5 Powerful And Effective eLearning Marketing Solutions For Corporate Training Companies

Powerful And Effective Corporate Training Marketing Solutions For eLearning Brands
Summary: eLearning marketing solutions generate qualified leads and boost your SEO efforts. Which promos can help you widen your profit margin?

Corporate Training Marketing Solutions That Deliver Maximum Results In eLearning

Should your organization invest in corporate training marketing solutions? In many ways, marketing is like a balancing act. You need to maximize exposure for minimal investment. You need to stay fresh in your leads’ minds but not overstay your virtual welcome. That’s why so many companies launch eLearning marketing solutions these days.

Articles, eBooks, banner ads, and other promotional tools enhance your online presence and help you reach a broader audience. Not to mention, you get to build awareness for your products and services without spending a small fortune. So, let’s delve into some of the most results-driven corporate training marketing solutions.

Reach Qualified Corporate Training Buyers Where They Do Their Research.
Want to utilize the most effective Content Marketing strategies? Leverage our SEO expertise to reach your target audience.

1. Content Marketing Solutions For eLearning Businesses

Content marketing doesn’t just promote your products and services, it builds a rapport with potential customers. It nurtures leads by giving them value-added content. For example, tips to choose the best software for their business or common mistakes to avoid when outsourcing online training. The most popular content marketing solutions for eLearning businesses are eBooks, webinars, and articles.

For the best results, you can go full force by opting for a 360 inbound marketing strategy that covers all aspects. Here’s a brief overview of the basics and benefits of each targeted content marketing approach.

eLearning Marketing Solutions


Lead generation eBooks give readers all the information they need on how to solve their pain points. You're able to cover your area of expertise to build authority and generate more business, as well as establish a rapport with your target demographic. That’s the beauty of eBooks. For example, decision-makers and managers download your eBook to learn more about compliance or skill-building. They’re so impressed by your niche know-how that they contact you for bespoke content. Or, maybe they’re looking for an LMS to launch their certification programs.

Another profitable perk of publishing eBooks is that they’re a more low-key form of self-promotion. You raise awareness for your brand without making readers feel like they’re being pushed into a sale. Finally, readers need to opt-in to get their copy, which adds qualified leads to your mailing list. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

For more information make sure to read The Complete eBook Marketing Guide For eLearning Companies.


While we often associate content marketing with text, launching a live webinar is a powerful way to establish thought leadership. eLearning pros and acquisitions managers watch these videos to get the inside scoop on hot trends and technologies, which gives you the opportunity to bring valuable leads further down the funnel and show off your niche expertise.

You can also engage with prospects directly during the live event. Then, post the recorded webinar to maintain the marketing momentum. The secret is knowing how to create more hype around your event to hit your attendance goals.

For this reason, many eLearning businesses hire marketing pros to generate landing pages and build a social media buzz, or even co-host the webinar event to reach a broader corporate training audience. Companies with expertise in webinars also provide a web events coach, rehearsals, and lead qualification.

Interested in learning more about webinars? You'll enjoy reading The Complete Webinar Marketing Guide For eLearning Companies.


Content marketing articles are a prime source of organic traffic. Leads click on the link to learn more about the topic from an insider. They also discover the many ways that your company can boost their bottom line or address pain points.

Like eBooks, articles are a subtle way to impart your expertise and enhance your image. Plus, they pack a big SEO punch and help you rank higher in the SERPs—especially if you guest blog on an eLearning site with over 900,000 monthly visitors. Articles may also be used to feature links to drive even more traffic to your most converting landing pages.

One of the top content marketing solutions could be an exclusive article by an eLearning influencer. Famous guest bloggers have the know-how for generating high-quality SEO content. Hence, they not only help build more credibility for your brand but also increase your organic traffic.

Or you can opt for a content strategy plan if you need to craft a special series of articles to reach the right audience. Whatever content marketing solution you choose, you need to do your research and surpass your competition.

Insider Tip: Guest blogging and article marketing are a great hybrid approach for corporate training businesses. Custom articles show that you’re an authority on the subject and build trust among your readers while guest posts allow you to cover tie-in topics and enhance your marketing reach. Not to mention, this approach can stretch your promotional budget.

2. SEO Competition Analysis To Find The Best eLearning Topics For Content Marketing

Keyword investigation can help you create an editorial calendar that focuses on solving the needs of your potential buyers. Following this content marketing strategy will certainly help you make the most of your marketing efforts. One of the prime reasons to launch an inbound marketing campaign is to create funnels that yield long-term results.

Inbound marketing success is all about strategic planning. By focusing on SEO, you can understand what your competition does well in terms of content creation. However, all the content marketing tools in the world can't increase your revenue if you don't utilize them correctly. SEO tools can help you analyze the eLearning market and discover what your ideal audience loves to read.

SEO experts are capable of doing an SEO report analysis and keyword investigation in order to find the ideal content marketing topics, thus maximizing the SEO potential in the long run.

