Top Content Providers For Microlearning 2020

The Best eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2020

If you are curious to see which are the best eLearning companies for microlearning, this list is definitely for you. With lots of candidates delivering 100% potential, we believe we have managed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Of course, all of them are experts at creating a learner-centric approach that guarantees a better learning experience in less time. However, in this list, we highlight who are the true masters of accessibility and flexibility in eLearning. There must be one company "to rule them all," right? Let's find out!

Which Criteria Helped Us Identify The Top Performing Microlearning Providers For 2020

As community leaders at eLearning Industry, we have evaluated hundreds of eLearning content development companies in the past. Always on the lookout for new trends that should not be missed. Hence, this year we have decided to delve into the top-notch providers of microlearning. Thus, we focused on expertise, authority, application of integrated authoring tools, agility, interactivity, gamification options, and many more subcategories.

As a result, in the process of selecting the top performers across a variety of categories, we sought after innovative companies. The main goal was to find companies within the eLearning landscape that achieve true utility for their customers. More precisely, we focused on contenders that continually improve the eLearning experience when it comes to micro content.

Globally recognized content provider experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion.

For this list, our committee chose and ranked the best microlearning companies in the industry based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Training solution content development quality
  • Learning solution expertise

Our list ranking will prove to be the perfect guide for your upcoming bite-sized learning programs. Before deciding on your top contenders, make sure to read our tips. You'll get all the insights you need on how to choose one of the top microlearning content providers.

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Here's eLearning Industry's Top Microlearning Content Providers List For 2020

It goes without saying that sustaining a consistently high level of execution requires unique abilities. Besides, it is clear that these companies are motivated by something much more profound than commercial success, professional expertise and high-quality products to ultimately facilitate flawless Customer Experience. These businesses have a sound and purpose-driven roadmap when it comes to the content they provide. They put great care and expertise into their ongoing development, and offer superb microlearning experiences.

Save yourself the trouble of going online and searching amongst the "universe" of information.

With no more delay, we would like to present the "Top eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2020."

We hope you enjoy this list as much as we do! Here goes!

Top Content Providers For Microlearning 2020

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1. EI Design

EI Design's microlearning strategies drive learning and its application, bring thinking and behavioral change, and help build employee learning habits. They spotted the trend of microlearning in 2011 and have excelled in it ever since.

Their learning and performance ecosystem-based approach is top class. Hence, you can leverage EI Design's expertise for formal training and informal learning. Plus, you can benefit from their Just-In-Time learning solutions for practice, proficiency gain, challenges, and reinforcements.

They will also help you leverage microlearning to support your VILT programs (pre-workshop assets, during workshop assets, and post-workshop connections). Do you want to find out more about what makes them one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out EI Design's customer reviews here!


  • Boost employee engagement
    In the new learning environment, organizations are finding it difficult to capture and retain employee attention. EI Design's microlearning solutions will help you mitigate the challenges of dwindling attention spans. They do so through short, focused, bite-sized learning. By utilizing over 18 microlearning formats, you can enhance your employee training strategies. Plus, you can engage your remote learners. They also offer next-gen approaches, including interactive videos and gamified microlearning, using Virtual Reality as microlearning nuggets and personalized learning.
  • Drive continuous learning
    EI Design's expert team supports you in designing and delivering content that is easily accessible, available on-demand, and within the learner's workflow. They can also assist your employees in forming a habit of learning. After all, this is a critical need in the new learning environment. Thus, you can accomplish a continuous learning attitude by leveraging micro content. Don't forget to watch their webinar!
  • Overcome the forgetting curve
    Employees tend to forget a vast majority of what they learn—especially when they don't apply it immediately after training on the new information and skills. EI Design can help your employees overcome the forgetting curve and create a retention curve by fostering a healthy learning and performance ecosystem, rich with micro content options.


