Looking For The Perfect eLearning Webinar To Watch? Here's Our Top Performing List

Looking For The Perfect eLearning Webinar To Watch? Here's Our Top Performing List
Summary: Are you an eLearning professional looking for the perfect webinar to watch? With so many eLearning webinars available, it is a difficult task indeed. For your convenience, we have created a list with the most engaging eLearning webinars of 2019. So, take a deep breath and check out the best webinars of 2019, as well as the reasons that made them stand out in the crowd!

15 Top Performing Webinars Any eLearning Professional Should Watch

Did you watch any eLearning webinars in 2019? If not, you definitely should! To make things easier for you, we've created this top-performing webinar list. The main goal is to show you an elite webinar selection that no L&D pro should miss.

Webinars are one of the hottest eLearning trends. Attending a live webinar can benefit eLearning professionals in many areas. To begin with, you need to choose which webinars you have to watch. Making the right webinar selection can help you evolve as an eLearning expert. Choosing the perfect webinar to watch depends highly on your eLearning interests and aspirations.

Discover the most engaging webinars of eLearning Industry
Choose a webinar that suits your interests from the best webinar library!

This way, you can improve your knowledge regarding a specific eLearning subject or skill. Plus, watching eLearning webinars gives you the opportunity to interact with other eLearning experts directly. In other words, by attending such a webinar you can cover knowledge gaps by asking your questions instantly. Except for personal development, watching an eLearning webinar is excellent for your organization too. More precisely, there is a significant number of digital events covering almost all eLearning topics.

Why Watch An eLearning Webinar

Are you an instructional designer who is looking for new ways to deliver engaging eLearning courses? You might find your solution by attending one of our webinars. Are you considering changing your LMS? There is a significant number of sessions that cover this topic. When it comes to eLearning, attending the perfect webinar is almost a guarantee that you will get the answer to your concerns.

During 2019, eLearning Industry co-hosted more than 75 webinars. These webinars were created to serve the eLearning community and offer valuable insights. All our webinar presenters are accomplished eLearning professionals who shared personal as well as professional experiences. Also, some webinars dealt with real-life case studies or analyzed upcoming eLearning trends.

I bet you'll find a bunch to get you started. In other words, by attending an eLearning Industry webinar, you have the opportunity to expand your horizon by learning from the best!

Which eLearning Topics Make The Perfect Webinar For L&D?

On eLearning Industry's platform, there is a wide variety of webinars in terms of topics. That is, you can find almost everything regarding the eLearning niche. And of course, there are plenty of webinars about the most popular eLearning trends.

The perfect webinar to watch should deal with an engaging eLearning topic. So, what are the hottest eLearning trends regarding webinars? In 2019, the eLearning Industry audience expressed great interest in the following topics:

  • Employee engagement
  • Personalized learning
  • Training ROI
  • LMS implementation
  • Microlearning
  • eLearning trends
  • Learning technologies
  • Gamification in eLearning

In general, we have a very diverse webinar library that covers the most demanding topics in L&D and beyond. So, you will for sure find something in line with your interests.

What Does The Perfect eLearning Webinar Look Like? The Definitive 2019 List

With so many top-quality webinars available for eLearning, it is not easy to say which one was a perfect webinar. On the other hand, some webinars managed to stand out from the crowd. But what was the factor that made them so special? Why did these specific webinars grab the attention of the largest online learning community? In other words, what really makes the perfect webinar when it comes to eLearning?

We created a list with the best webinars in eLearning for 2019.

We based our ranking on:

  • Registrations and attendance
  • Topic popularity
  • Content quality
  • Learner experience

So, are you ready to see who made the cut?

1. Enterprise eLearning Trends 2020: What To Expect - Docebo

What is the best way to finish the year strong? If you strive to stay or become successful, you will need to start preparing for the next year. In December 2019, Corey Marcel of Docebo discussed everything you need to know about the state of eLearning in 2020. More precisely, webinar attendees had the opportunity to learn about hot eLearning trends, like learning content curation and virtual coaches. Furthermore, they explored valuable insights into learner experience and trainers’ expectations. That is, if you are aware of stakeholders’ expectations and the future, you can plan your strategy carefully. Consequently, you have the opportunity to ensure success from the start!

