptional creativity to her dual roles as senior gamification/instructional designer and senior account/program manager for SweetRush. With…

Website URL: http://www.sweetrush.com

Tadej Stanic

Tadej is co-founder and CEO at Edynco – a tool for creating interactive Learning Maps. He is an enthusiast of learning technology and ever changing learning methods inside virtual environments.…

Website URL: http://www.edynco.com/en/

Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis is SweetRush’s Instructional Design Team Leader. Her deep experience as an instructional designer in various capacities (in-house corporate, vendor, freelance) means she truly understands the needs of our…

Website URL: http://www.sweetrush.com

Kerri Simmons

With a master’s degree in instructional design, Kerri brings a strong background in adult learning, solution design and development, learning management systems, project management, vendor relations, performance management, learning programs,…

Website URL: http://www.sweetrush.com/

Navleen Kaur

Navleen Kaur is Social Media Creativity Pioneer and Blogger for WizIQ.com For more insightful articles, see Navleen’s blog at WizIQ.com

Website URL: http://www.wiziq.com

Misha Milshtein

Misha Milshtein, SweetRush’s Director of Engineering, brings organization, guidance, and vision to his technical team and the solutions SweetRush create for clients. With calm consideration and highly developed skills in…

Website URL: http://www.sweetrush.com

Erin Krebs

As SweetRush’s Solution Architect, Erin Krebs is known for her ability to work with clients to capture both the big picture and the details, and to craft innovative solutions that…

Website URL: http://www.sweetrush.com

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell is the President/CEO of 4MAT 4Business®, a global learning and leadership development company. She is recognized as one of the Top 40 trainers, consultants and learning designers in…

Website URL: http://www.4mat4business.com/

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Bob Little

For over 20 years, Bob Little has specialized in writing about, and commentating on, corporate learning – especially e-learning – and technology-related subjects. His work has been published in the…

Website URL: http://www.boblittlepr.com/

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Marc Niemes

Marc Niemes has been involved with a myriad of organizations in the internet space over the last 15 years. Marc Niemes is Director of Market Development for PulseLearning Australasia along…

Website URL: http://www.pulselearning.com/

Brother Shawn

I’m Shawn the co-founder of eLearning Brothers. Along with my brother, we create awesome eLearning stuff. Specializing in eLearning Templates, games, page layouts, cutout people pictures, interactions, quizzes and much…

Website URL: http://elearningbrothers.com/

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Christie Wroten

Christie Wroten is a Marketing Assistant at Trivantis Corporation, where she writes blogs and other marketing materials for Lectora. She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a bachelor's degree in…

Website URL: http://lectora.com/

Ravi Pratap Singh

Ravi Pratap Singh is Co-Founder at Learnnovators.Over the past two decades, Ravi has built and managed ‘learning’ businesses in nearly 40 countries. His experience spans sales, marketing, strategy, management, operations,…

Website URL: http://learnnovators.com/

Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner is Technical Director at ICF International. He leads the Online Learning Technical Team in the Center for Advanced Learning and Simulation group. His responsibilities include for evangelizing new…

Website URL: http://www.icfi.com

Tracey M. Flynn

Tracey M. Flynn is the principal of Performetrics, the author of two books on certification and a blogger on the topic of certification. She has twenty years experience in the…

Website URL: http://www.performetrics.biz/

Greg Morton

Greg Morton is a Corporate Strategy & Growth Development Specialist and CEO of Palo Alto, CA based, SkillBeagle. With years of experience within the HR outsourcing and Learning Development space,…

Website URL: http://www.skillbeagle.com

Karen Fields

Focused on the learning aspects of organizational, process and technology change, Karen Fields, owner of Learning-Dynamics, LLC, has over 20 years of experience in training development―spanning multiple industries. She is…

Website URL: http://learning-dynamics.com/

IJ Morris

IJ Morris is a seasoned turnaround consultant and business owner for over 35 years. Her current Mission as a Virtual World enthusiast, is to continue to discover benefits to help…

Website URL: http://www.virtualworldproductions.com/

Steve Lowenthal

Steve is Kineo's U.S. CEO and is responsible for the overall management of Kineo US. Steve is passionate about learning design and understands that companies begin and end with the…

Website URL: http://www.kineo.com/

Mayra Aixa Villar

Mayra Aixa Villar is an instructional designer and a freelance consultant who helps companies design, implement and evaluate mLearning and eLearning solutions. She has recently completed her M.A. program in…

Website URL: http://mayraixavillar.wordpress.com/

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Aaron E. Silvers

Aaron Silvers is a designer, technologist and strategist with a deep passion to help people become better neighbors and citizens. As a leader, he delivers on visionary ideas that continually…

Website URL: http://aaronsilvers.com/

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Kristen Marshall

Kristen Marshall is a Marketing Assistant at Trivantis Corporation. She actively writes blogs for Lectora.com as well as manages the social media sites for the brand. Kristen graduated from Bowling…

Website URL: http://lectora.com/

Valentina Piccioli

Valentina Piccioli is Docebo’s E-Learning Analyst has helped and supported many of the Docebo’s customers. Topics have included E-Learning, cloud-based solution deployment, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to build integrated learning…

Website URL: http://www.docebo.com/

Jan Felton

Jan Felton is an educator, blogger and passionate about online education. He is a zealous writer about topics related to education.