In 2019, EI Design ranked number 1 in the Top 20 eLearning Content Providers for Microlearning by eLearning Industry. In 2020, they achieved 6 coveted Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards. More precisely, they gained recognition for their excellence in Compliance Training, Blended Learning, Custom Content, and New Hire Onboarding Programs. Their team also won 10 global rankings as Top Content Providers in 2020. They have developed 11,500+ hours of eLearning with 3500+ hours of mobile learning. In total, they have serviced large enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, from over 24 countries and 26 industry verticals over the last 18 years.

Learn more about how they can help you leverage microlearning for effective learning.

2. CommLab India

CommLab India is one of the global leaders who offer rapid eLearning solutions, including microlearning. They leverage their experience of over two decades to craft microlearning solutions that are learner-centric, immersive, focused, and accessible. What's more, you can use these solutions across the learning journey in several timeframes, whether it is to gain learner interest, test existing knowledge, facilitate learning, or reinforce learning in spaced intervals.

Firstly, they can help your organization identify the opportunity for micro content. Afterward, they manage to pick the right content, which meets your performance-based learning objectives. Lastly, they select the form based on the function.

They also offer comprehensive services for streamlined design and development. Their formidable Instructional Design and authoring tools mastery come in handy—whether designing micro assets from scratch or reconfiguring existing training material to microlearning. Go ahead and visit our directory to learn more about why they are one of the top microlearning content providers.

Check out CommLab India's customer reviews here!


  • New-age learning design
    They design and develop microlearning solutions that organizations can use on several occasions—for example, standalone training as part of a blended strategy or as a performance support tool. To offer solutions that impact performance and, thereby, training ROI positively, CommLab takes certain steps. Firstly, they set performance-based learning objectives. Secondly, they incorporate new-age Instructional Design for sticky learning experiences. CommLab India leverages multiple formats to enhance interest and engagement, from infographics and quizzes to videos and how-to guides. Make sure to watch their webinar The Ultimate Guide To Implementing Microlearning.
  • Reduced SME involvement
    They follow a unique "quick and dirty" method, which saves SMEs time by reducing touchpoints between the SME and the development team.
    1. The SME creates a rough PowerPoint deck.
    2. The SME records the explanation of the slide deck on their smartphone.
    3. CommLab India enhances the slide deck instructionally and polishes the narration script.
    4. The SME reviews and finalizes both.
    5. The development team develops the asset and gives the final touches before rollout.
  • Robust Project Management and quality assurance processes
    To ensure high-impact and error-free microlearning solutions, CommLab India adheres to a specific procedure. At first, they use an iterative, agile Project Management process. Hence, their method offers scope for communication with the client at every stage of the project. Then, they utilize corporate style guides and branding documents for a consistent look and feel. Also, they employ quality assurance checklists for flawless courses. Plus, they run previews on mobile devices to identify and rectify bugs. Finally, they use online review tools to speed up the review and feedback process.


CommLab India has designed and developed microlearning solutions for organizations from different industries. Some of them include food and beverage, manufacturing, health and safety, hospitality, hygiene, water management, and energy solutions—clocking a total of 1800 development hours.

Notable mentions include creating microlearning solutions in different formats (for pre, during, and post-training) for an audience of more than 90,000. Their team can convert PPT decks used for classroom training into microlearning videos in less than two weeks. What's more, they can help you design eBriefs of 10-15 minutes for sales reps. Also, they have developed a curriculum of micro episodes on customer relationships.

Creating micro assets to engage employees is one of their top deliverables (e.g., email templates, wallpapers, video teasers). Plus, they are good at developing interactive quick reference guides. Finally, they excel at encapsulating the critical takeaways of eLearning courses in short videos.

Download their eBook to explore how microlearning will fit in your learning strategy.

3. Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity is a global leader in offering digital learning solutions that foster bite-sized training content. They have an in-house team of instructional and creative designers who have worked with top brands worldwide.

You can leverage their specialties to develop effective programs. They can help you create from learning animations and AR/VR to ILT and eLearning programs of all kinds. Inno-Versity offers solutions for microlearning and gamification. You can also benefit from their expertise to implement blended and scenario-based learning or even mobile learning.

