Hidden eLearning eBook Gems (New Year's Edition)

Hidden eLearning eBook Gems (New Year's Edition)
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Summary: Looking for downloadable titles to brush up on the L&D essentials and explore tried-and-tested strategies? These eLearning eBooks from industry experts can help you make 2022 a banner year!

eLearning eBooks: New Year, New Opportunities To Broaden Your L&D Horizons

It's time to revisit our virtual bookshelves and highlight some of the hidden gems you may have missed last year. From immersive learning to L&D audits, these guides can help you tackle those eLearning New Year's resolutions with ease. Here are a few 2021 releases that you may want to add to your 2022 TBR list.

10 Titles You Don't Want To Miss

1. Blended Learning – The Rapid eLearning Way By CommLab India

Is rapid blended learning really the best approach for your organization? This eBook delves into how blended learning can be leveraged to meet your corporate training needs and address modern learning preferences.

2. Working From Home - How To Maximise The Remote Training And Development Of Your Colleagues By eWyse

How do you make remote training effective for both learner and organization? This eBook dives into these key issues and offers solutions that will help you plan the perfect approach.

3. The Future Of Work Guide: Why More Organizations Are Discovering The Benefits Of Immersive Learning  By CoreAxis

Get an overview of the emerging technologies designed to support innovative learning programs. This guide also discusses the potential of immersive learning tools such as VR, AR, 360 video, gamification, and business simulations, as well as how to implement them in your organization.

4. Remote Onboarding Guide: How To Welcome Your New Hires Even From Afar By TalentLMS

Why should you onboard (remote) employees? What are some of the challenges of onboarding remote employees? How do you boost engagement? Instead of checking out, your whole organization will lean into training with the help of this remote onboarding guide.

5. Beyond Blended Learning: A Winning Formula For Remote Workforce Talent By Inno-Versity

This eBook explores the concept of blended learning for remote workforces and on-site teams. You can follow along as fictional company AshCom faces L&D challenges and rethinks traditional blended learning strategies using an innovative formula for success.

6. How To Conduct A Comprehensive L&D Audit And Prepare A Strategic Plan For The Future By EI Design

This ultimate guide helps organizations plan their L&D audit, year-end review, and identify the focus areas for developing an effective L&D strategy for 2022.

7. The Power Of Peer-Based Support: 8 Steps To Cultivate A Collaborative Learning Culture By 360Learning

How can we help people lift their heads above water and learn the way they want to? How can we start to view learning not just as a one-off yearly requirement, but as a key part of daily life? Explore how collaborative learning strategies can help you turn the L&D tide and boost engagement to over 90%.

8. The VILT Instructor's Handbook: How To Launch A Top-Notch Virtual Training Program On A Tight Timeline By Adobe Connect

Virtual instructors should evaluate and leverage the full potential of online training platforms to maximize learner engagement instead of merely viewing them as remote meeting solutions. This eBook can help you launch a wow-worthy virtual training program for your team.

9. Creating A Future Workforce By Performance Development Group

Given recent events, distance learning is no longer optional and remote work is a fact of life. Is your learning organization ready to make the most of the Roaring Twenties?

10. It's All About Your People! Embracing Human-Centered Business, Workplace Culture, And Learning Design By SweetRush

Hear that "carpe diem" call? It's an invitation to reimagine work as a source of resilience—and build a culture of innovation, inclusion, and lifelong learning. Get inspired by this eBook from SweetRush's 20-year adventure as a human-centered organization!

Bonus: 3 Standout Webinars To Watch

1. Eleventh-Hour Script Changes: Updating eLearning Voiceover On Time And Under Budget By WellSaid

Your training video is 98% done when a script change comes down the line. Between mobilizing your team and coordinating a voiceover pick-up session, your budget and schedule will pay the price. However, is saving both time and budget really feasible? The answer is "yes!" Jordan Cooper and Katie Ducich from WellSaid Labs discuss how to turn weeks into minutes without sacrificing desired quality or valuable budget.

2. Why Is Content Important To The Learning Ecosystem? By Adobe

Quality and usability of content is an area of concern for L&D teams globally. How can organizations overcome key issues to ensure seamless deployment of learning content across the globe? Join Jamal Watkins, Adobe Digital Learning Evangelist, for a stimulating conversation on effective ways of sourcing and deploying learning content to a global workforce.

3. How L&D Leaders Are Using Mobile Learning To Increase Performance And Revenue By Inno-Versity

Discover the benefits and limitations of a mobile learning solution, as well as how you can design engaging learning experiences and break down the creative barriers. Join Dr. Jerry Zandstra, the Chief Strategy Officer of Inno-Versity, and Miriam, the VP of Learning at Inno-Versity, as they help you determine whether mobile is part of your elegant solution.


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