2. How To Enhance Your Corporate Training With Next Gen Gamification Solutions - EI Design

Gamification is one of the hottest eLearning trends. When an already interesting topic is presented in such an engaging way, only good things can happen! Nothing less is expected from Asha Pandey of EI Design, one of the most recognizable figures in the eLearning world. In this webinar, Asha Pandey explained everything about eLearning gamification. This webinar included best practices, like leaderboards and badges, as well as learning approaches, like microlearning. What is more, she also analyzed gamification technologies, like VR.

The webinar was presented on March 7, 2019.

3. Design A User-Centric Approach With A Learning Experience Platform (LXP)  - Learning Pool

A virtual classroom or a training session might have many learners. However, each one of these learners is a different individual, with different personal needs. As an L&D professional, your goal for 2020 should be to develop all your learners and to provide the best learner experience possible. In other words, personalized learning is more relevant than ever!

Lindsey Coode and Ben Betts of Learning Pool not only know the value of personalized learning, but they also shared their expertise in an engaging webinar! Personalized learning strategies, engagement tips and the impact of AI are only some of the topics covered in this session. The session is available on-demand.

4. Learning & Development In The Flow Of Work - Looop

The most common goal of corporate training is to improve employee performance. Under this scope, L&D professionals should not just align employee training with competencies required for everyday tasks, but they need to adapt their efforts with the flow of work itself!

Aligning your L&D activities with the flow of work is a distinguishing aspect of successful organizations. David James of Looop knows this very well, and he shared his experiences in a one-hour session. The webinar was presented in July 2019 and is available on-demand.

5. eLearning For Beginners: Repurposing Legacy Content To eLearning Courses - Adobe

Imagine that you have eLearning course material. Let’s also say that this material is a bit outdated. However, with some changes, it will potentially become relevant again! Has it ever happened to you? If not, it is very likely to happen in the future.

From this perspective, this webinar presented by Dr. Allen Partridge of Adobe is definitely a session you need to watch. More precisely, he discussed ways about how you can repurpose your eLearning content to achieve your L&D goals.

The webinar is available on-demand.

6. Make Your Employee Training Robust And Engaging: How To Get The Perfect Balance - LearnUpon

In 2020, engaging learners should be a priority for L&D professionals. So, when it comes to learning management software, you need to choose an LMS suitable for employee engagement. An LMS that guarantees top learner experience. However, what are the features of such an LMS? And what is the most effective strategy for managing a learning experience?

The ones that joined Eoghan Quigley of LearnUpon in this webinar got their answers! If you want to get the answers too, we recommend watching this webinar on-demand!

7. Leveraging Learning Analytics To Increase Performance And Maximize ROI - CommLab India

eLearning is not only about delivering a course. Managing your learners’ experience is crucial too! To do so, you need to know as much as possible about your learners’ progress. Learning analytics is one of the most important aspects of eLearning in 2020!

In November 2019, the eLearning audience had the opportunity to learn more about learning analytics. More precisely, CommLab India launched one of the best webinars for 2019. Howard B. Lewis of Colorado State University shared his own experiences and views on learning analytics.

Interested in how to plan and use learning analytics? Then don’t miss this webinar. You can find it available on-demand.

8. Developing Custom eLearning That Results In Efficient Corporate Training Delivery - Aims Digital

Imagine yourself as a learner. Wouldn’t you perform better if your learner experience was tailored to your personal needs? Definitely yes!

L&D professionals should invest in developing custom eLearning experiences. However, what is the best way to do so? In this webinar, Amit Sarkar and Ajay Javdekar of Aims Digital explained everything about custom eLearning. If you want to learn how to develop custom learning content as well as learn what are the dos and don’ts, then this session is for you.

The webinar was launched in July 2019 and is available on-demand.