Their team's primary goal is to create world-class programs using advanced learning theory and cutting-edge technology. Thus, their training programs manage to engage learners and produce measurable business outcomes. Do you need more social proof on why they are one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out Inno-Versity's customer reviews here!


  • Learning science
    One of the things that will determine the success of microlearning initiatives is the effective use of learning science. When properly applied, learners are provided material when and where they need it—no time is wasted in searching. Inno-Versity's team has deep Instructional Design and learning science expertise to ensure adoption and retention. In fact, they have developed more than 1,000 custom learning courses over the last three years alone. Thus, they cover a wide range of topics, from culture and soft skills to skill application and compliance training.
  • The best business outcome
    Above all, Inno-Versity focuses on making your training efforts a good Return On Investment. So, their team does not just create training. Actually, they sharpen your learning initiatives to bring results that are in alignment with the business goals. Not only do they help organizations define, track, and report training ROI, but they also focus on ensuring that all programs have an actual business impact. Make sure to download their ebook How To Bring Microlearning Theory To Practice.
  • Responsive delivery
    The Inno-Versity team has expansive capabilities across microlearning modalities to ensure that learners are provided material where they want it and when they want it. This way they have it accessible on the device they prefer. In addition to full-blown learning modules and immersive tech, their learning experts are adept at creating bite-sized learning components, from infographics and guides to animations and video.


Some of the largest organizations in the world have chosen them to achieve their objectives through training. Inno-Versity's success over the last few years has been a constant variable.
Here are a few special notes of their achievements:

Do you want to remove complexity from your critical microlearning projects? Contact Inno-Versity.

4. AllenComm

AllenComm is one of the leading providers of custom corporate training solutions. Above all, their expert learning teams create robust learning ecosystems to meet their clients' unique performance goals and business challenges.

By aligning best practices in content development with innovative training technology, the performance consultants at AllenComm create impactful microlearning assets. As a result, they drive learning outcomes that have an impact on your business.

Moreover, the combination of extensive Instructional Design experience, agency-level creative teams, and agile Project Management processes ensures a seamless design, development, and deployment process with each project. So, are you eager to learn more about why they are considered one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out AllenComm's customer reviews here!


  • Personalization
    By organizing microlearning activities into functional groups around subjects, processes, or job roles, learners can more easily access the content they need to complete job-related tasks. In-depth needs analyses and performance mapping methods help determine which behaviors are vital to specific roles. As a result, the above dictates which custom design strategies organizations need to follow. Make sure to download their ebook Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners.
  • Content development
    Each micromodule should target the knowledge and behaviors specific to the desired performance outcome. So, AllenComm Instructional Designers construct the training content strategically, using a combination of content mediums (e.g., motion graphics, infographics, video).
  • Learning ecosystem
    While microlearning is meant to be concise and condensed, it’s crucial to integrate these activities within the broader learning strategy. The performance consulting teams at AllenComm can design a robust learning ecosystem that aligns microlearning with other training modalities in one cohesive learning experience.


BD, a high-quality medical device and disposables company, had a challenge common to the medical industry. Healthcare professionals were spending multiple hours in hands-on, face-to-face clinical practice training sessions to teach safe and effective use of products. So, BD tasked AllenComm with reducing training time while increasing process and product knowledge. The training solution applied a web-based microlearning approach with personalization based on skills assessments. Hence, the training provided nurses with the flexibility to fit the training into their hectic schedules.

Transform your learners with microlearning.

5. Learning Pool

Businesses worldwide need to give a massive emphasis on the speed of delivery when it comes to corporate training. Thus, Learning Pool is on a mission to help organizations drive enhanced performance fast through microlearning. So, this team can help you achieve all the above with efficiency.

Their expertise on this topic can help you accomplish the quest for more effective training by focusing on personalization, AI, and knowledge acquisition. Do you want to find out more about why they are one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out Learning Pool's customer reviews here!


