Win Over Your e-Learners with Storytelling

By Christie Wroten on 17 Apr 2014
Storytelling is a powerful technique. Stories are what keep us captivated at the movies, through all 12 books in a series - and they’re what keep you glued to the…

Top Learning Management System Trends for 2014

By Christopher Pappas on 16 Apr 2014
eLearning Industry is rapidly changing and there are numerous Learning Management System trends for 2014. At the following article you will find the Top 14 Learning Management Trends for 2014.

The Instructional Design for eLearning Book Review

By Christopher Pappas on 16 Apr 2014
The Instructional Design for eLearning book is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to get started in the field of eLearning and instructional design. Also, it is a highly…

Gaze Into The Future Of Learning With Clark Quinn

By Ravi Pratap Singh on 13 Apr 2014
In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Clark Quinn shares his insights on the significance of innovation for businesses to succeed. He explains the importance of contextual and experiential learning, and…

Organize Your Smart Classrooms with Wibki

By Rebecca Doctrow on 11 Apr 2014
Are you looking for a way to keep your students on track and organized in the smart classroom? A new tool gives you the ability to easily organize your classroom…

The Ultimate eLearning Course Design Checklist

By Christopher Pappas on 10 Apr 2014
Looking for a comprehensive "must-have" eLearning checklist for your next eLearning Course Design project? This is a checklist that every eLearning professional should have on hand, especially since there are…

The Learning Management Systems’ Quality Evaluation Survey

By Christopher Pappas on 09 Apr 2014
The eLearning Industry’s Network, the largest independent eLearning community of Instructional Designers and eLearning Professionals, invites you to participate at the 1st Global Learning Management Systems’ Quality Evaluation Survey.
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