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July 3, 2014

Completion vs Competition: Which is better for Enterprise Gamification?

I recently overheard an interesting conversation between two friends that are triathletes. One of them was very excited about an upcoming race: he’s in better shape than last year, he said, he’s hoping to get to one of the top three results for his age bracket. The other friend, who has just begun training a year ago, on doctor’s orders (he was in bad shape before that) said “I’m into completion. Not competition”.
by Gal Rimon
June 26, 2014

Get Off the Gamification Struggle Bus

Why are you using learning games? Because they’re fun? Or because they’re effective? It might seem like everyone is into gamification these days; former Vice President Al Gore has even said that “gamification is the new normal.”
by Stephanie Ivec
January 28, 2014

Marczewski’s Gamification User Types

Whilst many people are aware of Bartle’s Player Types, they may not be aware that Richard Bartle himself is of the opinion they do not translate well to non MMO games or non game related systems – especially gamified systems. As such, I went back to the drawing board to look closer at motivations that may drive users within gamified systems and how they can be used to design better experiences.

by Andrzej Marczewski
December 30, 2013

Make Progress Obvious In Gamification For Learning

You’re considering -or already using- gamification in learning and your mission is clear: You want to increase engagement and motivation by harnessing the power of what humans inherently love to do -play games. Now take your gamification design to the next level by making progress obvious for your players.
by Cindy McCabe
December 27, 2013

Gamification In ACTION

Karl Kapp’s inspiring and thought-provoking interview with Learnnovators left us wondering about the amazing possibilities of gamification and game-based learning. In addition, this also made us think about the other areas of our lives where gamification and game mechanics are making an impact. We set out on a journey to explore and see how the community and the industry are presently perceiving and practicing these methodologies in learning as well as in other situations. Read on…

by Ravi Pratap Singh