  • Open learning experiences
    Their publicly accessible courses are a great example of how an LXP enhances the learning experience. Thus, Stream LXP can be your tool to create microlearning content that accommodates self-directed learning. As it became clear, many people needed to get their learning online quickly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, they recently launched their free OLX, "Rapidly Put Your Learning Online." As a result, they managed to address learning professionals' needs with an open structure that orders content flexibly. Hence, it is useful for a linear sequence as well as for Just-In-Time learning.
  • Off-the-shelf micro content
    Their Future Skills library is a step-change in off-the-shelf learning content and focuses on micro-experiences. Besides, the content has no restrictions since there isn't any format or authoring tool that bounds it. Instead, the content and its purpose are allowed to dictate how users present it. Video essays, animations, Adapt modules, Storyline modules, support resources, and curated content all get combined for a modern microlearning experience.
  • Social microlearning
    The lockdown has prompted many organizations to switch to online delivery. Hence, the design of learning experiences for their clients during this situation focuses on maintaining the social aspects that made those old training pieces successful. To deliver an extra level of engagement, they design experiences with social features such as forum facilitation, learners polls, and learner submissions.


For the record, both of their newly developed libraries (Future Skills and Future of Working) follow a microlearning philosophy. Apart from developing these libraries of off-the-shelf content, they have delivered several successful custom microlearning projects. Those custom efforts had a focus on organizations across retail, sport, and finance. The introduction of their campaign product, Waves, has enabled them to take these programs even further. By using tailored notifications and reporting, they create microlearning that falls into the learner's workflow.

More information on how to enhance your learning can be found here.

6. Obsidian Learning

For more than 22 years, Obsidian Learning has used microlearning to extend the usefulness of their deliverables beyond the classroom into the field and workspace. Microlearnings in the form of how-to videos, diagrams, infographics, quick reference cards, and written procedures support learning when and where employees and customers need it most.

Whether stand-alone or as part of a more extensive course, their microlearning deliverables give customers the quick and responsive impacts they need. No wonder they've been recognized by eLearning Industry 6 years in a row as a Top Learning Provider. Looking for more social proof of how good working with them is?

Check out Obsidian Learning's customer reviews here!


  • Utilizing existing learning initiatives for microlearning
    Their learning strategists assess your existing content, your target audience, and your training needs. Then they propose a multi-pronged approach, referencing and reusing existing content when possible. Deliverables range from individual microlearning modules to a phased plan for full-blown learning ecosystems. Make sure to download their eBook Microlearning That Engages: A Guide To Successfully Drive Employee Satisfaction.
  • Going beyond training to support operations
    Obsidian’s strategy is to design multi-use microlearning that works for formal training and as on-the-job support. Thus, their microlearning deliverables are often used directly before or during the execution of a task.
  • Training programs that won’t break the bank
    Sometimes the best microlearning for the job is a sleek animation. And sometimes, it’s a simple screen capture with brief text instructions. At Obsidian Learning, they know the best microlearning is the one that gets the job done for learners at a price the customer can afford. Hence, they’ll help you pick the best approaches for your needs and budget. Consequently, the money you spend has the most significant impact possible.


Microlearning, especially as part of a blended learning approach, is useful across industries and topics. Examples from Obsidian's experience include retail (Interactive Product catalog), food service industry (Food Safety infographic), construction (Material Inventory checklist), oil and gas (Environmental and Safety Standards portal), medical billing (software micro-training), manufacturing (Health and Safety Guidance videos), and of course healthcare (PPE, Covid-19 CBT). For soft skills, too, microlearning plays a crucial part. Thus, the team uses microlearning in their Obsidian Virtual Team Building (OVTB) programs, both off-the-shelf and custom.

Contact them to find out how microlearning can support your business needs.

7. SweetRush

Some experts suggest that learners can devote only 1% of their workweek to training and development. Distractions abound. How do we get learners the knowledge and skills they need, at the moment of need? SweetRush is here to help you develop a Just-In-Time learning strategy that leverages custom microlearning content, tailored to your needs.

