Let's Celebrate: Happy 10th Birthday, eLearning Industry!

eLI Anniversary: 10 Years Of Knowledge Sharing
Summary: Today officially marks eLearning Industry's 10th anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since our founder came up with the idea for eLI, which was a personal blog back then, whilst sitting on his Athenian balcony. Now, we have a growing team who hails from different parts of the globe and an ever-expanding community of eLearning enthusiasts who are just as passionate about knowledge sharing as we are.

eLI Anniversary: 10 Years Of eLearning Democratization And Knowledge Sharing

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading the articles that we publish, contributing guest posts, and trusting us to help you achieve your marketing goals. But we wouldn't dream of sending you home empty-handed (or not indulging in a bit of nostalgia). So, before we make a wish and blow out the candles, let's look at a few fan-favorite eLearning Industry resources that you can download today to expand your know-how.

Blast From The Past: Top eLearning Industry Resources To Mark The Occasion

Over the years, we've published countless articles, eBooks, webinars, and other resources that have quickly become the community's favorites. Today, we're paying tribute to some of these gems tucked away in the virtual vaults for the eLI anniversary.

How To Become An eLearning Professional [eBook]

We've created quite a few guides on how to become an eLearning pro over the last decade, but this was the very first to grace our online shelves back in 2017. It's filled with the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and inspiration from carefully selected eLearning professionals with long-standing, successful eLearning careers, innovative projects up their sleeves, impressive eLearning portfolios, and even more impressive CVs.

How To Ace Your Lead Nurturing Campaign In The eLearning Niche [Webinar]

eLearning Industry has hosted hundreds of webinars for our amazing clients. However, this event was presented by our very own Maggie Langadas and Carrie Watkins. You'll get a complete grasp of how to create a lead nurturing process that works and make the most out of content marketing. They also explore why a lead nurturing strategy defines what kind of eLearning content you need to create and determines which stage of the sales funnels your content should aim for. It's a must-watch for marketing pros.

Top 5 Tips To Convert Your Traditional Course Into An eLearning Format [Article]

This oldie but goodie is one of the first course development articles published on eLI by our founder in 2012. It presents the top 5 tips to convert your face-to-face courses into an eLearning format and discusses why some eLearning professionals make the common mistake of simply converting their traditional courses to an electronic format instead of creating a true eLearning experience.

Breaking Into The Industry: The Ultimate Guide For New Human Resource Development Professionals [eBook]

A guide that sparked an entire series. Are you thinking about joining the HR ranks and becoming a human resource development pro? Launching a new career can be daunting. Where do you start your job search or your training, for that matter? Which skills should you develop? Which roles do you need to fill? The demand for qualified HR professionals is always high because businesses always need to expand their talent pool and maximize their assets. That's why we've created this eBook to help HR hopefuls break into the industry. This eBook has all the answers to kick-start your HR career.

How To Write An eLearning Press Release [Marketing Blog]

The first official publication on our marketing blog in 2016, this article explores why a press release has the power to spread the word about your upcoming eLearning course, product launch, new service, or any other newsworthy eLearning event. We also share everything you need to know about how to write an eLearning press release, including the ideal length and formatting guidelines.

Top eLearning Content Development Companies [Top List]

This list has been a crowd-pleaser since the beginning. In fact, it's just been updated for 2023. You'll find all of the top eLearning content development companies that can help you identify your training and development needs so that your efforts are indeed effective. They can give a complete analysis of your training needs, create award-winning custom content for your teams, and drive organizational growth.

eLearning Industry Is Named Best Workplace Hellas 2022 [Article]

Though it may be a recent publication, this eLI anniversary post simply wouldn't be complete without mentioning our Best Workplace award that we're so proud of. eLearning Industry originally set out with the vision to bring people together in an open and supportive platform where eLearning aficionados could share their ideas and insights. Just a few months after being certified as a "Great Place To Work," eLearning Industry was named "Best Workplace Hellas for 2022" by the Great Place To Work Institute in Greece.

Here's To Many More...

We hope you've enjoyed this trip down eLI memory lane. Here's to many more eLearning reads, must-watch webinars, and standout articles!

If you'd like to learn more about eLearning Industry's origins and other values that shape who we are today, check out The Best Things Begin On Balconies: A Celebration Of Our 10th Year.

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