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Active Learning In Virtual Business Landscape – The Road To Success

Active Learning In Virtual Business Landscape – The Road To Success

Virtual markets are the perfect venue for the students from business schools who are seeking to improve their entrepreneurial skills in a free risk environment. Active learning, applied in scenarios involving virtual enterprises, has multiple advantages: it requires the students to take responsibility and initiative in their own decision making process; the students are able to carry out virtual business transactions with other practice enterprises, through eLearning platforms.

7 Reasons To Adopt An e-Learning Simulation In Your e-Marketing Course

7 Reasons To Adopt An eLearning Simulation In Your eMarketing Course

Giving dynamic and interactive lectures is an imperative for any E-Marketing instructor; therefore it is challenging to find a suitable e-Learning method that caters to the needs of your students. As an early adopter of a serious game - Simbound, designed as an e-Learning platform for E-Marketing instructors, I would like to share with you my own experiences, based on its capabilities in developing highly valuable skills in this domain. Find below 7 relevant reasons in adopting this simulation-based training platform into your E-Marketing courseware.

Virtual Worlds - Simulation or Reality

Virtual Worlds - Simulation or Reality?

It’s always interesting to note someone’s response when they hear you’re using a virtual world as a learning environment. Simulation is generally the word used in the response…‘Ah, so you’re simulating the real thing’. Well yes, I suppose we are. In a way. But what I’ve thought more and more about since implementing learning within a virtual world environment is that simulation and reality can become very blurred in the virtual world. I’m no longer certain it can be simply described as simulated learning – the experience is very real. So is it simulated? Or is it reality? And does it matter?

Can Virtual Reality Keep Us Safe During Disasters?

Can Virtual Reality Keep Us Safe During Disasters?

The United Nations recently commemorated the International Day for Disaster Reduction, an annual effort to raise the profile of disaster preparedness. This year, the day’s focus was on society’s most vulnerable: the estimated one billion people around the world living with disabilities.