Website URL: http://ukdistancelearning.co.uk/

Kate Cornelius

Kate Cornelius is an online marketing intern at OpenSesame, the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh last year with a…

Website URL: http://www.opensesame.com

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Cammy Bean

An e-learning veteran since the mid-90s, Cammy has worked in a wide range of industries, from financial services to retail and manufacturing. She has played the role of instructional designer,…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/company/kineo

Dale Olsen

Dr. Dale E. Olsen is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SIMmersion LLC, a Columbia, MD based training company. Dr. Olsen leads the business development team as well…

Website URL: http://www.simmersion.com/

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Richard Jones

Richard Jones lives and works as an eLearning Consultant in New Zealand. He has been using Moodle since 2004 and has developed online courses and workshops for teachers of Computer…

Website URL: http://richardnz.net/

Elisabeth Arellano

Elisabeth Arellano is the Marketing Communications Manager at Allen Communication. She has a bachelor’s degree in both Marketing and International Business from Utah State University.

Website URL: http://www.allencomm.com

Ryan Tracey

Ryan Tracey is an E-Learning Manager in the financial services industry, an Advisory Board Member for eLearn Magazine, and a Review Panellist for the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching…

Website URL: http://ryan2point0.wordpress.com

Meghan Young

Highly skilled professional with over 20 years as a corporate consultant and service provider. Meghan has a broad range of client solutions for leadership development including corporate and academic institutions,…

Website URL: http://www.kineo.com/

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore is a Toronto-based learning consultant with Uncanny Owl. With 10 years of e-learning experience and a Master’s in Learning and Technology, Ryan helps businesses improve their capabilities and…

Website URL: http://www.uncannyowl.com/

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Ron Leunissen

Ron Leunissen, MSc med. BSc psych. works as a senior policy advisor in an university medical center in The Netherlands. He has got over 20 years experience with developing medical…

Website URL: http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/ron-leunissen/16/b74/51

Caroline Greener

Caroline Greener is an Audience Engagement Specialist who for the past 8 years has supported a range of organizations in understanding, reaching, engaging and retaining audiences. Indigo Multimedia is an…

Website URL: http://www.indigomultimedia.com/

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Megan Bowe

Megan Bowe is a designer and strategist with a history of working with learning-technology startups. Championing data-driven design, Megan focuses on projects that require a systems thinking perspective to bring…

Website URL: http://tincanapi.com

Ken Taggart

Ken Taggart is a successful Internet entrepreneur, Crowd Sourcing advocate & EduTech trailblazer. Following the sale of his first business in 2007 Ken now runs Chatty Kidz (an innovative EduTech…

Website URL: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/ken-taggart/0/5b1/3b1/

Ville Palola

I’m Ville Palola, the CEO of Movenote. I am a 32-year-old father and husband. I have been working in technology and communication for over 10 years in various advertising agencies,…

Website URL: http://www.movenote.com/

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Kyle O'Brien

Kyle O’Brien is the Community Manager for ej4, a performance improvement company dedicated to helping change employee behaviors through custom eLearning, off-the-shelf courses and other tools ready to raise engagement…

Website URL: http://www.ej4.com

Michael Adams

Michael Adams is the marketing guy at QuizPoo, the fun and engaging way to assess student learning. Make your own quiz for free and share it with the world today!

Website URL: http://www.quizpoo.com/

Steven Boller

Steven Boller is the Marketing Director at Bottom-Line Performance Inc, a custom eLearning and game-based learning provider. He is the Editor of BLP’s Lessons on Learning Blog and Learning Game…

Website URL: http://www.bottomlineperformance.com/

Alan Bourne

Alan leads the development team at Sponge UK. Equally adept with Flash, HTML5, Articulate authoring tools and Lectora, he is responsible for the technical solutions of projects that work online…

Website URL: http://www.spongeuk.com/

Rosemary M. Lehman

Rosemary M. Lehman, Ph.D. is an author, online instructor, and consultant in the field of distance education and a partner in eInterface. She worked for 20 years for the University…

Website URL: http://www.rosemarylehman.me

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Matt Hart

Hi, my name is Matt Hart. I work in sales and marketing for Open Learn, an online learning solutions company out of Quincy Massachusetts. At Open Learn, we believe in…

Website URL: http://openlearn.tv/

Stephen Page Morse

Stephen Morse brings a range of experience to his current role as marketing and communications director for easyDITA, a fast-growing software start-up in Rochester, NY. He has previously worked as…

Website URL: http://easydita.com/

Stephanie Ivec

Stephanie Ivec is a Marketing Assistant at Trivantis Corporation, where she blogs about e-Learning and helpful Lectora tips and tricks. Stephanie graduated from Creighton University with a bachelor’s degree in…

Website URL: http://lectora.com

John Peebles

John Peebles is the CEO of Administrate, a SaaS training administration system built just for training providers. Administrate has helped hundreds of users around the world streamline their training administration…

Website URL: http://www.getadministrate.com/

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Sanjukta Mukherji

Sanjukta Mukherji is a Creative Writer at Foradian Technologies, Bangalore, India - world’s leading provider of enterprise software solutions for education institutions. She is a graduate in English Literature from…

Website URL: http://foradian.com/

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Matthew Guyan

I’m a passionate learning and development practitioner from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Currently employed as an Instructional Designer, developing and courses for online and classroom environments. I have a keen interest…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/matthew-guyan/29/794/7a1

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Kerrie Dunn

Kerrie is a Design Lead at Allen Communication and has over 10 years of experience in teaching, training, and curriculum development. Kerrie prides herself on being a life-long student, and…

Website URL: http://www.allencomm.com/

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Montoute Rosanna

Rosanna Montoute Learning Specialist – Educational Technologist My primary objective is to utilize my passion for learning, education and technology to assist an organization meet its strategic objectives. Concordia University…

Website URL: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/rosannam

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Eric Garner

Hi! I'm Eric Garner. I run ManageTrainLearn, the store for downloading management training materials, and My Learning Log, the most advanced online course and social learning site on the web.…

