Make The Dream Work: 4 Reasons To Enhance Teamwork In The Workplace

Make The Dream Work: 4 Reasons To Enhance Teamwork In The Workplace
Summary: How does eLI forge a path to success with teamwork? Read on to discover why it's important to enhance teamwork in the workplace.

Leveraging Teamwork To Grow Your Business

When eLearning Industry was named one of the best workplaces in Greece for the year 2022, a large effort that was years in the making was finally rewarded. Although everything started from the vision of one person, our CEO Christopher Pappas, this accomplishment would have never come to be without the collaboration of many individuals. As we like to say, eLI is made up of champions who all bring their individual knowledge and skills to the table to create one spectacular result. For this reason, our second to last article and core value that we're sharing with our community is teamwork. Figure out how we support daily collaboration, as well as 4 reasons why you should enhance teamwork in the workplace.

How Does eLI Enhance Teamwork In The Workplace?

If there is one thing that we believe we get right at eLearning Industry, that is teamwork. No matter the circumstances, the team always operates as a unit. At the same time, all members go out of their way to support their peers and celebrate accomplishments with them. Even through difficult times, such as the health crisis of 2020 which forced us out of the office and into social isolation, our sense of teamwork didn't wane. In fact, we made a conscious effort to stay more connected than ever and help each other overcome hardships so that we could continue on our path to success. We maintain this attitude to this day, always supporting each other, being open to different opinions, and creating a team that is hardworking, versatile, and tight-knit.

But how have we managed to plant teamwork so deeply in our company's culture? At eLI, we enhance teamwork in the workplace through communication, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. Our project management tool keeps everyone connected and aligned to our business goals, while frequent meetings strengthen our interpersonal relationships and encourage active participation in group projects. Cross-departmental collaboration in various projects is also very common, resulting in people with different backgrounds exchanging ideas and coming up with innovative strategies. Finally, teamwork is promoted by our leaders, who turn their back on micromanagement and always strive for open communication. They encourage the exploration of ideas and welcome opinions from all team members, regardless of position or years of experience.

A Story From An eLI Member

Teamwork has always been very important in eLearning Industry. Team-building activities and cross-department projects are the norm for us. The truth is that even if someone is working in a different department, I still feel like I can reach out for help at any time. But the moment I felt the most support from my team was when I came down with COVID. Even though I couldn't give any notice or take care of my tasks, my team came through. My manager advised me to rest while the rest of my teammates took care of my workload. When I returned a few days later, there were no outstanding tasks and no hard feelings for my unexpected absence. It was a very refreshing feeling to receive such support during a time of need. I know I wouldn't hesitate to do the same for my colleagues if need be.

4 Reasons To Enhance Teamwork In The Workplace

Teamwork in the workplace is strengthened by active support among employees, collaborative activities, discussions, open communication, and more. But what are the benefits of having your employees work as a unit and not on their own? Let's look at 4 reasons why teamwork is a necessary ingredient for every future-facing company.

1. Promotes Creativity And Innovation

An open work environment where everyone is encouraged to share their unique perspectives is the best breeding ground for the creation of new and innovative ideas. During collaborative brainstorming sessions, employees are exposed to different thinking styles, approaches, and insights. As a result, they have access to a bigger pool of ideas and can come up with much more innovative solutions than if everyone was working solo. In addition, working in a team setting builds enthusiasm around the creative process, inviting employees to actively participate.

2. Improves Efficiency And Productivity

Research has proven that enhancing teamwork in the workplace can result in an increase in productivity. This is because people in groups motivate each other to keep working and give their best selves. But apart from the aspect of friendly competition, there is another reason why teamwork can make your employees more efficient, and that's task delegation. When a larger project is broken up into smaller tasks, which are then spread out among the team, employees are less likely to get overwhelmed by their workload and miss a deadline.

3. Boosts Employee Morale And Motivation

Teamwork has a direct correlation with satisfaction and motivation levels in the workplace. In their majority, people are social creatures and they gain a lot from working in a collaborative environment. Firstly, the relationships formed between employees who work closely together create a sense of belonging and help employees feel more connected to their end goal. In addition, successes are more exciting and failures are easier to overcome when you can share them with a team. Such situations create a rewarding work environment that boosts employee morale and, in turn, increases company loyalty and employee retention.

4. Increases Learning Opportunities

When creating a team within your organization, chances are people of different ages, backgrounds, skills, etc., are going to collaborate. Imagine how many learning opportunities this situation creates for everyone. In such an environment, employees can learn from each other's mistakes and accomplishments and find the motivation to experiment and incorporate new techniques, ideas, or perspectives in their arsenal. By promoting teamwork, you not only support the professional and personal growth of your employees but also help them develop two very important skills for the modern corporate world: open-mindedness and versatility.


At eLearning Industry, we always want to see individuals grow, but we never forget the significance of teamwork. We believe that personal development is facilitated by collaborative activities, such as cross-training, mentoring, exchange of ideas, and so on. We hope this article has been more than enough to convince you to enhance teamwork in your workplace. Follow eLI's example and start enjoying the benefits of a tight-knit and efficient team.

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