eLI Day 2023: eLearning Industry Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary

eLI Day 2023 How To Invest In Your People
Summary: On this year's eLI Day, marking our 11th anniversary, join us in recognizing the value of investing in your people by implementing these employee development strategies.

eLI Day 2023: Investing In Your People For A Productive Future

It's October 10 again, and eLearning Industry is proudly celebrating eLI Day and its 11th anniversary! During this year, we continued to share knowledge with our eLearning community and help eLearning professionals from around the world connect and collaborate to advance their goals. And the driving force behind every initiative is our team's dedication and commitment. For this reason, we are celebrating eLI Day by sharing a few tips on how to develop your employees and why it's a top priority in our company.

Why Does eLearning Industry Value Its Employees?

There is a unique set of values that employees in eLearning Industry follow, and we strongly believe these are the basis of our success. Pursuing integrity and being passionate about what we do are only a few examples, but all these values ultimately contribute to keeping the team spirit high and constantly developing our workforce. Our biggest ally throughout this process is eLI's CEO Christopher Pappas, who is a true believer in the phrase "a company is its employees." With his support, all measures are taken to ensure employees are happy and have ample opportunities for growth.

4 Ways To Invest In Your Team

What can you do to invest in your employees? Here are 4 tips for a successful talent development strategy.

1. Invest In Employee Training

One of the main and better-known ways to develop your employees is to support Learning and Development. By leveraging training programs, you can help your staff increase their industry knowledge and enhance their skills. This approach directly benefits your organization, as the more up-to-speed with current trends employees are, the more growth and innovation a business can expect. In addition, access to learning opportunities increases employee engagement, which, in turn, creates devoted and efficient employees.

2. Fund Educational Scholarships

Learning doesn't only need to happen in the workplace. Many employees aspire to continue their education and enhance their CVs with online certifications or comprehensive seminars, but financial and time constraints are holding them back. As your organization can only benefit from a highly educated workforce, why not support this decision by encouraging team members to upskill and pave new training paths based on their goals and career aspirations within the company? This way, you make education accessible to those who can't afford it and prove with your actions that you care about the development of your workforce.

3. Provide The Best Tools And Equipment

The quality of an employee's work day heavily depends on how easily they can complete their tasks. Antiquated equipment, such as old computers and slow printers, counterintuitive software, uncomfortable furniture, and inadequate lighting, don't only harm your productivity but also create frustration. Therefore, when thinking about ways to invest in employees, creating a harmonious and productive work environment must be high on your list of priorities. Make sure to assess the workplace and get feedback from your employees regarding these issues so that you can make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

4. Support Work-Life Balance

The combination of remote work and technology has made maintaining a work-life balance more challenging than ever. More and more employees are having trouble disconnecting from work and spending meaningful time with their loved ones. Such behaviors lead, without fail, to disengagement, burnout, and sometimes even health problems. Employee well-being is of utmost importance, which is why you must take measures to protect it. Encourage breaks and taking advantage of PTO, support flexible work schedules, and subsidize health insurance programs and physical activities to ensure the health of your workforce in the long run.


As another eLI Day comes and goes, let's take a moment to think about one of the things that make our businesses great: the people who strive every day to keep it moving forward. Celebrate our 11th anniversary by recognizing the value of your people for your business and making the necessary changes to help them develop.