Website URL: http://mylearninglog.com

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Sean Lee

Nineteen years of experience developing and implementing traditional, blended, and web-based learning solutions by synthesizing highly complex concepts to generate straightforward, user-friendly, and result-driven learning approaches. Outstanding consultative abilities and…

Website URL: http://seanleeportfolio.com

Sameer Bhatia

Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of ProProfs.com which is a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. Through its eLearning authoring tools, ProProfs offers…

Website URL: http://www.proprofs.com/

Madhuri Dubey

Dr. Madhuri Dubey has been working in the field of e-learning for 15 years. She has managed several e-learning projects and handled various aspects of content design, development and delivery.…

Website URL: http://www.madhuridubey.com/

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Jana Jan

Jana Jan is a co-founder of Edlab – Edynco visual all-in-one learning platform. She has more than 10 years of experience in developing of pedagogical support and quality assurance in…

Website URL: http://www.edynco.com/en/

Abdulla Hisham

Abdulla Hisham is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Foradian Technologies, a Bangalore-based company that builds innovative web applications for education domain. Fedena, the flagship product of Foradian is an…

Website URL: http://www.fedena.com/

Lisa Barnes

Lisa Barnes is a professor who teaches at Distance Learning Schools in Florida and who would like to write blogs about Distance learning system. She has written several articles for…

Website URL: http://www.distancelearning.com/

Yann Teyssier

As founder and CEO of ITycom, Yann Teyssier established this company in order to support Innovative Training and Talent Management. He has honed his expertise in Information Technology and Project…

Website URL: http://www.itycom.com/en/

Jordan Barrish

Jordan Barrish is a Market Analyst for Capterra. She researches and writes about trends in a variety of software verticals, with a particular focus on learning management software. You can…

Website URL: http://www.capterra.com

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Dan Steer

Freelance learning consultant, trainer and speaker. I help people get better at stuff by creating and facilitating infinite learning opportunities. Come to my #ASTD2013 session #TU306 for practical ideas on…

Website URL: http://www.dansteer.wordpress.com

David Hilton

David Hilton is an instructional designer with a fascination for what makes learning work. He is completing a PhD in education with research interests in cognitive constructivism, elearning, history curriculum…

Website URL: http://about.me/davidhilton

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Jeff DeSurra

Jeff DeSurra is an instructional designer at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. He has worked in education for 6 years including work as an educator, teaching assistant, after school…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jeff-desurra/2a/520/a79

Kara Leyva

I am an eLearning Developer for an automotive company. I am currently using Articulate Storyline. I have a MA of education with emphasis in Instructional Design.

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/pub/kara-leyva/44/624/a83

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Panagiotis Zaharias, PhD

Main research interests are focused on User-Centred Design of Information Systems, Usability evaluation and User eXperience (UX) and technology-enhanced learning (asynchronous Learning applications, serious games and Virtual Worlds in education).…

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/pub/panagiotis-zaharias/0/bb6/a91

Poonam Jaypuriya

Senior General Manager - Program Management (Innovation and Products) Harbinger Knowledge Products

Website URL: http://www.raptivity.com

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Jessica Martello

Jessica Martello is an e-learning design and development enthusiast. She currently works in our nation’s capital for a government contractor, creating internal training documents by day. By night, she blogs…

Website URL:

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Ron Arnold

Ron Arnold, Ed.D. – Ron is a Detroit-based training manager with over 25 years of experience in instructional design and creating learning products of all descriptions. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronarnoldedd

Website URL: http://www.examiner.com/scooter-in-detroit/ron-arnold

David Holder

As a professional analyst focused on modeling business and system processes and data, David has more than 25 years experience in facilitating, managing, mentoring, and training others to execute state-of-the-art…

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-holder/6/551/894

Andrew Winner

Andrew Winner is an e-learning professional and occasional freelance sports journalist from Seattle, Washington. 

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewwinner

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Daryl Meissner

After more than ten years as a classroom facilitator and speaker within the technology sector, Daryl embraced distance learning modalities and began facilitating as many as 5 one-hour training modules…

Website URL: http://www.bannerhealth.com

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Parker Grant

Parker Grant is a Learning Designer at Learning Connects, LLC.Parker is an award-winning and visionary learning specialist with 21 years of creating adult learning solutions for corporate and business environments.…

Website URL: http://www.learningconnects.com

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Nick Murphy

Nick currently works as a marketing associate for a global leader in e-learning, Kineo. Loves uncovering and understanding the needs of organizations looking to implement e-learning and development and writing…

Website URL: http://www.kineo.com/us/

Jacopo Mauri

Natural born communicator. In love with everything related to writing & tech, with a huge expertise as freelance journalist (technologies and videogames-related topics). Experienced marketer, worked for big companies like…

Website URL: http://www.docebo.com/docebo-e-learning-blog/

L. Michelle Baker, PhD

Michelle Baker holds a PhD in English Language and Literature from the Catholic University of America. She is the founder of Corporate Writing Pro, a training company where the writer…

Website URL:

Joel Gardner, PhD

Dr. Joel Gardner currently serves as the Program Chair of the Instructional Design and Performance Technology Master’s Degree at Franklin University. He began his career as a corporate trainer for…

Website URL: http://joelleegardner.blogspot.com/

Branka Sarac

Branka Sarac currently work as an Assistant Dean at the Technology Integration Division at Language, Science & Technology Directorate, DLIFLC. She holds a B.A. in Linguistics and Literature from University…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/branka-sarac/4/778/962

Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer is a Sr. Solution Consultant with Kineo. He specializes in the strategy and design of learning, professional development, and learning management. As a director, policy advisor, professor, and consultant,…

Website URL: http://www.kineo.com/

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Mark Rollins

Owner E-TeachUK, founded in 2007, provider of affordable, rapid e-learning solutions for your business. Specializing in Moodle and Adobe Captivate. Nearly twenty years experience in F.E. and H.E. provision, past…

Website URL: http://e-teachuk.net/

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Tiha Baker

Tiha Baker is a creative and resourceful instructional design professional with over 10 years of e-learning experience and a Master’s in Educational Technology. Her diverse background includes instructional design, graphic…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tiha-baker/9/5b/69/

Thaleia Deniozou

Thaleia is a digital designer and a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her research areas include mobile learning, game-based learning and mobile game design. For her…

Website URL: http://thaleiaden.com/

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Michael Higley

Michael Higley has worked in public education for over 11 years. Currently serving as a middle school assistant principal in middle Tennessee, Michael has worked to improve education through technology…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-higley/77/2b6/aa

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Caitlin Nicholson

Caitlin Nicholson is an Account Executive at LinguaLinx, Inc., a full service translation and global marketing agency. She is a graduate of the University at Albany with a bachelor’s degree…

Website URL: http://lingualinx.com/

Ruben Daniel

Ruben Ugarte is the co-founder at Edukaans, a learning platform that allows organizations to easily deliver and sell educational video content online. He is also one of the main writers…

Website URL: http://www.edukaans.com/blog

Eric Skilling

Eric Skilling likes to make stuff. He's been doing so as long as he can remember -- which happens to be the 1990s when he was spending his extra time…

Website URL: http://vantagepath.com

Peter Condon

Peter Condon is a Learning Architect, Educationalist, Mentor and owner of The Online Learning Development Company. He specialises in guiding the development of social Learning spaces and developing quality Online…

Website URL: http://www.toldco.co.uk

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Dorothy Kropf

Dorothy Kropf is a Ph.D. candidate of Education, specializing in Educational Technology, with over 6 years in higher education. She served as an Admissions Counselor, Assistant Director of Admissions, Matriculation…

Website URL: http://millengen.org/wp1/

Kasper Spiro

Kasper Spiro has over 25 years of experience in the field of learning and user performance support. His learning experience ranges from teaching, authoring textbooks, designing and creating e-Learning, knowledge…

Website URL:

Aubryn Smith

I am an ONLINE Lecturer/ E-Tutor/ONLINE Facilitator/Course Coordinator with the University of the West Indies Open Campus Bachelor of Education [ONLINE] programme in the following Courses: MATHEMATICSContent EDME1001 Algebra EDME1002…

Website URL:

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Stephen Armstrong

Stephen is a professional writer as SolidEssay.com, which is a college paper writing service for students. 

Website URL: http://www.solidessay.com/

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Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop, PhD, is virtualwirks’ Practice Leader for Workforce Performance. He harnesses the power of emerging technologies to launch global training programs that improve employee, organizational and industry-wide success. Prior…

Website URL: http://virtualwirksbrian.blogspot.com/

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Scott Hewitt

Scott is an experienced e-learning director, designer, project manager and consultant. He has an interest in game based learning and has been involved in the creation of many game based…

Website URL: http://www.realprojects.co.uk

OEB News Team

Through its conferences, web portal and news service, OEB aspires to promote ICT-enhanced learning – wherever technology tools are practicable and offer real benefits over other educational instruments. The ultimate…

Website URL: http://www.online-educa.com/

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Tim Buff

Tim Buff is CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at CM Group, Tim is involved in business development, strategy and operations. Tim's role is to help people and companies design and…

Website URL: http://www.cm-group.co.uk/

Douglass Bourne

Douglass Bourne teaches face-2-face and online at a university in Alaska. He tries to stay abreast of teaching and technology while also living the Thoreauvian ideal--in a cabin in the…

Website URL: http://www.douglassbourne.com/

Peter Phillips

As Unicorn CEO, my role is to communicate the Unicorn values, drive innovation and growth, and help to make Unicorn a fun place to work. Check Unicorn's LinkedIn page.

Website URL: http://www.unicorntraining.com/

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Neelima Menon

Overall experience of 5 years as an Instructional Designer.

Website URL: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/neelima-menon/24/535/ab/

Mark Nathan Willetts

My name is Mark Nathan Willetts, and I come from Nottingham, England. I am a very creative person, starting out as a designer/illustrator/animator before moving into educational pursuits later in…

Website URL: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/mark-nathan-willetts/49/8a/487

Kyle Albert

Kyle Albert, always interested in tablets, latest trends, startup businesses, fashion and design. He is also a keen social media user. Inclined to share and write about technology and how…

Website URL:

Roman Gelembjuk

Roman Gelembjuk is software developer, e-Learning enthusiast. Areas of interests are : e-Learning, Higher Education System changes, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence.

Website URL: http://gelembjuk.com

Elham Arabi

Elham is a teaching and learning expert with extensive experience in instructional design, course development, project management, and technology training for professional development. She works with subject matter experts to…

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/in/elhamarabi

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Nadina Lupu

Nadina Lupu is a Creative Copywriter at Mindomo, a software that sets free great ideas and turns them into action. Nadina has been a wordsmith for project and event management…

Website URL: http://www.mindomo.com/

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Robert Bilotti

Robert Bilotti is Managing Director of Novita Training, an award-winning employee and franchise training and development firm. Novita works with corporations and franchisors in designing custom-made training programs that increase…

Website URL: http://novitatraining.com/

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Justin Vail

I've been working in education since 2004. I'm a Middle school teacher, technology integration specialist, and Google Samurai. I love to inspire and be inspired!