Strategic Steps For A 360 Inbound Marketing Approach (Articles, eBooks, Webinars)

So, you start off by finding the right keywords and what you want to talk about. Then, and only then, you can proceed to write your content. The power of content marketing is that as a strategy it helps businesses target potential buyers. These articles have the potential to bring organic traffic to your website. If you want to gain more out of your content marketing efforts, you can combine these articles into a corporate training marketing solutions eBook. As mentioned above, eBooks are a great lead magnet!

For your content marketing campaign to be successful, you'll need to distribute and promote your content on channels that generate the most leads for your organization. To boost your inbound strategy even more, you can present a webinar on the same topic. This will help guide your prospects further down the marketing funnel. Remember, an ongoing lead strategy keeps drumming up new business for your brand.

Let's analyze how you can use SEO to develop the perfect content marketing strategy for your niche:

Choose The Best Content Marketing Topics

Your strategy should focus on keyword investigation and SEO. A report analysis done by an SEO expert can help you understand your audience and your competition. This allows you to choose topics that resonate with your buyer personas and their needs. For example, you can delve into your buyer personas' search intent to expand your market reach. Your team will be able to identify top trends and topics that become the main focal point for your inbound marketing plan.

Make The Most Of Customer Touchpoints

The sales funnel begins long before customers purchase products or services. Getting leads isn’t enough to boost conversions. You also need to create content and nurture those leads to build trust.

Going full force with a 360 inbound marketing approach will help your content reach prospects at the most crucial touchpoints. While eBooks and articles introduce them to your brand, webinars give you the opportunity to fully engage, as well as discover new leads that may have missed your other corporate training marketing solutions…until now.

Decrease Costs Per Lead

Successful content marketing is more like a marathon than a sprint. Of course, you want to see rapid results. But, it’s also crucial to implement strategies that pay off in the long term. Inbound marketing lets you accumulate new leads long after you’ve launched the eBook and hosted your webinar.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get 600 combined leads within a 12-month period? Your articles will keep driving traffic to your website while your eBooks and webinars can be an evergreen lead generation machine. For extra results, you could optimize your website to include an intake form on each article landing page. Why? Because you don't want to miss the chance of having prospects come to you. Lastly, later on, you may choose to launch another round of articles, eBooks, and webinars to re-charge the funnel.

If you care to learn more, download our essential guide: Digital Content Marketing Strategy For eLearning Marketers.

3. Outbound Marketing

While inbound marketing brings leads to your eLearning business, outbound marketing is all about customer outreach. It can help you target qualified leads who are already interested in your product or service and build brand awareness. Or, you can even reach a broader audience interested in your services. All you have to do is partner up with a niche-related outbound marketing expert.

Either way, make sure to research your audience, find the best marketing channels, and continually fine-tune your strategy. From banner ads and email marketing to browser notifications there are so many solutions you can try!

Let's explore some ways you can use to start the conversation and send your messages out to your ideal buyers:

Banner Ads

Whether you opt for run of site or popup banners for specific categories, dynamic banner ads can help you gain maximum exposure. There are tools that offer you better oversight of your marketing spending thanks to detailed analytics and performance reports, like how many people click on your ad and the number of impressions.

While run of site (ROS) ads appear across all site pages, popup banners take over the screen. The best marketing approach depends on your budget and promotional goals. For example, you might be hosting a webinar next month and need to boost attendance. Or, maybe you want to build buzz for your upcoming eLearning product launch. You can run these campaigns on your website or leverage a niche site that is suitable for your ideal audience. Site visitors are more likely to click on the popup banner ad because it aligns with their search intent, which yields higher ROI for your marketing campaign. So, make sure to align your banner ads with your audience and your offers.

For more information make sure to read The Complete Popup Banners Guide For eLearning Companies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most direct (and cost-effective) ways to bring in new business and generate qualified leads. For example, you can leverage other platforms and send your message to a new audience by teaming up.

You can find websites with tens of thousands of subscribers. For instance, eLearning Industry has more than 30.000! Through these email campaigns, highly targeted subscribers can receive your exclusive email offers, event invites, and product promos.

Another innovative way to use email marketing solutions for eLearning businesses is to promote free trials and demos. Qualified leads learn about your free test drives so that they can make a well-informed buying decision.

This outbound marketing approach can also drive more traffic to your site if you claim a sponsored placement in an exclusive weekly newsletter. Or, you can take things up a notch with an email blast to get your brand in front of thousands of eLearning pros, including top corporate training decision-makers.

Browser Notifications

Corporate training marketing solutions, like a browser notification blast, create a sense of urgency in order to boost click-throughs and conversions. You can promote free product demos, reports, exclusive offers, and upcoming live events.

Best of all, you build an instant rapport with qualified leads who are already looking for your product or service. Not to mention, notifications show up on every device to extend your reach. You can even launch location-based browser notifications to target certain markets or demographics.

The most notable perks of alert-style notifications are that they’re quick to deploy and have high opt-in rates since they’re permission-based and visitors (AKA eLearning pros) have shown genuine interest in your niche.

For more information please read The Complete Browser Push Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies.