SweetRush has earned the trust of the world’s most successful companies, collaborating with them on award-winning learning solutions. Their culture of caring and commitment and 100% remote workforce (for 10 years) makes SweetRush the right team to support your digital transformation. Are you curious to see what else makes them one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out SweetRush's customer reviews here!


  • Exceptional microlearning content fosters a culture of learning
    You want your employees to take ownership of their learning and be motivated to seek it out when and where they need it. SweetRush collaborates with you to make learning easily accessible, quickly consumable, and so engaging that they stay motivated, retain what they learned, and even share it with their peers. Microlearning done right promotes and enriches your learning culture.
  • Microlearning, multimedia, mobile
    Creating engaging bite-sized learning requires a mastery of the format and a multi-disciplinary approach. SweetRush’s world-class Instructional Design team expertly crafts the microlearning curriculum. Its powerhouse visual design team brings the agency-level UX, UI, and graphics, including 2D and 3D animation. And its engineering team creates fun and functional interactive experiences, from mobile job aids to microgames. If you can dream it, SweetRush can build it!
  • The best part of your day
    SweetRush attracts the best talent in the industry, but its most important hiring filter is attitude; the team is always respectful, owns your challenges, and cares about your success. If you’re looking for a strategic, consultative, solution-oriented, and collaborative partner, consider the SweetRush team for your microlearning project.


SweetRush is currently collaborating with several banking and financial services, technology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries on mission-critical microlearning programs. Its Good Things initiative supports over 30 nonprofits, including creating microlearning programs for humanitarians working in Syria and frontline healthcare workers battling COVID-19. This year alone, SweetRush and its clients won 26 coveted Brandon Hall Group awards, including 16 Golds, a Gold Chief Learning Officer award, and they also hold the prestigious Learning Provider of the Year award from the Learning & Performance Institute.

Get in touch with SweetRush!

8. Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning focuses on creating products and services that unlock the performance of employees, businesses, and L&D organizations. With 25+ years of experience in the corporate training industry, they know what it takes to run a successful learning organization.

Whether that is for employees, partners, or customers, they enable organizations to create a personalized learning experience. To do so, they use strategies like microlearning, catalyzing an environment for new business models and encouraging new growth.

They team up with businesses to transform their human capital by focusing on 3 key areas:

  • Increasing business performance
  • Driving employee engagement
  • Enhancing organizational agility

Check out Infopro Learning's customer reviews here!


Their microlearning solutions are designed to create engagement for learners and make training more effective:

  • Learning experience
    InfoPro's microlearning strategy is focused on the entire learning experience to make sure that learner engagement reaches maximum heights.
  • Custom-built
    Their microlearning solutions are customized to fit your needs and align with specific training requirements. Above all, they cover different content types to spearhead your microlearning strategy—including videos, simulations, podcasts, and more. Make sure to download their ebook Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners.
  • Multi-device delivery
    They offer microlearning solutions that are also multi-device compatible. Thus, they guarantee that your learners have training access on the go (laptops, tablets, mobile devices). The above ensures that training is more accessible and, thus, more impactful for the organization. Don't forget to watch their webinar A Microlearning Approach For Millennials.


Infopro Learning has won several CLO and Brandon Hall awards related to custom eLearning solutions, specifically those created with a microlearning strategy. From creating simulation-based training programs for learners with limited reading capability to mobile-enabled learning for leading industries like banking and automobiles, all their learning experiences are equally engaging and impactful on business performance.

Explore how Infopro Learning can help you create amazing microlearning experiences for your teams.

9. Ninja Tropic

As eLearning continues to evolve, the best education solutions are consistently the most succinct. This is one of the main reasons microlearning has captured the hearts and minds of companies all over the globe. Ninja Tropic is one of the front runners in the microlearning and animation space.

