List of Learning Management Systems: Part 1

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Friday, 26 October 2012 13:16
I receive all the time requests from fellow eLearning developers, instructional designers, training and learning professionals concerning .

70 Learning Management Systems


This is why I begun a broad research to create the Ultimate List of Learning Management Systems.
This blog post is the first of a series that will cover 300+ of Learning Management System Solutions, so stay tuned!

At the Learning Management Systems: Part 1 I have created a list of 70 Learning Management Systems in alphabetical order.


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  1. Accessplan LMS
    Affordable, scalable, web-based LMS containing all the core functionality; suitable for small to mid-size business.

  2. Accord LMS
    Easy to use LMS at a price that can't be beat. Mobile enabled, Social tools, dozens of extensions, customizable skins and templates.

  3. Acumen LMS
    Powerful, robust LMS solution for integrated enterprise learning management.

  4. GO learn LMS
    Fully-featured solution that performs internal training, manages training content, builds community, monitors training & certification.

  5. ASCENT Aviation E-training System
    Complete web-based training system for aviation workplaces.

  6. Aframe LMS
    Online learning and assessment management system; manage content, learners, trainers and administrators.

  7. ED Global LMS
    On-demand ED Global LMS solution allows quick and easy connection with any popular browser.

  8. AVANTI E-training System
    Complete web-based training system and learning management system for workplaces.

  9. My Tutor LMS
    Web-based LMS that enhances, monitors and reports on learning and development initiatives.

  10. eLearning
    E-Learning Solutions offers targeted learning solutions that deliver results to support your specific strategic business initiatives.

  11. Academe Suite LMS
    A combination of LMS, attendance management, video lecture delivery, and institute management system modules.

  12. uLearn LMS
    Online LMS with courseware catalogs creation, completions and assessments tracking, events/assessments management, ecommerce support.

  13. Aptech
    Web-based interactive learning environment that brings intelligent, efficient learning solutions, loaded with features.

  14. eCampusPro LMS
    LMS platform that enables you to launch an effective and low-cost eLearning solution.

  15. My eLearning Store
    A hosted learning platform in the cloud which brings affordable online training to organizations, wherever and whenever it's needed.

  16. Aspire LMS
    Aspire LMS is a Learning and Content Management System that allows you to train and track corporate learning.

  17. AtHand Learning System
    A complete online learning solution includes a server, courses, and an LMS with an unlimited user license.

  18. Weblearning
    An online system that provides course, presentation and quiz creation, management, tracking, and integration.

  19. Avacaster
    Enables live internet presentations and conferences that can be archived and made available over the web.

  20. Avancert
    SaaS platform for creation, management, delivery of electronic exams, assessments. Video interview capabilities and traditional exams.

  21. Virtual Class Room
    Interactive, multimedia, live and on demand, web-based classes and learning management system.

  22. WebMentor
    Course authoring system that lets you build compelling and effective eLearning solutions.

  23. Webcampus Tecnonexo LMS
    Flexible learning management system for corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions.

  24. Beeline
    Host and deliver custom elearning, courses created by your own organization and even off-the-shelf courseware.

  25. Contento
    Integrated system for the assembly and distribution of training content and the management of users.

  26. CompanyCollege
    Allows small and mid-sized organizations to deliver employee training programs that are cost-effective, convenient, results-oriented.

  27. Blackboard Learning System
    Web-based server software that offers course management and integrates with student information systems.

  28. Absorb LMS
    SCORM compliant LMS specially designed for Flash and other multimedia based courses.

  29. Bloomfire
    Geared specifically for easily sharing knowledge and the discussions that surround it. Invite members to find and follow experts, ask questions, and share with others.

  30. Wizdom Web
    Offers everything you need to deliver and manage live, self-paced and blended learning, as well as assessment and certification training programs.

  31. Serebra Campus LMS
    Versatile LMS software that enables organizations of any type or size to create a centralized web-based community for learning.

  32. BlueVolt LMS
    Increase the effectiveness of your company's training process with BlueVolt's Learning Management System.

  33. Brainshark Rapid Learning
    Quickly launch and manage on-demand web-based training and elearning initiatives and track the progress of learners and groups.