4. Performance Marketing

Any corporate training marketing solutions that allow you to hedge your bets and pay based on performance is a win-win. Performance marketing can help eLearning businesses increase ROI and manage every aspect of their campaign since you get full control of your marketing spend and have access to detailed analytics, such as cost per impression (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and click-through rates.

The standout benefit of performance marketing strategies is quality and relevance. Search intent and the stage of the purchase decision process also matters immensely. Hence, leads are more likely to click because they’re highly interested in what you have to offer. It also utilizes target audience segmentation so that you can focus on specific demographics.

The most popular performance marketing tools are PPC directory listings and pay per lead programs. While one involves geo-location bidding and native advertising, the other takes a more personal approach to match you with qualified buyers.

PPC Directory Listing

eLearning businesses can submit their products or services to an exclusive directory to gain more exposure. However, a PPC directory listing maximizes the marketing benefits.

Firstly you create a listing, and then, you can customize your PPC campaign to suit your needs and budget. Transparent geo-bidding capabilities can help you control marketing spend and reach your niche-specific audience. What's more, some directories allow you to add a conversion pixel to your site to see how many visitors turn into sales.

Keep in mind that L&D professionals, acquisition teams, and SMBs use exclusive directories to qualify vendors. And a PPC directory listing gets you a prominent placement, landing page optimization consulting, and a CTA button, all of which help you stand out from the competition and get your product or service noticed.

Pay Per Lead Program

Are you looking for a solution that generates leads and only charges you for each lead that they send you? Then a PPL program might be right for you. In fact, this is a value for money approach for small businesses. But, it is also fruitful for big organizations that need highly targeted leads.

Several companies can generate a vast quantity of leads because they rank high in search engines like Google. Some also use paid ads to attract prospects, while others have a substantial social media following. Getting leads from a PPL program can help you increase your conversions because you have the chance to reach out to qualified buyers. eLearning Industry, as a niche company, offers a pay per lead program.

By creating a directory listing and submitting your qualification criteria for the pay per lead program, our experts can help you find your ideal buyers. Your matches automatically show up on your PPL dashboard, which includes price expectations, time frame, and deployment preferences, as well as other firmographic and demographic data so that you can follow up with relevant leads.

This marketing service even delivers verified contact info and complete company details to personalize your outreach strategy.

5. Bulletins And eLearning Announcements

You want to get the word out fast without going over budget. Bulletins and eLearning announcements allow you to promote upcoming webinars, product launches, and other news-worthy events at a small cost. You can reach thousands of eLearning pros who are always on the lookout for hot trends, new technologies, and employment opportunities.

So, are press releases, job postings, or event listings the best corporate training marketing solutions for your business? Let's find out.

Press Releases

eLearning marketing press releases are ideal for big events or achievements. For example, you’re getting ready to launch a new service, or maybe you’re hosting a workshop that can help L&D professionals boost employee engagement. That's an opportunity to craft your press release. Unfortunately, press releases often get lost in the online crowd since there are so many noteworthy events. No worries, there's a solution!

For example, you can submit your press release to news or business-related websites. Or, you can promote your press release to hundreds of thousands of eLearning professionals by leveraging a niche website. In this way, you can reach your target audience on all the right social media channels. Besides expanding your audience, you might even get a placement in their newsletter!

Job Postings

Need to find the right person for the job and tap into a global talent pool? Online job postings are a great way to recruit top performers who possess all the necessary skills and background experience. Job postings stay live for 30 days. But you can always extend your post to attract even more qualified professionals.

It’s also crucial to market your job listing on relevant social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as incorporate SEO to draw in more skilled applicants, from keywords to targeted meta descriptions.

Event Listings

Looking for a way to fill those virtual seats and promote your next event? Exclusive event listings are the ideal content marketing solution for eLearning businesses that want to increase their RSVPs. It takes just a few minutes to submit your announcement. Plus, SEO can help raise even more awareness of your workshop or webinar.

Some event listing websites allow you to view detailed analytics and see how well your listing performs. From site visits to click-throughs, you get a clear grasp of your upcoming success. Be sure to choose a publication date well in advance so that attendees have time to prep. That will help get even more registrations for your event.


Content marketing, inbound marketing, performance marketing, and bulletins allow you to customize your strategy and control marketing spend. You can reach your target audience quickly and generate more leads for a fraction of the cost, especially when compared to traditional marketing tools that take months (if not years) to pay off.

Best of all, you already have an eLearning marketing solutions platform that’s geared toward your niche buyers since ELI has hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month. Many of these visitors are decision-makers and L&D pros looking for more info about the latest tech and outsourcing options.

Which corporate training marketing solutions are best for your business? Every corporate training organization has unique goals, gaps, and spending limits. But ELI can help you find the right advertising approach for your budget and marketing aims. In fact, there’s a quick quiz to choose the ideal marketing solution for your eLearning business.

Last, but not least, download our Media Kit today to discover how eLearning Industry can help your business boost site traffic. The Media Kit features our top marketing solutions for eLearning businesses so that you can custom tailor your strategy.

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