eLearning Trailblazers: Presenters Who Engage And Enlighten

eLearning Trailblazers: Presenters Who Engage And Enlighten
Summary: Today, we're shining the spotlight on eLearning Presenters who inspire their audiences and share their insider expertise.

eLearning Presenters To Add To Your Watchlist

Online events give us the opportunity to learn from the pros without leaving the comfort of our homes (or offices). They inspire us to shift our L&D perspectives and create more meaningful experiences for learners. So, today, we thought it apt to pay tribute to the eLearning thought leaders who have given us so much, whether it's showing us how to empower employees or up our needs analysis game. In no particular order, here are 21 eLearning presenters who stand out from the virtual crowd as L&D hosts with the most.

Jamal Watkins

Jamal Watkins is a Learning and Talent expert as well as an effective Learning and Development practitioner with experience of over 20 years in managing HCM platforms and L&D functions. With the help of blended learning and human capital management, he manages to shape business processes by driving business results. Throughout his career, he has partnered up with numerous leaders to influence internal processes so that employees become more successful in achieving business goals.

Standout Webinar: How To Design And Implement Compelling Compliance Training

Dr. Kate Worlton-Pulham

Dr. Kate Worlton-Pulham is a Senior Performance Consultant and eLearning Strategist for AllenComm. Throughout her collaboration with the company, she has worked with diverse Fortune 500 clients to design learning and professional ecosystems that help companies grow and achieve their objectives. She is the Executive Director for Education Weekend: The Tradition of Enquiry, held annually at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where she served as a professor in English Language and Literature. In addition, as the Director of Executive Training for Deseret Digital Media, she has directed learning programs for sales and content media outlet executives all over the world.

Standout Webinar: Empowering Employees To Shape Customer Experience With Measurement-Driven Learning

Shalini Merugu

Shalini Merugu is the Director of Learning Solutions for CommLab India and has close to two decades of experience in Instructional Design (ILT, VILT, eLearning). Her versatile way of thinking allows her to provide her clients with creative strategies for designing effective blended solutions. As she has worked extensively on eLearning solutions as well as Instructor-Led Training, she can combine the best features of each medium to create the most efficient training solutions. Shalini shares her knowledge by conducting customer education workshops and presenting webinars on learning design.

Standout Webinar: Replicate The Real Classroom, Virtually! ILT To VILT Conversion Decoded

Miriam Taylor

Miriam Taylor is the Learning Strategist in MindSpring. She has longstanding experience working in the L&D world, designing various digital learning experiences. Using her knowledge in development work, leadership training, and mentoring, she has helped K-12, nonprofits, and corporate organizations grow. Her most recent work is sharing her valuable insights through content writing, webinar hosting, and presenting conferences.

Standout Webinar: The Learning ScoreCard: Α Completely New Approach Τo Measuring Τhe ROI Οf Learning

Dan Keckan

Dan Keckan is the CEO of Cinecraft Productions, a multi-awarded eLearning professional, and a published author. Keckan is dedicated to helping organizations create authentic, relevant, and effective learning solutions with the help of his team of talented designers, developers, and video producers. He works with large corporations, such as Hyatt Hotels, to design learning strategies and match different modalities with the skill or behavior that needs to be acquired. You can usually find him at L&D conferences, where he shares secrets and tips to design compelling simulations.

Standout Webinar: The Anatomy Of Scenario-Based Learning

Ben Betts

Ben Betts is now the CEO of Learning Pool, a pioneering provider of eLearning solutions in the UK and USA. Before that, he helped define most of Learning Pool's most innovative workplace digital learning platforms. Early in his professional journey, he co-founded HT2 Labs, one of the first companies to grasp how social learning can fit in the workplace. Now, his focus lies on helping companies make the most out of employees' collective experiences, exploring the role of self-directed learning in the workplace alongside gamification, social learning, and xAPI.

Standout Webinar: Learning Analytics: From Inception To Maturity

Tiffany Vojnovski

Tiffany Vojnovski is a learning enthusiast who has over 15 years of experience as an Instructional Designer for K-12, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. As an eLearning Evangelist for SweetRush, Tiffany uses her L&D expertise and experience to create innovative solutions that make the corporate workplace a better place. She also shares her valuable insights on learning and technology in her articles.

Standout Webinar: The Needs Analysis Clinic: Bring Your Learning Challenges And Get Expert Help!

Dr. Allen Partridge

Dr. Allen Partridge is the Director of Digital Learning Solutions Evangelism at Adobe Digital Learning Solutions with over 20 years of experience in eLearning. His extensive research in eLearning, education, and games has allowed him to report on innovative educational solutions for clients around the world. Allen is also a recognized thought leader among eLearning professionals, having released numerous online video tutorials and e-seminars on how to develop effective educational content.

Standout Webinar: Using Education As A Customer Marketing Strategy

Sorin Paun

Sorin Paun is the co-founder and microlearning alchemist of Code of Talent, as well as the co-founder of Ascendis, leading CEE Training and Development Companies. He has an experience of over 20 years in corporate consulting and leading organizational development projects, influencing internal processes along with employee skills. He is focused on using new technology and innovative strategies to boost people engagement and achieve organizational objectives.