  34. bvLMS
    Manages both online and offline modes of learning delivery; multiple user roles with customization and integration options.

  35. BrainX Talent Management System
    Web-based talent management system used by corporate trainers to improve employee performance.

  36. FOX
    Enables security, response forces and regulation compliant enterprises to assure proficiency of personnel.

  37. BRAVO!
    Web-based training and e-learning solution; create, manage and track training game courses and learning programs.

  38. verxact
    eLearning platform with course evaluations, messaging, orders/registration management. Customizable and adaptable to corporate image.

  39. Capabiliti
    Plan and access instructor-led, online and on-the-job learning for accreditation, compliance and training and development purposes.

  40. CapitalLMS
    CapitalLMS is our proven LMS / Learning Portal for the administration and delivery of learning via the web.

    Online assessment & learning content management system with online exams, progress tracking and controls, certificates, reporting, etc.

  42. LMS Suite
    Combines LMS, LCMS, authoring, virtual collaboration and CMS functions in a single platform.

  43. ClickClass Hosted E-Learning
    Online elearning tool; rapidly author, deliver and manage modular online learning content.

  44. ClipTraining Company Portal
    Cloud-based training portal with on-demand access, exams, quizzes, reporting, and assessment tools for MS Office and Windows training.

  45. Cloud Education Management System
    A web-based school management software and college management software.

  46. Cobent Learning and Compliance Suite
    Award-winning, web-based system to create, manage and audit training for compliance and quality management.

  47. Coggno LMS
    Robust and sophisticated learning management system with an extremely uncomplicated user interface.

  48. Collaborize Classroom
    A free online collaborative education platform that allows students and teachers to engage in an online learning environment.

  49. Comartis' Human Performance Suite
    Provides a comprehensive way to obtain timely and credible feedback from different sources in order to drive performance.

  50. CGS
    Flexible platform to manage, schedule and administer your courses, assessments, participants and instructors.

  51. eDuc Learning LMS
    Web-based Learning Management System allowing you to disseminate and manage online and in-class training.

  52. Consensus
    Manages the planning, scheduling, delivery, tracking, evaluation and budgeting of training within your organization.

  53. Convergence Server Enterprise
    A learning content management system specifically for businesses with large workforces and multiple sites.

  54. Cornerstone
    Manage all aspects of your instructor-led training with an array of tools to reduce administrative workloads and costs.

  55. eTrainCenter
    Learning management system and learning content management system allows businesses to manage, organize, deliver online content.

  56. Delta L Training Management System
    Web based training management system: course, class and student management, training materials management.

  57. Desire2Learn
    We help teachers extend their classrooms, improve communication and reporting, collaborate with colleagues, and show student success.

  58. Student Management Software
    Process student information through school and into alumni status, manage funds, register events, and maintain contact information.

  59. Digital Defense
    Provide relevant, easy-to-understand, web-based security training for two key audiences: your online patrons and your own employees.

  60. Knowledge Direct LMS
    A multi-featured LMS that is customizable. Create & manage content, track, test, & report on learners. SSO, DB & eCommerce integration.

  61. EthosCE
    A full-featured, hosted learning management system with social media features for continuing education and training.

  62. Docebo LMS
    Cloud-based multi-language solution with advanced reporting, messaging, competence management, gap analysis. Mobile features available.

  63. Dokeos LMS
    Open source elearning and course management web application.

  64. dominKnow LMS
    Learning content management system for e-learning applications in corporate, government and non-profit organizations.

  65. SymWriter
    Meant to help kids with autism, this software shows pictures and words side-by-side. Also if a word is typed, then the picture appears.

  66. DOTS Learning and Talent Management Solution
    A web based enterprise learning management system. . Experts in e-learning, learning management and talent solutions.

  67. e-Learning Consulting
    Manage the delivery of self-paced, e-learning courses and track a learners' activities for each course with online reports.

  68. Ecampus LMS
    Ecampus LMS is a SaaS Learning Management System for mid-sized organisations that need to deliver and track employee training.

  69. ECATTS
    A secure web-based education and monitoring tool. A real-time LMS customized to meet your requirements.

  70. SMART Training Management
    Enables managers to set up requirements for each job category and view each employee's training records individually.


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