Learning from Harvard: Harvard MOOC story - Part 4.

Learning from Harvard: MOOC story, pt4

This latest installment of my quest to find online best practice from inside Harvard’s CS50x MOOC took a slightly different direction than previous weeks. Now that I’m in the groove of the course, I have been able to reflect less on working with the content and more on working with my peers in the class. And I’ve realized that I’m not a very strong asset to them.

Lite LMSs: Comparing Mindflash vs Litmos vs TalentLMS

Lite LMSs: Comparing Mindflash vs Litmos vs TalentLMS

Lite LMSs are a growing category of learning management systems. They usually offer basic functionality and rapid content production tools embedded with the system. Those products mainly target organizations with no technical expertise that want to offer learning programs with the minimum possible hassle. In this post we will compare 3 of the most important players on this market: Mindflash, Litmos, and TalentLMS under 3 important aspects, Functionality, Easy-of-use and Cost.