They package visuals and content in a meaningful way that encourages learners to engage with an agency’s message. Whether it’s an internal audience looking for Just-In-Time learning or an external audience wanting to know more about a service or product, Ninja Tropic delivers dynamic microlearning for big and small projects. Care to read more about what makes them one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out customer reviews for Ninja Tropic here!


Their unique team structure borrows from the best of hiring internal, the traditional animation studio, and freelancing framework to create a blended approach perfect for supporting their clients.

  • Budget-friendly fixed prices
    They take pride in their transparent pricing model that provides businesses with a cost per minute based on the complexity and volume of the microlearning animation they are interested in producing. This allows customers to scale up or back depending on their budgets comfortably.
  • Brand alignment and speed
    With over 50 internal animators, they can guarantee uniformity across a brand at unmatched speed. Their customers can rest assured each video will be produced with the same quality and fit together seamlessly to create a single experience for the learner.
  • Proven process
    Their workflow combines the adult learning principles of Instructional Design with the production stages of animation to create a complete method for converting content into usable microlearning.


Ninja Tropic has a distinguished positioning in the market as a microlearning video and animation specialist. They have produced thousands of microlearning videos for top brands across dozens of industries—from Johns Hopkins University, United Nations to Pfizer. Their team has been working consistently in mental health, safety, medical, sales/marketing, and customer training space. What's more, they are fast. For example, they have completed 120 custom videos for a single client in just 6 short months. Finally, they regularly offer free microlearning concept videos to qualified companies.

Ninja Tropic was founded on the principle that engaging microlearning should be accessible to all. For that reason, they invite you to visit their website and learn more about how they can support your organization’s eLearning goals.

10. eLearning Brothers

eLearning Brothers is an award-winning industry leader in custom training development solutions and corporate learning technology, including Lectora for authoring, CenarioVR® for VR training, and KnowledgeLink® LMS/LXP. They also offer one of the world's largest libraries of interactive eLearning assets, multimedia, games, and microlearning templates.

Its award-winning off-the-shelf Rockstar Learning courseware is specifically designed with The Rockstar Learning Model strategy in mind: short and interactive modules targeted to achieve specific results. Built for today's modern mobile lifestyle, each microlearning course is responsive, 508-compliant, and can be easily customized with minimal effort.

Do you want to know more about what makes them one of the top microlearning content providers in the market?

Check out customer reviews for eLearning Brothers here!


  • Develops microlearning with the unique “Rockstar Learning Model”
    eLearning Brothers’ Rockstar Learning Model is designed to engage today’s mobile, plugged-in workforce. Its design principles include stimulating dialogs, strong story-telling techniques, high-impact visuals, and elements that celebrate the learner’s achievements, such as certificates, badges, awards, and leaderboards. Together, these elements have a strategic focus on meeting a specific learning goal for each content chunk. They accomplish that either as a sequence or during a point of need (Just-In-Time training). Altogether, these interactive, microlearning segments contribute to a positive, measurable outcome.
  • Focuses on assessments to help drive desired learning outcomes
    To get the best possible outcome and in the least amount of time, microlearning courses incorporate branching, variables, and conditional actions to identify and address individual skills gaps.
  • Ensures courses are readily available to everyone
    eLearning Brothers uses a mobile-first, inclusive design strategy. Every course (both custom-created and off-the-shelf) is 508-compliant and responds to every screen size (desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets). This inclusive approach is one of the many reasons eLearning Brothers continues to get recognition for its award-winning custom development and microlearning courseware.


eLearning Brothers offers hundreds of off-the-shelf microlearning courses mainly for common employee training needs such as professional development, workplace safety, cybersecurity, sales, and more. Recent courseware awards include eLearning Magazine’s Best of eLearning for 4 consecutive years. Also, they have also been featured in eLearning Industry’s Content Development Companies list. Lastly, two of its microlearning courses received the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Award.

Sign up for a free demo of microlearning courses.