Website URL: http://www.educationshift.net/

Paul Moss

Paul Moss has a Masters Degree in Education specializing in integrating technology into the curriculum, and student motivation, and has spent 10 years teaching across the world in Australia, Spain,…

Website URL: http://www.edmerger.com/

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Mihut Naomi

Naomi Mihut is Copywriter at Mindomo, a highly effective tool for brainstorming and collaborative work. Naomi's professional experience has been centered on project management as well as on writing. Her…

Website URL:

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William Jenkins

I have a passion for Education and Technology and am fascinated with the way that technology & social media is providing educators and students new ways of connecting and accessing…

Website URL: http://https://www.vizify.com/william-jenkins

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Sylvia Guinan

I'm an online English language teacher. I use my vast experience and expertise to help students achieve their goals. I am also a materials developer. I'm particularly interested in creative,…

Website URL: http://www.sylviasenglishonline.org/

Russ Elburn

I began a career in broadcasting working on radio stations in Maryland, Delaware and Iowa. At some point I began reading novels to occupy my down time and before I…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/russ-elburn/61/165/55b

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Shyamanta Baruah

Learning architect with 8 years of experience.Traveler, amateur photographer and day dreamer. Skilled in elearning development, instructional design, project management, content development /management, various rapid authoring tools and social media.…

Website URL: http://beingsam.in

Jason Silberman

Jason Silberman is Marketing Director at WalkMe - a technology that empowers learning officers to "train" their software, so employees are able to learn independently as they are working. Jason…

Website URL: http://trainingstation.walkme.com

Mary Hetherington

Mary Hetherington has over 10 years experience in technical training and eLearning development. Her focus is on communicating with an audience in the most effective way possible, and delivering cost-effective…

Website URL: http://www.e-mary.net/

Christian Gainsbrugh

Christian Gainsbrugh is the President of Big Step Consulting Inc. (www.firstbigstep.net) and the lead architect of LearningCart (www.learningcart.com). He has worked as a consultant and developer on projects for a…

Website URL: http://www.learningcart.com

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Jason Gaya

Hi this is Jason Gaya; I love to share my passion for all things News and PR to around the world. Promotion and Marketing of Medical Transcription and emPower -…

Website URL: http://www.empowerbpo.com

Arunima Majumdar

Arunima is an e-learning enthusiast. She loves exploring and blogging about innovations in training & learning for the new-age corporate sector.

Website URL: http://www.gc-solutions.net/

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Ruth Kustoff

Ruth Kustoff provides learning needs analysis, strategic planning and implementation, program and curriculum design, and knowledge and talent management to corporations and not-for-profits. With over 20 years’ experience in business…

Website URL: http://www.ruthkustoff.com

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Liz Hardy

Dr Liz Hardy is the owner of ElearningTrainer.com and the author of E-learning 101, the friendliest online study guide around. Dr Hardy takes a unique approach to online learning. Blending…

Website URL: http://www.elearningtrainer.com

Don McIntosh

Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Syracuse University.Director of Teaching Support Services, University of GuelphManager, Design Group, BC Tel/TELUSPresident, Trimeritus eLearning Solutions Inc.

Website URL: http://www.trimeritus.com

Martha Gold

Martha Gold works in educational technology, instructional design and instructor support at a small liberal arts college in upstate New York. She brings nearly a decade of work in education…

Website URL: http://marthasadventuresinwords.wordpress.com/

Paolo Leva

Paolo Leva. 15 years experience with speech technology, first as developer and then, since 2004, as Product Manager. Currently co-founder of a startup called slidetalk.net, a cloud service converting presentations…

Website URL: http://www.slidetalk.net

Rosalie Ledda

I am an Instructional Designer and eLearning developer. I studied in the University of Barcelona (Spain) and was there where I became interested in eLearning.My background comes from my daily…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rledda82/en

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Andrea Leyden

Andrea Leyden is an Online Marketing Executive for ExamTime.com, a free online learning platform designed to transform learning into an ‘active’ process. Andrea helps spread the word about ExamTime’s free…

Website URL: http://www.examtime.com/

Surabhi Paliwal

Hi! I have completed my MBA with dual specialization in Human Resource and International Business. Presently I am looking after my own start-up venture which is basically a manufacturing firm.…

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Emil Reisser-Weston

Emil Reisser-Weston has been active in the field of computer based training and e-learning since 1993, during which time he has been head of design for both e-learning development and…

Website URL: http://www.e-learningwmb.com/

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Matthew Alpaugh

Matthew Alpaugh is Director of Advancement, curator of all things digital, media, publications, & Director of Technology at Morris Catholic High School. I have been working for the past 7…

Website URL: http://www.newdesignandinnovation.com/

Scott Rapp

Scott Rapp is co-founder of the adaptive language learning platform, Instreamia, and edtech enthusiast. He is also teaching Spanish to thousands in the adaptive SpanishMOOC.

