Gaze Into The Future Of Mobile Learning With Geoff Stead

By Ravi Pratap Singh on 26 Jan 2014
In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Geoff Stead shares his wonderful insights on how the emerging mobile technologies and capabilities of smart phones could power up mobile learning. He also…

Are You a Top e-Learning Blog owner?

By Christopher Pappas on 24 Jan 2014
Would you like to share your Top e-Learning Blog Posts with a thriving community of more than 100,000 e-learning readers? Well... then Submit your e-Learning blog’s RSS feed at e-Learning…

6 Tips for Storyboarding Like a Pro

By Christie Wroten on 23 Jan 2014
Storyboarding is a helpful planning technique, and it’s not just for mapping out movies! You can benefit from storyboarding your e-Learning course - but first, let’s take a look at…

Book Review: The Power of Role-Based e-Learning

By James Robert Finder on 23 Jan 2014
An informative review of The power of role-based e-learning: designing and moderating online role play. This text provides a great information for both the new teacher who has just started…

7 Top Tips for Creating e-Content Faster

By Arunima Majumdar on 22 Jan 2014
One such crucial step in e-learning development is extracting relevant information out of Subject Matter Experts (SME), which can take up an unnecessary large chunk of the total development time.…

Educational Videos and Conceptual Objectives

By Steven Loomis on 21 Jan 2014
This article provides guidance on developing videos for training objectives on conceptual knowledge. In particular it focuses on using animation, stories and other strategies to produce great videos.

Cloud-Based LMS: Is Your Data Safe In The Cloud?

By Ryan Moore on 20 Jan 2014
Cloud-based Learning Management Systems are quickly growing in popularity. We trust our most sensitive information to our Learning Management System, including our courseware and learner information. But how safe is…

Gaze Into The Future Of E-Learning With Pooja Jaisingh

By Ravi Pratap Singh on 19 Jan 2014
In an exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Dr. Pooja Jaisingh shares her foresights on the future of e-learning and the interesting shifts happening in the learning paradigms. She discusses about how…