11. CoreAxis

CoreAxis has been a leader in management consulting and eLearning for two decades. More specifically, they empower Fortune 500 companies to instill core competencies through dynamic L&D programs. Their award-winning team delivers immersive, customized learning solutions, specializing in microlearning.

Their toolkit includes eLearning, microlearning, gamification, live and Virtual Instructor-Led Training. Plus, they also offer high-touch business consulting services. Above all, they work with clients and assess their content while building a comprehensive program tailored to their needs. They have created relevant content on topics of expertise that you can find on their website.

Would you like to find out more about what else makes them one of the top microlearning content providers?

Check out customer reviews for CoreAxis here!


Their experienced Instructional Design team helps you engage your workforce and deliver a cost-effective, measurable training product through interactive bite-sized microlearning, short simulations, animated videos, or Netflix-style trailers.

How they approach microlearning:

  • Training Needs Analysis
    CoreAxis establishes context by partnering with stakeholders to develop a holistic view of the needs. Then they determine business outcomes, evaluate the effectiveness of the current learning initiatives, and identify gaps and ideal participants for maximum organizational impact.
  • Curriculum roadmap and design
    Above all, they define and prioritize critical skills while determining the most effective strategies and delivery methods. They use a science-based approach to evaluate and build custom solutions designed from the ground up to maximize retention and drive lasting change.
  • Measuring and analytics
    They incorporate (self) assessments, needs analyses, and participant surveys into learning initiatives to determine whether participants absorb training material. Also, they measure the impact of the organization’s learning strategy through data collection and analysis to ensure the learning solutions drive business results.

Visit their website to find out how CoreAxis helps businesses unlock potential and create innovative and agile custom microlearning content.

12. Tesseract Learning

Global organizations choose to work with Tesseract Learning to keep up with change and drive innovation. What Tesseract does best is assisting companies to stay ahead of the competition. To do so, they apply the right learning strategies to their learning programs, including microlearning nuggets. Thus, they can help you build a workforce of thinkers and leaders.

What's more, they help you make your employees more agile and better equipped with skills that can create a significant impact. So, the solutions they provide are learner-centric, instructionally sound, and technology-driven. Thus, they help you meet the learning needs of your business in every domain. Above all, Tesseract's team is powered by innovation and driven by agility.

Check out Tesseract's customer reviews here!


  • Objective-driven and task-oriented microlearning programs
    Their microlearning programs are objective-driven, meaning they create training to address a single objective. Through the focused microlearning nugget, the learners get the right information to perform their tasks better. Those microlearning nuggets are always task-oriented to ensure that learners don't get unnecessary stuff that they don't need to perform the task. In fact, they offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of their customers. Tesseract can help you implement learning solutions that improve the performance of your employees.
  • Robust technology solutions including a microlearning platform
    Their technology solutions include the KREDO microlearning platform. They created this tool to meet the needs of thousands of frontline staff who need agile, quick, bite-sized learning nuggets. Such training empowered learners to enhance their skills to perform better at their job. Therefore, Tesseract's technology solutions seamlessly integrate with diverse systems, work in various environments, and are secure and robust.
  • Customer delight
    Customer delight is their motto. They achieve this by continuously delivering learning solutions that exceed expectations, are high-quality, on time, and within each client's budget.


Tesseract Learning has implemented a variety of microlearning solutions for its customers. One of their healthcare clients wanted to implement 25 microlearning nuggets for its staff. Such training would help learners perform clinical trials and their documentation more effectively and efficiently. It only took 6 months from start to end for the program's successful implementation. Also, Tesseract has built and delivered a variety of microlearning solutions, including gamification-based microlearning interventions for several of its customers.

Get in touch.

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Tips After Checking Out Our Top Microlearning Providers List

Step number one is always to set your objectives since they’ll define your next moves. By partnering up with one of the top microlearning content providers, you can access an expert team that can handle crucial areas of your training.

They’ll know how to incorporate microlearning the best way possible. Plus, they’ll be able to distill your business philosophy into easy-to-understand training programs. Thus, relieving you from the burden of spending hours trying to master microlearning. Instead, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Who Can Benefit From A Content Provider's Microlearning Expertise?