9. Triple Bottom Line Of Learning: How L&D Stakeholders Affect Your Learning Program's ROI - Inno-Versity

Measuring your L&D ROI implies that you are fully aware of your stakeholders. So, how many stakeholders does a learning process have?

In October 2019, Dr. Jerry Zandstra and Miriam Taylor of Inno-Versity gave an answer you might not expect. In this webinar, they grouped all L&D stakeholders into 3 different groups—alias the Triple Bottom Line of Learning. However, what are these groups? And what is their relationship with L&D ROI? Get your answers by watching this webinar on-demand.

10. Write The Right Multiple-Choice Questions - Patti Shank

Through the history of learning, almost all learning processes have evolved. Therefore, whatever the case, some aspects never change. That is, testing learners’ knowledge has always been present.

Multiple-choice questions are a simple, yet effective way to test learners’ progress. However, if you want to make them correctly, you will need advice from an experienced individual. So, it’s really hard to find someone more suitable for advice than Patti Shank!

As one of the most recognized thought leaders in the eLearning niche, Patti Shank Ph.D. shared her experience on multiple-choice questions with all individuals that attended her webinar! The session was held 12 days before the first day of 2020. In case you missed it, it is still available on-demand.

11. Modernizing Massive Amounts Of Content In The Shortest Possible Time - Infopro Learning

Congratulations! You created a course in the past that was extremely successful. On the other hand, times change. Likewise, the audience’s interests evolve. So, even the most engaging session might not endure the test of time. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make it relevant again?

Arun Prakash of Infopro Learning has the solution for eLearning content modernization. In May 2019, he shared all his knowledge in a highly engaging webinar. We highly recommend that you watch it. It is still available on-demand.

12. Virtual Reality: Real-World Hilton/SweetRush Project Case Studies - SweetRush

VR training really impacts the learner experience. Consequently, it is expected to become an even more popular eLearning trend in 2020. So, you need to prepare yourself. You need to know the basics, like implementation aspects and best practices.

In June 2019, John-Carlos Lozano and Blaire Bhojwani of SweetRush presented a very interesting webinar about virtual reality training. What is more, they shared with their audience real-life case studies and useful insights from their professional experience.

The webinar is available on-demand.

13. How To Improve Performance & Unleash Potential: A Guide To Behaviour Change Via Microlearning Apps - Growth Engineering

Behavior change does not happen instantly. It occurs gradually and in stages. Hence, microlearning is more relevant than ever.

In October 2019, Harry Cloke of Growth Engineering presented a webinar about behavior change through microlearning. The lucky ones who attended his session learned how to achieve behavior change through a microlearning app. You can be among them too, as the webinar is still available on-demand.

14. How To Use eLearning And Games To Transform Customer Service - Kallidus Learn

Customer service is crucial for customer retention. Furthermore, customers always need more engagement. So, how to achieve high customer engagement? The answer lies in customer service training.

If customer service employees have a meaningful learner experience, they will be more likely to engage with clients. On the other hand, learning games are one of the most engaging eLearning activities. So, why not train your customer service employees by using learning games?

In June 2019, Kallidus Learn launched a webinar explaining everything about implementing learning games for customer service training. If you are interested in learning innovation, you can still watch the webinar on-demand!

15. How To Align Your Training Strategy To Business Strategy - Coassemble

You might have created the best learning strategy. Is it worth? What is the value of a learning strategy if it is not aligned with your overall business strategy?

An organization cannot survive without a solid strategy. That is, you need to access your learning strategy effectively. What are the tools you can use? Furthermore, how you can measure your results? In September 2019, Ryan Macpherson, CEO of Coassemble, provided the answers in an engaging webinar! More precisely, he analyzed all stages of learning strategy development, as well as how to align it with your whole business strategy!

The webinar is available on-demand.


In general, webinars are an essential part of the eLearning world. If you want to have a meaningful learner experience, do not worry. With so many sessions available, you will find the perfect webinar. A webinar that is suitable for your needs and your area of interest!