Website URL: http://www.spanishmooc.com

William J. Ryan

William J. Ryan, Ph.D. consults on topics related to the implementation and application of performance learning in the training and development field serving corporate, industrial and educational organizations. Currently VP…

Website URL: http://prezi.com/xfzrxes-3ssr/william-j-ryan-phd-efolio/

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Eran Gal

Dr. Eran Gal is an e-learning expert with over 15 years of experience in applying cross-company technology-based learning solutions. Following 6 years as an e-learning manager for a leading mobile…

Website URL: http://il.linkedin.com/pub/eran-gal/3/906/951

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Laura Iancu

Laura Iancu is currently part of the 123ContactForm team, an online form and survey builder accessible for educators all around the world. Laura’s dedication to volunteerism has crossed borders, she…

Website URL: http://www.123contactform.com

Jeffrey A. Roth

Jeffrey A. Roth is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Interactyx Limited. Jeff regularly contributes articles on social learning trends, eLearning issues and how learning management systems impact…

Website URL: http://interactyx.com

Andrew Scivally

Andrew Scivally is a co-founder of eLearning Brothers. eLearning Brothers helps companies create engaging, interactive, and inspiring eLearning content.Prior to eLearning Brothers, he worked at JPMorganChase and Zions Bank, where…

Website URL: http://elearningbrothers.com

Nader Jarmooz

Lecturer in engineering and e-leaning coordinator and tutor for online PDA in Project Management accredited by CMI.

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Rajib Chakraborty

More than 8.6 years of experience in Education Industry. Roles played include: Instructional Content Developer Faculty - Physics / Applied Physics for Engg. Undergraduates Instructional Designer - Academic E-learning Content…

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Maria Manolopoulou

Maria is an eLearning Developer with special interest in producing new media for educational and training purposes. She studied Applied Informatics in The University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) and specialised…

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/pub/maria-manolopoulou/28/324/482

David B. Demyan

Technical training and documentation specialist with a broad range of expertise in knowledge transfer of technical subject matter. With experience in commercial software, academia, government/military, healthcare/medical services, finance/banking, transportation/utilities and…

Website URL: http://www.spectorial.com

Fred Irving Williams

Freelance Writer, New Technology News Articles for the Washington Informer Newpaper. Blogist for: [email protected], [email protected], and the [email protected] Creator of the "Five Fold Writers, on Black Authors Showcase on Ning.com,…

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Joseph Kern

Joseph Kern works as an Instructional Designer at Emporia State University. Prior to this, he taught high school chemistry, physics, and engineering for seven years. His B.S. in Secondary Education…

Website URL: http://esuid.wordpress.com/

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Ken Hubbell

Ken Hubbellis a 27 year veteran in learning solutions, animation, 2D/3D entertainment, business games and simulations. Speaker at Adobe User Conventions, DevLearn 2012, SIEGE 2012 and East Coast Games Conferences;…

Website URL: http://goingaroundmyelbow.blogspot.com

Bryan Austin

Chief Game Changer at Game On! LearningThroughout his 25-year career with leading organizations like NETg, SkillSoft and Kaplan, Bryan has dedicated himself to helping organizations develop high performing employees through…

Website URL: http://www.gameonlearning.com

Anne Knowles

Anne Knowles has a core expertise of seeing the big picture, absorbing complex information, developing strategies to overcome challenges, and attending to details in following through to success. She has…

Website URL: http://www.l-3training.com/

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Robert Lucas

Robert is a freelance writer from Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past few years he has written content for multiple blogs and websites in the fields of education and recreation. In…

Website URL: http://theprogressivelife.wordpress.com/

Justin Ferriman

Justin is the Project Manager and Business Development Lead for LearnDash, a learning management system built on the popular WordPress software. In addition, Justin works as a Learning & Collaboration…

Website URL: http://www.LearnDash.com

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David Mallette

It's about competency, nothing else. Whether the subject matter is the Punic Wars or forklift, competency must be defined with exacting precision, it must be achieved with maximum efficiency, and…

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Roberta Gogos

Roberta Gogos is a Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant and eFront Learning’s Community Manager, she is contributing author to a number of blogs, including eFront Learning’s blog, and her…

Website URL: http://www.efrontlearning.net

Ilona Hetsevich

Ilona works for a project, devoted to eLearning software development, and writes based on company’s experience in the eLearning field. More information about available LMS features can be found at…

Website URL: http://www.joomlalms.com/

Rachel Maleady

Rachel Maleady is a freelance writer and works for Elearners.com; where she helps manage their online community. In her spare time she enjoys photography, writing and shopping.

Website URL: http://www.elearners.com/

Gabriele Dovis

I am in the elearning industry since 2007 and since then I've been very passionate about e-learning. I started as a developer and then I managed several elearning projects for…

Website URL: http://www.mosaicoelearning.it

Dimitris Kaplanis

With a degree in Finance, a love for learning and an even bigger fascination for enabling education in the world, Dimitris is authoring the blog of TalentLMS with a creative…

Website URL: http://www.talentlms.com/

Richard Linville

Richard Linville graduated from California State University San Jose with a California Lifetime Teaching Credential and has a background in Education and Technology. Since 1968, he's enjoyed teaching all subjects…

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rich-linville/65/78b/618

Michelle Schoen

Co-owner of LearnCamtasia.com where I have taught hundreds of students how to use Camtasia Studio for E-learning tutorials and courses. Ten years as an Instructional Technologist and Project Manager of…

Website URL: http://learncamtasia.com

Anita Horsley

During Anita Horsley’s tenure as a firefighter, she initiated, developed, and managed the Health and Safety Program. At the Oregon State Fire Marshal, Anita founded the eLearning track, implemented and…

Website URL: http://calex-llc.blogspot.com

Gene Levinson

Gene Levinson is a professional home tutor and cloud-based educational entrepreneur. He has worked as a biology teacher, Director of Communications, Biotechnology Researcher, and Clinical Genetics Lab Founder/Director. As a…

Website URL: http://www.smartnoter.com

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Eric Bose

As a seasoned technology leader, I am experienced in managing budgets, cross functional team development, and performance metrics. I possess the ability to lead and regulate cross-functional teams to deliver…

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Tim Stafford, MS MA

T M Stafford is an Instructional Design scholar, media producer and project manager for development and launching of creative and innovative educational solutions, including all aspects of establishing and driving…

