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September 25, 2014

Key Tips for Working with Short Attention Spans

YouTube videos are usually about 3-4 minutes. An average phone call is less than 2 minutes, according to Statista . It makes sense—people have short attention spans. Research firm Basex says that unnecessary workplace interruptions take 28% of US workers’ days and $650 billion a year in productivity. So, how do you design effective e-Learning courses when your learners are easily distracted?
by Christie Wroten
September 24, 2014

A Time of Crisis for the UK Learning and Development Industry

In this article, part one of my series on saving the UK Learning and Development industry from certain doom, I examine how the L&D industry is struggling to keep up with times and highlight what needs to be done to meet demands and expectations. This is a brutal, no-holds-barred assessment of L&D, taken from my own experiences talking with L&D professionals and research into the state of the industry. Part 2 will establish how – and why – to bring learning and talent training together.
by Juliette Denny
September 9, 2014

Dear Jo: “I’ve Just Been Handed the Training Department!” - Part One

Welcome to the first installment of Dear Jo! Meet Jo Coulson, a veteran of the learning industry—a highly respected leader on the client side and a dynamic program manager and consultant on the vendor side. Now she’s taking your corporate training questions and offering valuable insights based on years of experience. First up: You’ve been handed the training department… What do you do?
by Jo Coulson
September 2, 2014

Pre-boarding - The Vital Precursor to Onboarding

Organizations should put as much focus on “Pre-boarding” as they do on “Onboarding”. At the following article you will find out Why Pre-boarding is just as important as Onboarding when it comes to reducing staff attrition and time to effectiveness of new starters.
by Grant Williams
August 28, 2014

How and Why: Motivating Adult Learners

“I’m too old to be doing that.” “Technology is for those young college kids.” “I’m not in school anymore, so why do I need to take that online course?” Sound familiar? Adult learners can be reluctant to get started with e-Learning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage them. You just need a few tricks up your sleeve!
by Stephanie Ivec