Microlearning is training content delivered in chunks, thus offering just the right amount of knowledge to learners in the moment of need. As a result, this approach helps learners achieve specific and actionable objectives fast. There is no doubt that you can use microlearning in several cases. For instance, there is a significant demand for microlearning in corporate training, teaching, and retail sales.

Micro content helps solve some of your biggest business challenges. When done right, a microlearning approach can have a massive impact on your organizational success. Whether you're interested in improving customer service, increasing sales, decreasing turnover, or reducing safety incidents, you can increase revenue or reduce costs with microlearning.

In order to create training on your own, there are several steps you need to take. For example, are you familiar with using an eLearning authoring tool? Do you have existing online training materials you could repurpose?

In case you don't have the resources, time, or expertise to develop your own training, a content provider can help you reach your goals fast. They can help you produce targeted training by identifying learner needs and aligning them with your business objectives.

Let's explore who can benefit from teaming up with one of the top microlearning content providers:

Everyone Who Needs Anytime-Anywhere Training

Learners can access these short "mini-lessons" quickly and easily from any device and anytime they see fit. Hence, they manage to learn at their own pace by leveraging their mobile devices.

Learners With A Busy Schedule

Αctually, time pressure is the main reason microlearning is ideal for training a busy manager. Having to improve performance doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, micro content is usually mobile-friendly. For example, your training program might provide employees with 5 minutes of daily mobile training. Thus, your learners can focus on their training at their own pace.

L&D Teams That Need To Improve Engagement And Retention

When your content tells a story, it becomes more engaging. eLearning experts can help you reinforce your training content with interesting scripts and gamification elements. Such a method improves engagement and knowledge retention by avoiding knowledge overload.

Millennial Employees

Also, have in mind that microlearning has enormous benefits, especially for the millennial generation. By offering small "bursts" of learning, training managers train the modern workforce effectively.

As you can understand, a diverse range of industries can apply it. Frankly, micro-training has no limits.

How To Choose The Best Content Provider To Implement Microlearning

So, this is it. You’ve got all the tips you need plus you have a list of microlearning content providers. There is still the final decision. Which one of all these experts is the best fit for your business?

Let’s explore which steps you need to take to decide which eLearning company can bring your microlearning into life:

Rapid Authoring Tool Knowledge And Microlearning Expertise

Partnering up with one of the above eLearning specialists helps you create effective training when your workforce needs it the most. They can help you develop engaging and efficient training programs that can scale within your organization. Plus, they can make your microlearning projects agile and adaptable to support your future needs and goals. Access to a pool of Instructional Designers is what you should be looking for. Most eLearning providers also offer access to authoring tool experts that can handle Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring Suite, Lectora Inspire and Online, and others.

Previous Industry Experience

Make sure to look into the eLearning content provider's industry history. Have they worked with other companies in your niche? Do they have SMEs that specialize in your training needs? Also, check their overall standing in their field. So, please take a look at their case studies or any collaborations with corporate giants. It will give you a hint on how successful their training deliverables are.

Quality Customer Service

The best way to test their communication channels is to get a closer look at how they interact with potential clients. Thus, by initiating written communication, you can assess this variable. Also, make sure to read online customer reviews and ratings. What the eLearning community, or other existing customers, have to say will also shed some light on how they collaborate with clients. Finally, it's a great practice to look for more social proof on their social media channels.

Schedule A Consultation And Ask For Rates

Most of these eLearning providers can run a Training Needs Analysis to identify your training gaps and needs. By briefing them about your challenges and business goals, they can guide you on creating the most suitable training for your learners.

All the top experts we've chosen in this list have the means and expertise to help you create learner-centered microlearning solutions. Their strategy is going to meet your organization's needs and will surely save you time and resources.

Of course, your budget will be a defining factor. So, make sure to learn all the details about how much your whole project will cost.

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