Website URL: http://www.tmstaffordllc.com

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Houston C Tucker

Houston C Tucker is an E-learning, online learning, and home school specialist.Twelve years of performance-driven experience with the industry leader in online education (K12, Inc.) and 25+ years of creating,…

Website URL: http://www.figment-consulting.com

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Aditya Pullagurla

An e-learning specialist with core expertise in educational technologies. He received his Master’s degree in computer science from University of Western Australia. Aditya Pullagurla also blogs on a broad range…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pullagurla

Erwin Haeberle

Erwin J. Haeberle (born 30 March 1936, Dortmund, Germany) is a German social scientist and sexologist. M.A. in 1964 Cornell, Ph.D. in 1966 Heidelberg. Postdoctoral fellow at Yale and U.C.…

Website URL: http://www.sexarchive.info/

Steven Loomis

Steven Loomis has developed performance support tools and training solutions for the legal, banking and healthcare sectors.He is currently a Learning Technologies Manager for a large healthcare provider. He enjoys…

Website URL: http://rockidscience.com/

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Rebecca Ogrady-Marshall

Hi there, I have been involved in education and curriculum design for over seven years. This includes research, writing, facilitating and spending a lot of time playing with different on…

Website URL: http://www.elearnhub.org

Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd is Director of eLearning for Marton House (a UK subsidiary of GP Strategies Ltd), specialising in the creation of dynamic and effective learning experiences. He created his Learning…

Website URL: http://www.julianstodd.wordpress.com

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George Joeckel

I am an Instructional Designer at the Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (FACT) at Utah State University. I am a co-creator of the OAR model. I have created several open…

Website URL: http://georgejoeckel.blogspot.com/

Treion Muller

South African American with a made-up French name. Dad of 5. Chief eLearning Architect at FranklinCovey. Coauthor of "The Learning Explosion: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classroom" and "The…

Website URL: http://thelearningexplosion.blogspot.com/

Nadya Lysova

Leader of vAcademia support team and project manager(www.vacademia.com)

Website URL: http://virtworld-vacademia.blogspot.com/

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Tiffany Sumner

Tiffany Sumner is a freelance writer for eLearners, where she writes articles on a wide range of topics. In her spare time she reads, writes fiction, and watches way too…

Website URL: http://www.elearners.com/

James Harlan

James Harlan is an aspiring novelist and a young community leader. He promotes lifelong learning and academic success through his contributions in the blogs, Master Dissertations and Oxbridge Dissertation. He…

Website URL: http://jamesharl.wordpress.com/

Mohamed Souidi

Mohamed is finishing his last year at the University of Strasbourg of Master’s degree in e-commerce. Besides that, he is working at Connect-I, an IT Development Company specialized in web…

Website URL:

Natalie Middleton

Natalie Middleton is the PR/Communication Manager for VIA, a company focused on helping global organizations communicate across boundaries of language, comprehension and culture, by delivering services such as eLearning, translation…

Website URL: http://viadelivers.com

Francesca Migliorini

Francesca studied Semiotics - Communication Science at the university of Bologna and specialized in Multimedia Communication in Rome. After years of work as content specialist, researcher and consultant in Verona,…

Website URL:

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Paige Donahue

Paige Donahue is a proofreader for www.rushessay.com She's an advocate of distance learning, and she's currently taking online courses on art history and creative writing.

Website URL: http://verylastpaige.wordpress.com/

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Stephen Ira

Stephen Ira worked as an inventor for a small manufacturing company where he developed several patents that included Velcro® brand products which led to his founding of Hook and Loop…

Website URL: http://hookandloop.com/

Magnus Vik Magnussen

I started working with e-learning as a university student in 2004, creating math animations in Flash for fellow students. The feedback from the student community was great, so we continued…

Website URL: http://amendor.com/en

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith is an organizational development manager at WalkMe, and editor of the blog Change, which looks at the issues and ideas relating to change management, performance management, and organizational…

Website URL: http://www.walkme.com/

Manish Gupta

Manish Gupta is CEO of G-Cube, an e-learning products and services company; director of Vivo Collaboration, offering unified conferencing software, and speaker on performance support, experiential learning, gamification and just-in-time…

Website URL: http://www.gc-solutions.net/

Marina Arshavskiy

Marina Arshavskiy is the owner of Your eLearning World, an eLearning company committed to helping organizations become more effective by creating groundbreaking, result-oriented learning solutions. Marina has consulted extensively with…

Website URL: http://yourelearningworld.com/

Robert F. DeFinis

Author | Edupreneur | Researcher | Speaker | Educational Jedi Knight Robert is a seasoned educator with a passion for adult education. He is currently involved in numerous projects and…

Website URL: http://www.robertdefinis.com/

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Nikolay Filevskiy

Nikolay is a teacher of English and Russian. After graduation from Kaliningrad University (English department) in 1981 worked as a teacher, interpreter and translator. Since 2009 I've been teaching by…

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Vicki Kunkel

Vicki is an award-winning eLearning designer, educational entrepreneur, researcher and former broadcast journalist. For more than 17 years Vicki owned a digital training company that created employee and consumer eLearning…

Website URL: http://www.digitalwits.com/

Michael Bollinger

Michael is Cardkiwi's co-founder and Student at LSE,University of London.

Website URL: http://cardkiwi.com/

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Claude Martel Ph.D.

