What BYOD Means for e-Learning

By Ryan Moore on 20 Feb 2014
The number of devices that corporate elearning must support is growing at an unprecedented rate. Is your elearning ready to meet the demands of BYOD policies?

Why Blended Learning Is Better

By Roberta Gogos on 19 Feb 2014
Blended learning is a buzz word that’s been thrown around quite a bit lately and brings together the best of both classroom learning and elearning. In fact it seems to…

Exposing 5 Popular e-Learning Myths

By John O Brien on 18 Feb 2014
People’s opinions on the effectiveness of e-learning vary based on their own experiences. Determining what is true and what is myth can be challenging. Based on the 20 years of…

Why Digital Learning Is Here To Stay

By Jamie Snitker on 18 Feb 2014
Digital learning is coming whether people like it or not. The new standards call for it. Twenty-first century readiness requires it. Future jobs rely on it. There is no doubt…

The 5 Best Internet Safety Resources for Teachers

By Christopher Pappas on 17 Feb 2014
The Internet is one of the greatest tools on the planet for enhancing student learning. It is a smorgasbord of information waiting to be devoured by hungry minds. However, it…

Top 4 Tips for Designing Information-Based Courses

By Ravi Pratap Singh on 16 Feb 2014
We design more information-based courses today than we would care to admit. Agreed, these courses can instead be called web pages, cheat sheets, information dumps, knowledge stores, etc. They don’t…

The Basics of Scenario-Based e-Learning

By Christopher Pappas on 14 Feb 2014
In this post, I will walk you through the various aspects of scenario-based eLearning, so that you can design eLearning courses which not only keep the learners motivated and engaged,…

The Top Trends in Mobile Learning for 2014

By Stephanie Ivec on 13 Feb 2014
Mobile learning is predicted to be the most disruptive game changer in 2014. It offers many advantages to e-Learning, such as convenience and accessibility. So what will be some of…