Standout Webinar: Microlearning: A Practical Session Τo Help You Get 10x Engagement Rates And Business Results

Alistair Lee

As the Senior Product Enablement Manager for Adobe, Alistair Lee facilitates communication, collaboration, and training for his clients. During his long tenure at Adobe, he has worked as a consultant, evangelist, and marketeer, never veering far from technological matters. Recently, he is focused on exploring eLearning solutions and hosting webinars.

Standout Webinar: Designing Collaborative Experiences With Breakout Rooms

Priti Mathur

Priti has over 15 years of project management experience spanning global accounts. Her background in quality assurance and training provides her with extensive knowledge in metric maintenance, process management, training creation, training management, and resource management. Priti is a highly regarded client resource and trusted advisor with her leadership in digital transformation projects, including system and data migrations to SaaS environments.

Standout Webinar: The Business Benefits Of Getting Compliance Training Right

John Helmer

John Helmer is a Senior Marketing Consultant and an acclaimed thought leader in the eLearning industry. In his successful podcast "The Learning Hack" he speaks with prominent L&D figures from the US and the UK. As a speaker and communications expert, he has led many knowledge-sharing and innovation programs. Finally, he writes for blogs, websites, and journals.

Standout Webinar: The Spacing Effect: Harnessing The Power Of Spaced Practice For Learning That Sticks

Adrián Soto

Adrián Soto is the Director of Immersive Technologies at SweetRush, where he collaborates with multinational corporations. Always keen to discover solutions for organizational challenges in new technologies, he likes to combine hardware, software, and creative design. Throughout his career, he has led a plethora of projects in various industries, some of which were motorsports, advertising, IT, and eLearning. Although in recent years he has delved into immersive technologies, he is also interested in programming, digital animation, and game design among other things.

Standout Webinar: How To Innovate Remote Learning With Custom Virtual Reality

Erick Prospero

Erick Prospero is the CEO of Ninja Tropic eLearning, as well as an educator, trainer, and video-based learning expert. His company has designed, developed, and published thousands of educational videos with millions of views. His goal is to create engaging and innovative online training content designed to cater to the needs of the modern user. Erick is also a prominent thought leader who aims to create unforgettable eLearning experiences for his audiences.

Standout Webinar: Video-Based Learning: 8 Instructional Design Examples For Learner Engagement Through Micro Content

Cynthia Clay

Cynthia Clay is the CEO of NetSpeed Learning Solutions and an acclaimed expert on creating engaging, collaborative online learning material that helps leaders and employees achieve their maximum potential in the virtual workplace. She is passionate about leveraging new technologies and strategies to drive engagement and retention of remote teams. She is a published author, talented speaker, and chief architect of virtual learning programs.

Standout Webinar: Hybrid Training Models That Work

Jonah Goldstein

As Head of Learning at 360Learning, Jonah Goldstein helps companies of all sizes to find training solutions that match their development needs, as well as to measure how learning affects performance within the organization. His areas of focus include L&D, Instructional Design, collaborative learning, Training Needs Analysis, project management, etc.

Standout Webinar: New Hire Roadmap: All The Resources You Need From Day 1 To Day 90 & Beyond

Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan

Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan is the founder, CEO, and Chief Learning Evangelist of Nuveda, as well as the Key Architect of its learning platform CALF™️. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in leadership, change management, and Six Sigma expertise for displaying operation excellence. He is a published author and an experienced keynote speaker.

Standout Webinar: How To Measure Training Effectiveness And Business Impact

Nick Santora

Nick Santora is the CEO and founder of Curricula, an eLearning company that aims to train companies about cyber security using fun training material. He is recognized on a global level for his expertise in cyber security, and he regularly shares his knowledge on how we can use training programs to influence the way employees handle cyber threats.

Standout Webinar: The Power Οf Storytelling Ιn Employee Training And Onboarding

Luke Megarity

Luke Megarity is the President and COO of iTacit, a leading LMS and digital workforce platform. He has helped numerous businesses grow by helping them redefine the relationship between management and staff. Luke's genuine passion for learning and employee satisfaction has earned him the Global Exporter Award as well as the title of EY's Entrepreneur of the Year. His vision for the future is to create innovative workplaces, especially virtual ones, that boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

Standout Webinar: Digital Workplace Bootcamp: 3 Golden Rules To Train And Engage Employees

Brett C. Wilson

Brett Wilson is a business operations executive with over two decades of experience in the training industry. During his long career, he has delved into P&L and client management, and more recently into strategic talent management focused on L&D and business process design. As a Senior Advisor for Cornerstone's Thought Leadership and Advisory Devices directorate, he creates business strategies using the Cornerstone application that help his clients align their business goals and objectives with their training needs.

Standout Webinar: How To Design Your Skills Strategy

David Wentworth

David Wentworth has been a research analyst in the human capital field since 2005, joining Brandon Hall Group in 2012 to concentrate on learning research. David's research focuses on how people learn and the role of emerging technologies. He has written several reports published by ATD, covering mobile learning, social/collaborative learning, and more. His work has also appeared in Compensation & Benefits Review, T+D Magazine, and CLO Magazine.

Standout Webinar: The Business Benefits Of Getting Compliance Training Right

Are You An eLearning Thought Leader Who Isn't Featured On This List?

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