Claude holds a Ph. D. in Educational Technology and has over 25 years experience in the field of education, training, communication, media production, public relations and in the implementation of…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/claudem

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Steffen Brauers

Steffen Brauers is Direct Marketing and Global eLearning Manager at KROHNE. The KROHNE Academy Online is aimed both at staff in practical roles, who come into contact with a wide…

Website URL: http://academy-online.krohne.com

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Adam Fort

Education enthusiast, worked in Australian Education Science Center since 2005. Currently, Adam works as an education advisor at Ratatype - online typing tutor.

Website URL: http://www.ratatype.com/

Chris Clayton

Teacher, owner and content creator of an online business English vocabulary website. I would like to understand more about the world and hopefully pass this knowledge on to others.

Website URL: http://www.blairenglish.com/

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James Robert Finder

Leaving the United States to come to Korea to pursue my passion for education absolutely changed my life. I am currently an English as a Second Language Instructor. My responsibilities…

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesrobertfinder

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Andrzej Marczewski

Andrzej Marczewski has been professionally involved in technology since 2000, building on a lifetime of interest in computers, gadgets and games. His experience ranges from public sector, to small businesses…

Website URL: http://marczewski.me.uk

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Ben Nesvig

Ben Nesvig is a learning enthusiast and marketing strategist for Dashe & Thomson, where he creates resources that educate organizations on how they can use eLearning more effectively.

Website URL: http://www.dashe.com

Travis Thurston

Travis is an Instructional Designer in the Center for Innovative Design & Instruction (CIDI) at Utah State University. He began his career teaching high school history and pe courses, but…

Website URL: http://cidi.usu.edu/

Rodney Beach

Over 15 years experience in the eLearning industry - director of Liberate eLearning, one of Australia's leading online and blended courseware providers, delivering hundreds of successful projects to clients all…

Website URL: http://www.liberateelearning.com.au/

Bhavin Mehta

Bhavin brings along a total work experience of 14 years in the field of Information Technology with 9 years in the eLearning solution designing and deployment. Currently he works as…

Website URL: http://https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhavindmehta

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Jamie Snitker

Jamie Snitker is an educational technology professional that specializes in curriculum and instructional design and delivery for classroom, blended, and elearning environments. Jamie has combined her love of teaching, learning,…

Website URL: http://www.jamiesnitker.com/

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John O Brien

John is head of digital marketing at Interactive Services, an award-winning developer of custom e-learning and blended solutions for global Fortune 500s.John has been involved in sales and marketing for…

Website URL: http://www.interactiveservices.com

Phil Pauley

Phil is an internationally recognized conceptual designer and futurologist. As a thought-leader, his innovative designs and blue-sky projects have been featured by high-profile media around the globe. PAULEY creates next…

Website URL: http://www.pauley.co.uk/

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Ansgar Frankenberg

Ansgar Frankenberg has several years of working experience from TV and radio stations as well as newspapers and magazines in several different countries. He writes both in German and English.…

Website URL: http://skilltize.me/en

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Candice Smith

Candice Smith is an education expert who also contributes to social media forums. Candice has been an active member of the online community and regularly writes for Excite Education.

Website URL: http://www.excite.com/education

Kate Pasterfield

Kate Pasterfield is Creative Director at Sponge UK, where she leads on overall course design and development. Kate’s main skill is interpreting the learning requirement and translating it into an…

Website URL: http://www.spongeuk.com/

David Wakefield

David is Co-founder at Sibme and a proponent of educating the "whole child," as well as inquiry and project-based learning when executed well. He started a Future Business Leaders of…

Website URL: http://www.sibme.com/

Heera Edwin

Heera is a blogger, writer, and dreamer. She currently works as a marketing executive with 24x7 Learning. When she is not writing about eLearning you will find her catching up…

Website URL: http://www.24x7learning.com/

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Sharon Thomson

Sharon is the marketing and business manager who writes on themes related to project management software. Through her writings, she guides people on how to use technology for improving their…

Website URL: http://www.proofhub.com/

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Gireesh Sharma

Gireesh works with G-Cube as Sr. Manager Marketing. His interests includes employees trainings, workplace learning, organizational development & performance development. He is author of three books.

Website URL: http://www.gc-solutions.net/

Tiziana Saponaro

International certified teacher of English, Italian and Spanish (with 20- plus years of experience in public schools and international boarding schools in Switzerland, Italy and the United States). Teacher trainer,…

Website URL: http://www.tsaponar.blogspot.com

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Meredith Cicerchia

Meredith is an applied linguist who has spent the last seven years working across the language learning industry in various roles from teaching to curriculum development and teacher-training. Previously, she…

Website URL: http://lingua.ly/

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Dorothy Hunter

Dorothy Hunter is a writer for Best Essay and a full-time blogger. She kills time by blogging and reading sci-fi novels. She's a freelance writer and hopes to establish her…

Website URL: http://www.bestessay.com/

Lesley J. Vos

Lesley Vos is a private educator (French language) of high school students. She likes everything related to writing, and works as a writer at Bid4papers website at the moment. 

Website URL: http://bid4papers.com/

Rebecca Doctrow

Current Marketing Intern at Wibki.com. Aspiring sports events and marketing professional.

Website URL: http://www.wibki.com/

Rupen Sharma

Rupen Sharma has over 15 years of experience; Have enjoyed providing value to many global organizations, such as Atrenta Inc., Harrah's Entertainment, NIIT, Cognitive Arts, Sapient Corp, Office Depot, Novell,…

Website URL: http://performancechamps.wordpress.com/about/

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Randhir Vieira

Randhir Vieira is vice president of product and marketing at Mindflash and contributor at Corporate Learning Network.

Website URL: http://mindflash.com/

Samantha Fam

Samantha is content Lead at Epiphany Education (We provide e-learning consulting services). I am interested in Instructional Design and poetry. 

Website URL: http://epiphanyedu.com/