eBook Release: The Personalized Learning Guide

Summary: Rather than taking the responsibility for training out of their hands, the learner-centric focus of personalization gives L&D managers a new, empowered role to deliver training that has a real impact on performance.

How A Personalized, User-Centric Approach To Learning Can Help You Improve Engagement, Impact, Outcomes, And ROI

In this fantastic eBook, you will learn all about personalized learning, as well as:

• How personalization improves engagement
• AI and learning personalization
• How an LXP can help you implement personalized learning
• What personalization of learning means for the role of L&D

It's a great and useful read to discover how to define your strategy to personalize learning within your organization, frame a business case for personalized learning, and deploy appropriate technology to help implement it effectively. Overall there is a lot to learn from it!

eBook Release: The Personalized Learning Guide
eBook Release
The Personalized Learning Guide
Discover how to define your strategy to personalize learning within your organization, frame a business case for personalized learning, and deploy appropriate technology to help implement it effectively.

About The eBook

If you understand that personalization is king you are already halfway there. We personalize everything nowadays, from our social media accounts to our coffee. Generally, there is a trend where customers like personalized offers and recommendations. If that is the case, why should learning be any different? Learning is a very personal thing where a set of neurological changes happen within the brain of an individual. There might be a total of 50 different learners who sit through the same lesson but, in each case, the thinking processes that occur will not be the same. As they mention in the eBook, each learner will have different memories, likes, dislikes, interests, facilities, disabilities, hopes, and fears, which will trigger different responses for each regarding what they see and hear. And, especially with adult learning, whose subjects have lived longer, the complexities and, therefore, the differences multiply.

It has taken a long time for personalization to come along. This eBook aims to help those who are on that journey. It will help you define your strategy in many ways.

In the eBook they cover the following topics:

  • Personalized learning and employee engagement
  • Using an LXP to implement personalized learning
  • What is personalized learning?
  • AI and personalization of learning
  • How personalized learning changes the rules for L&D

What Is Personalized Learning And, More Importantly, What Can It Become?

Luckily they start by explaining what personalized learning is:

Personalized learning is learning specific to the needs of individual learners. My learning isn’t your learning. However personalized learning approaches can vary quite a lot depending on who exactly is doing the personalizing.

You could define it even further as:

  • Learning tailored for the learner
  • Learning tailored by the learner

Both of these two types of personalization, characterized by UK educationalist Dan Buckley, have been possible for some time using mostly human means (e.g. one-to-one tutoring and coaching) but the ability to personalize at scale, making it a viable and affordable option for organizations, has only been around since the introduction of the internet. During the same timeframe, social change and shifts in the nature of work and employment have gone along with technological development to throw more weight toward the "tailored by" end of the spectrum.

Most of the personalized learning approaches in workplace learning will be located somewhere along this spectrum, with a mix of directed and elective personalizations. It is essential to nurture and support the self-directed learner with personalization. To keep up in a competitive environment and to keep on doing extremely well in your niche field. It is fair to say that learning tailored by the learner has become an important and even necessary aspect of a personalized learning approach.

New Ways And Roles In Which L&D Will Be Defined

Learning and instruction can be devolved, and learners have an active say in what they learn and how they learn it. The role of L&D then becomes less authoritarian and more about promoting the sharing of knowledge using the various channels provided by the LXP. LXPs require repetition. The resources they offer are in constant need of refinement, moderation, and evaluation. Like any social media site, new features appear, new content is added, feedback is given, and the evolution continues.

L&D needs to be at the heart of that process as part of quality assurance and maintaining standards and relevance. In the world of LXPs, the L&D manager exercises a different kind of influence and is concerned much more with the actual experience of learning and the way it integrates with work. The LXP provides L&D with greater insight into what’s working and what doesn’t through the collection of data-rich feedback, which allows L&D to make targeted and personalized interventions and to evaluate learning in a more meaningful way.

Learn all about personalized learning so L&D becomes less about managing learners and ticking boxes and more about enabling learners to develop their potential. You can find even more information by downloading the eBook The Personalized Learning Guide. It shows you how L&D moves closer to the action, is part of everyday working life and organizational culture and is not something to be called on only when needed, but a function with real potential to play a strategically vital role in the life and health of an organization. Personalized learning is the future. And that future is now. Learn how personal learning strategies can help L&D professionals put learning front and center for learners and their organizations by attending the Webinar.